The Future of Sharkboy and Lavagirl:

Okay, this is my first FF so I need suggestions (reviews) on what I need to improve. I watched this film with my little sis and loved the double play they did on phrases and the two meaning gig. None of these characters are mine; I do not own them, blah, blah, blah.

Sharkboy and Lavagirl, their last scene of the movie, walking down the beach

Sharkboy snaked his arm around behind Lavagirl's back and rested his hand on her shoulder. To his dismay he felt his hand scorch and flinched away. Lavagirl smiled and offered him her finger. He took it and they continued to walk down the beach. He glanced over at her and sighed. He knew at least the way he felt about her, he wished he could know the way she felt about him. He had been soooo jealous when she had been motherly to Max.

He wanted more than friendship but didn't know how to ask, or what her answer would be. She was to unpredictable; she could have an eruption at anytime. It was one of the many qualities that he liked about her. Again he sighed, it was hopeless to make her something that she was not. Lavagirl had labeled his first sigh as a 'deep on thought' kind of sigh, but the second time she knew something was wrong. He was her best friend she knew his signals and right now they were pointing to troubled. "What's the matter Sharkie?" He smiled inwardly; he loved her nickname for him. He didn't want his face to betray his thoughts so he put on his best frown and looked at her, "Nothing." He growled. Lavagirl's mouth twitched, she knew he was lying; he couldn't hide that from her.

"Then what's with all the sighing?" She asked, stopping on their trek to turn and look him in the eyes. Sharkboy glowered, "I told you nothing, ok! So back off!" He turned on his heel and stormed off down the beach. It was her turn to sigh, she knew he was hiding something but decided to let it be. She knew he needed time alone so she walked back to their cave. When she was at the mouth of the cave she turned and looked back. He was in the ocean floating on his back in the waves. She felt tears coming in her eyes, which only increased her sadness as they sizzled and evaporated off her cheeks. She could never be with him or a part of the world that he belonged to. If only she could, then her feelings for him wouldn't be so dangerous.

Sharkboy closed his eyes and immediately saw her face. "Lavagirl…"" he murmured. He saw her hot pink hair and glowing skin. He wanted to touch it but found he could only gaze at her. "Always just out of my reach!" He thought angrily. "I've always gotten what I wanted! If I wanted I worked for it, and I got it!" He thought triumphantly, but then it occurred to him as is grin turned to a frown. "Well, not everything. Not your father." Said a little voice in the back of his head. "But Lavagirl will be different!" He thought desperately. The other voice sneered, "What makes you think so? She'll always be just like your father. Like you said, always just out of your reach!" His eyes snapped open. The dream had been so much like the others, a constant battle within him. He had been asleep for a while; dusk had turned into night as the light of a half moon shined down. He could see a red flame off in the distance on a black blob on the horizon, the island form where he had drifted. He smiled, no matter how much he insisted he could find his way back with his shark radar, she always stood out on the beach as a beacon. He started swimming in her direction, "I'll just have to make it up as I go along." He thought as he focused on trying to get back to shore.

Lavagirl searched the waves for her friend. She knew he would be able to find his way back on his own, but she was worried. He had never stayed out that long before. For one fleeting second she thought that maybe he had left her. Tears came to her eyes as she though to herself, "I wouldn't blame him" She swallowed her tears and focused on trying to find him. Finally she saw his dorsal fin streaking through the waves. She let out the breath she had been holding. She waited patiently for him to surface, when he did she admired how the ocean would roll off his neck and drip from his hair. Sometimes she envied the ocean and his closeness to him.

He walked up to her and grinned, "Worried?" he asked seeing her expression of relief.

"Yes!" she said putting her hands on her hips. Then smiled, "Are you better now?" she asked. He looked down at the sand, hoping she hadn't seen the look in his eyes, "Yes. I'm sorry I stayed out so long." He took a chance and glanced back up, he saw tears in her eyes. "What is it?" he asked stepping forwards, concern spreading over his face. "I-I thought you might of… might of left me." She managed, she was angry with herself for crying. Sharkboy felt guilt stab every inch of him, "No…no I couldn't ever leave you! I don't want you to ever think that again!" he said desperately. He stepped forward and took her face in his hands, and ignoring the burning brushed away her tears with his thumbs. "I am so sorry Lavagirl. Please don't cry!" he now pulled away his hands, which she took gently in her own. She gaped at the burns on his hands; the burns he had took to comfort her. "Oh Sharkie…come on, lets go take care of these." She led him inside; oblivious to what was going on inside Sharkboy's head.