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Summery- Link was just your ordinary collage student trying to juggle collage, his fan girls that won't leave him alone, and all the other stresses of collage. But when the goddesses decide he needs protection, they send him a guardian angel named Zelda!


Link Shade opened his eyes and glanced at the alarm clock. 5:30 am.

Sitting up, he yawned and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes before standing up and making his way to the bathroom, his bare feet soundless on the cold floor. His first class was at 7 am, giving him plenty of time to get ready and practice basketball.

Splashing cold-water on his face to wake himself up, Link looked up into the mirror, his crystal blue eyes filled with longing and regret stared back at him.

Twenty minutes later, Link swung his green backpack over his shoulder and left his dorm room to head for the gym. He was wearing a pair of cargo pants and a dark green collared shirt.

As he approached the gym, he noticed someone already there, shooting baskets. He grinned as he realized who it was. Sheik, his best and only friend.

Sheik pushed his blonde hair out of his ruby Sheikan eyes and turned to greet Link, a grin on his face as he clapped his best friend on the shoulder.

"Mornin' Link, you're up early today." He said cheerfully, Link grinned and shot a ball towards the basket, catching the ball Sheik threw at him.

"Yeah, I decided to get up a bit earlier than usual today and practice." Link replied, Sheik glared at him and said matter-of-factly,

"You're lying, you're a horrible liar, you know that?"

Link grimaced, "you always could see right through me." He said, the two had this conversation every time Link woke up early. Sometimes he got away with it, sometimes Sheik decided to bust him for it.

A whistle sounded, and the two turned to see the rest of the basketball team had arrived, along with the coach.

"The boy has been on his own for several years now. The three of us can't protect him forever."

"Actually, he's been on his own 18 years and three months, to be exact."

"Nayru! Enough of your mathematical nonsense!"

"Hmpf, you're just jealous of my superior intellect."


"Nayru, maybe we should consider someone else to protect him?"

"Good idea Forore! That cutie has been alone for far too long, we should send him a companion!"

"Just what are you proposing Din?"

"This isn't another one of your crazy half-burned ideas is it?"

Din looked insulted, "why Nayru, why would you assume this plan is awful? I HAVEN"T EVE EXPLAINED IT YET!!!!!"

"Din, calm yourself."

"Sorry Forore."

"Continue Din."

"Well… I think we should send someone to be a companion and a protector too him! He needs someone to be with him. I was thinking of Ruto."

"You mean little-miss you're-all-cannibals-for eating-sushi? I don't think so."

Forore turned to Nayru. "Who else is compatible with him?" Nayru grinned.

"I was thinking of Zelda."


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