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Sharkboy dove deeper and deeper into the water until he came up in front of the wrecked sub. He peered in through the glass, squinting through the dim light. He could barely make out the form of a very gray, very worn down looking man sleeping in one of the seats of the sub. Sharkboy's heart skipped as he recognized an aged version of the man that had drifted away from the destruction of his marine biology lab, and his son so long ago.

Sharkboy shook his head to clear it of the painful past memories. He tapped lightly on the glass to get his father's attention. His dad woke with a start and stared in horror at the thing outside his sub. Sharkboy shook his head desperately to show him he was not going to hurt him. His dad seemed to understand and mouthed the words 'HELP'. Sharkboy nodded and pointed to the escape hatch at the top of the sub.

Sharkboy's dad nodded and he grabbed a few things and headed out of site to the back of the sub. Sharkboy turned around and held thumbs up to Lavagirl who he knew was watching from their own sub. He then swam to the escape hatch and waited until it was opened and out came his father carrying a waterproof sack and an oxygen tank attached to his back.

Sharkboy led his father up to their sub and once he reached the hatch, opened it. They climbed into the sealed off room and waited for the water to drain. Once it did the door to the rest of the sub was flung open and Sharkboy got a face full of hot pink hair. "You did it!" Lavagirl shrieked into his neck. "No we did it!" he said regaining his balance since she had nearly knocked him over leaping into his arms. She planted a kiss on his lips and then turned to a very dumbfounded Sharkboy's dad.

"What's going on? Who are you? What are you?" he stepped back a little in fear.

Sharkboy stepped cautiously towards him. "Dad…it's me…Sharkboy! I'm your son; after the lab sank the sharks took me in and raised me. Dad I've waited so long to find you!" With that Sharkboy flung himself into his dad's arms. "Ter-Terrance? My Sharkboy!?" he returned his son's embrace as tears ran down both their cheeks.

Lavagirl felt her eyes grow hot as well. Sharkboy pulled away from his father and walked over to Lavagirl. "Dad, this is Lavagirl. She's my best friend, as well as the girl that has my heart." Lavagirl smiled lovingly at him. "And you have mine Sharkie! She exclaimed as he kissed her and took her hand in his. Lavagirl gasped as he got down on one knee and starred into her eyes.

(Just so you know, in my story they are like 17 or 18 at his point.)

"Lavagirl…will you marry me?" Lavagirl's jaw dropped in shock. But her surprise soon turned to a grin. "Oh…YES!!!" she cried as she flung herself into his arms. They looked up from the floor to the grinning face of Sharkboy's father. "That's exactly how your mother reacted when I proposed!" They all laughed and then Sharkboy helped Lavagirl and himself up.

Sharkboy's father walked over to Lavagirl and kissed her hand. "I'm so pleased to have you as my future daughter-in-law!" he said happily. Sharkboy beamed as he starred at the happy scene. His father and Lavagirl, his only love…his family!


(A few years later)

Sharkboy stood over Lavagirl and smiled down at the little boy and girl she held in her arms. "Twins!" Ice exclaimed from the other side of the table. "I know! I can't believe I'm a grandfather!" exclaimed Sharkboy's dad who was sitting next to Ice. "You know, Sharkboy…I mean Terrance has a name. Now Lavagirl we need one for you!" 'Ice had a point.' Lavagirl silently agreed. "Well…how about…" Sharkboy thought. "Victoria?" he suggested. Lavagirl ran it over in her head, then said it out loud. "Victoria….hmmm…I like it! Victoria it is!" she then turned down to her little ones and whispered, "Did you hear that Amelia, Danny? I'm Victoria, your momma! And this is your daddy Terrance!" the two little babies squirmed and giggled.

"Perfect." Said Sharkboy as he leaned down and kissed her softly. They all sat there watching the sunset, knowing that many happy years were to come.


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