" Class…Class…CLASS!" Sensei yelled silencing the rowdy bunch of 3rd year students.

" Now that I have your all's attention I would like to say, welcome back to Hidden Leaf High, I hope you all had a pleasant winter holiday."

As if she opened up an invitation the small classroom was instantly filled with the hum of students whispering 3-second stories of their holiday.

" Quite!" She yelled, a vain throbbing visibly on her forehead.

All the jabbering stopped as though someone muted them all.

" Sheesh, is it just me or is Sensei meaner than when we left?" Kiba asked his friends Naruto and Sasuke.

They both shrugged and looked back up towards the black board.

Sensei looked around to make sure no one was talking and cleared her throat.

" Now I would like to introduce you to our new student." The door was kicked open and a girl entered.

She looked just about ready to kill someone.

She had long jet-black hair, cut in to layers with red streaks in it.

Her bangs framed her pixie like face, she was wearing a pair of dark gray cargo pants with a plain baggy black T.

She wore S.W.A.T boots that she probably got from an Army surplus store.

But her eyes were the most interesting part, they were black and had white pinpricks in them.

There were whistled threw out the room, mostly from the guys.

Her head whipped toward were Naruto, Sasuke and Kiba were sitting.

Her glare was so menacing that even Sasuke had to make an effort to refrain from flinching.

Their Sensei smiled at her " Would you like to introduce yourself dear?"

She stalked to the middle of the room in front of the black board.

"My names Hinata." Her tone made it clear that she didn't want to be there, you could almost touch the malice in it.

"What's your last name sweetie?" one of the boys called out.

Her eyes snapped over to him, she stalked up the isle and stopped in front of his desk.

She slammed her hands down on it and leaned towards him.

" Im Hinata Black, that's your first strike against me punk one more and I'll break your face." She said looking him straight in the eye.

Naruto could even hear his gulp on the other side of the room.

The teacher smiled " Well thank you for introducing your self, now lets see were we can sit you…oh yes! Right there in the back next to Uchiha-san."

Hinata walked over to the desk next to Sasuke and propped her feet up on the empty desk in front of her.

After that sensei started talking about the human body and the chakra net work.

Kiba turned around in his seat to face her " Hi there I'm Inuzuka Kiba and these are my friends Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke."

She looked at them "Nice to meet you." She said then reached in her shoulder bag and pulled out a black mp3 player.

Sasuke spoke up this time " You might not wanna do that."

Hinata glared at him " Why not I wanna listen to my music."

" What kinda music do you like?" He asked ignoring the way she glared at him.

" Punk what's it to you?" She asked raising an eyebrow at how interested he was.

" You got Linkin Park on there?" He asked gesturing to the mp3 player she held in her hand.

" Yeah, I only have In the End." She said sadly.

' I like this girl, all the others here listen to that winy rap crap.' Sasuke thought looking at her.

' Why does this guy wanna know what kinda music I like? All well, I promised Nii-san that I'd try to make some new friends so these guys 'ill do.'

" Do you like that song?" She asked trying to make conversation.

He blinked owlishly, she wanted to talk? A few minutes ago she looked like she could kill him.

" Yeah. I like all their songs." Sasuke said doodling on his notebook.

" Then here." She held out and ear phone for him.

He took it and adjusted it in his ear.

She looked at him again apologetically " Im sorry it's turned up all the way do you want me to turn it down?" She asked.

He shook his head " No thanks im good."

She gave him one more look and turned to song on.

By the middle of the song they were both head banging to the tune and singing along, even though they were whispering.

" I put my trust in you pushed as far as I can go and for all this there's only one thing you should know." Then came more head banging.

Lucky for them the bell rang before sensei could get after them.

" So Hinata what's your schedule look like?" Kiba asked after they got out of the science room.

She held up a finger to tell them to hold on a minute, she reached in her oh so famous shoulder bag and pulled out a little square piece of paper.

She showed it to them:

1st: Science

2nd: Lunch

3rd: Algebra 3

4th: Gym

5th: Study Hall

" And that's it." She said taking the piece of paperback and shoving it into her bag.

All three of them were trying to hold in their laughter.

Naruto was the first to fail " Oh My God! You have the same schedule as Sasuke-teme!"

Sasuke was the only one successful in keeping his laughter in check.

" So Hinata do you wanna get to the class or do you just wanna skip?" He asked looking at her with interest to see what she'd do.

She looked thoughtful for a moment " Here lets go to the next class then skip Algebra, I hate that class." She said shaking her head in disgust.

He smirked, he was really starting to like this girl.

" Then come on, see you guys later Naruto, Kiba." he said grabbing her hand and dragging her towards the steps that lead up to the roof.

Once they were there he looked back over his shoulder at her, her hair was messed up and her shirt was riding up, not that he minded.

She didn't seem to care about any of that and sat down on one of the swings up there.

" So Sasuke is there a reason you dragged me up here?" She asked pulling out a bento lunch.

He nodded " I have an idea how 'bout today I ask the questions then tomorrow it your turn."

She thought it over then nodded " So what's your first question."

" Why'd you move here in the middle of the year?" he asked sitting next to her.

Her face went dark " My father, I was tired of being treated like second best even though I was stronger he still favored my little sister, so one day I got tired of it and I ran away, I came here to live with my cousin."

He blinked in awe, this girl got guts.

" Next question, what's your hobby?" He wanted to know what she did for fun.

" Well I like to write songs, go to the Skate Park and mostly just hang out with people." She said taking a tomato out of her lunch throwing it up in the air and catching it in her mouth.

" What kind of songs do you write?" He asked again, she was turning out to be pretty interesting.

" Mostly kinda sad but there up beat, me and a few of my friends down town have a band. We sometimes have concerts."

Sasuke poked at his own lunch, his mother had forgotten tomatoes again, and god that woman was so scatter brained.

" I like your type of music to…. I write some sometimes." He added shyly.

She smiled her perfect crooked smile making him forget how to breathe for a second.

" Id like to see them sometime." She said tossing him a tomato, he caught it with ease with his chopsticks.

" A lunch isn't a lunch with out tomatoes." She said nodding her head.

The bell rang signaling an ended lunch period.

Hinata stood up and brushed her-self off, she started walking to the fence.

She looked over her shoulder and Sasuke " You comin or what?" She said jumping over the fence and landing on the asphalt below.

He smirked and followed her example, soon they were running off toward the down town area.


A/N: so what do you think? I know its really OC'ish. And about Hinata in the beginning, she was pissed that her cousin was making her go to that school, she really doesn't need it.

Ok here's some stuff about the characters.

Hinata Black (Hyuuga)

Age: 16

Hair: Black with red streaks.

Eyes: She use's contacts to hide her Hyuuga heritage.

Likes Sasuke, music, and her friends, beating up guys, skating and singing in her band.

Dislikes: Prep's, Jocks, anyone who pisses her off, her father, people who think their better than everyone, and shopping.

Hinata is a get up and go type of girl, she live's life her own way without looking back on what she's done or planning ahead for the future, she just moved to Hidden Leaf High and has made some friends. She starts to like Sasuke but not in a fangirlish type way.

Sasuke Uchiha

Age: 16 ½

Hair: black and spiked in the back

Eyes: flat black

Likes: Hinata, skating, music, and he even sings sometimes

Dislikes: His Aniki or elder brother, preps, jocks, rap music, his fangirls and dealing with people who think their his friend.

He's been going to Hidden Leaf High for 3 years, his real friends are Kiba Inuzuka and Naruto Uzumaki. He begins to like Hinata when she starts to open up. He wants to ask her out but doesn't know how.

And so there it is hope you liked the first chapi of Hidden Leaf High!