Chapter 1

"Stop trying to be cool Naruto-baka!" a blonde haired blue-eyed kunoichi yelled. "Sasuke-kun is so much better than you! You'll never be able to beat him."

"Oh yeah! I'll beat that bastard into the ground!" Naruto yelled back angrily at 12 year old girl, named Ino, who had graduated from the academy with him the previous day. They were back at the academy waiting to be assigned to their teams, but Iruka, their sensei, was late and they had gone outside to wait.

"You couldn't even beat that lazy bum!" She yelled pointing to her childhood friend Shikamaru.

"I'm not trying to beat him." He replied pointing at the boy who was lying on the ground. "I'm going to kick Sasuke-bastards' ass."

"You can't! Now leave my Sasuke-kun alone!"

"I bet you I can!" He yelled in Ino's face, having walked over to her.

"Yeah right! The day you beat Sasuke-kun is the day I'll be your slave for a week." She yelled back.

"Fine, be ready to be my slave!" Naruto said with a huge grin.

Yelling back she said "Only if you'll be mine when you lose!"

"I won't lose, so fine." Naruto replied confidently.

Turning to face Sasuke, Naruto yelled out to get his attention "Hey, bastard, get ready 'cause I'm gonna kick your ass."

Scoffing the Uchiha remained silent but turned his attention to the blonde annoyance, standing nonchalantly as if he was unconcerned about Naruto as a serious threat.

Angry at the other boy's lack of emotion Naruto ran forward quickly throwing a punch.

Sasuke seeing the punch coming merely twisted aside to let the punch pass before reaching out to grab the other boys arm throwing him away.

"Yeah! Go Sasuke-kun!"

Crashing into the ground Naruto got up and charged again this time trying to kick Sasuke, only to have his leg caught again and be thrown into a tree. Angrier that the other boy was beating him this easily Naruto decided to use his new jutsu. Running forward he formed a cross seal just before he got to Sasuke and yelled out shadow clone jutsu. Having the two clones for on the other side of Sasuke Naruto had them all attack him at the same time finally landing a few blows to Sasuke while he was surprised at the clones that were solid and could do real damage.

One of the blows was a kick to the head which knocked him out making Naruto the winner to a surprised Ino. "Ha Ino. I told you I could beat that teme." Naruto said after he had recovered from the shock that he had actually won. "Now you have to be my slave!"

"What? No! I was just joking you can't actually make me be your slave baka!" Ino yelled while backing away.

"Hey! Ino! It was your bet, you can't back out of it now." Naruto growled upset that she was going back on her word. "Remember what the ninja code says, you are honor-bound to follow any agreement you make." This was probably the only part of the shinobi code that Naruto knew as it was what he had based his nindo off of.

Not wanting to be seen as weak and not wanting to go against the shinobi code since she had only just become a real ninja she mumbled "Fine, but we don't start until after Iruka-sensei tells us who our teams are." She added the last part because Iruka had just walked up followed by several jounin level ninja.

"Fine, but you have to meet me here after we're done." Naruto declared.

"Fine baka!" Ino yelled angry that the other blonde was taking this so seriously.

Upset at being called a baka Naruto was about to yell something back when Iruka said it was time to come into the classroom.

An hour later the teams had been made with Ino being put on a team with her two childhood friends Shikamaru and Chouji, while Naruto had ended up on a team with his crush Sakura and Sasuke.

Back outside the academy Naruto found Ino waiting impatiently for him. "You're here, finally. Now what are you gonna make me do baka?"

Angry that she was always calling him that he said "First you have to call me Naruto-sama. If you call me baka any more I'll I'll-"

"You'll what? Huh? Spank me!" She said sarcastically.

Not knowing what else to do he said "Yeah, I'll spank you five times every time you call me anything but Naruto-sama."

Shocked speechless she stood there until she finally said "No! You can't do that. You sick freak."

Grabbing her he turned her around and spanked her hard causing her to scream which drew the attention of the other genins who were still around.

"Oww! That hurt you baka baka baka!"

Not wanting anyone to see Naruto said "Fine follow me."

With that Naruto grabbed her wrist and pulled her along until they found a small clearing next to a stream. Stopping Naruto let her go and turned to face her "You're not being a very good slave Ino-chan. I told you not to call me that anymore. Now you will have to be punished. Now get on you're hands and knees." He said really getting into the act.

"What no you can't be serious baka. I won't stand here and let you spank me!"

"I was just going to spank you but because you're acting like a little baby I guess I'll have to treat you like one." Grinning deviously Naruto then said "Take off your clothes, so I can spank you're naked butt just like a parent would do to their baby."

"What? No I won't!"

Moving faster than she had seen he charged forward making two shadow clones while he grabbed a knife and held it to her throat as the bunshins held her arms tight. "Now Ino-chan you can either undress by yourself or I'll cut your clothes off and make you walk back into Konoha naked."

Scared she knew that she wouldn't be able to beat him especially not with his clones so in order to save herself the embarrassment she said "O-okay, I'll do it."

Grinning Naruto's two clones released her as he stepped back to watch her undress.

"Please Naruto, don't make me do this."

"That's Naruto-sama." He said while fingering a kunai.

"Please Naruto-sama," she said begging.

"No, now hurry up."

Not knowing what else to do she started to pulled off her top, leaving her chest wrapped in bindings. Seeing that he wanted her to continue she pulled off purple skirt revealing a pair of revealing white thong panties that her mom had given her for becoming a shinobi saying that she was now old enough to wear women's underwear and the white wraps she had on her legs.

Seeing her panties Naruto said "Stop. Turn around."

Doing as she was told she turned around letting Naruto see her ass. Her ass made him more horny than anything else. The panties framed her cheeks in such a way as to make them appear even more firm and rounded than would normally be.

A moment later he said "Continue but you can leave you're panties on."

Thankful for that at least Ino stayed facing away from him as she slowly removed her arm coverings followed by all of her wrappings, leaving her almost completely naked.

"Good, now turn around, let me see you." As she turned around Naruto got to see his first pair of real breasts upclose. "You're beautiful Ino-chan. Now I still have to punish you, so get on you're hands and knees."

"H-hai." She said nervously as she got into position.

Resting his hand on her ass he said "Now you earned 24 spankings for calling me baka, so after each spanking I want you to say 'thank-you Naruto-sama' ok? If you don't then I will spank you again for every time you forget."


"Good." Raising his hand he spanked her once causing a red mark to appear on her skin.

"Thank-you Naruto-sama!" She screamed both because she had to and because it hurt.

Raising his hand Naruto spanked her again this time on the other cheek. He continued to do this until he was finished she forgot to thank him only twice.

Once he was finished he began to massage her reddened cheeks soothing them. A moment later with tears still in her eyes Ino heard him say "You can get up now."

Standing up she felt her ass protest from the pain she was in.

"Now I want you to take off your panties."

Dreading what she thought was to come she removed her panties not wanting to be punished anymore.

"Good now come here." Walking towards him she saw that his eyes were focused on her breasts. Out of the wrap it was obvious that hers were fairly large for her age, already a B-cup.

"Now Ino-chan I want you to take off all my clothes." Seeing her panic when he said that Naruto reassured the girl "We're not going to do that Ino-chan, don't worry. We're just gonna go swimming."

Relieved Ino slowly removed his clothes, however it was still too fast for her as she was soon staring at her first dick, a fairly large one at that, it was five inches and he was only 12 years old.

Putting an arm around her Naruto pulled her close to feel her breasts against his skin before pulling her into the stream.

Half an hour later Naruto pulls her out of the water leading her to where she had been spanked.

"Ino-chan, I have one more thing for you to do before I let you go ok?"

Afraid to ask what it is she just looks up at him from the ground where she had fallen, her ass still sore from the beating Naruto had given it earlier.

"I want you to grab hold of my dick and rub it for me until I cum." Seeing her look of horror he added "And I want you to let it splash all over your chest and then rub it in. After that you can put your clothes back on and go home."

Reluctantly she grabbed hold of his dick and wrapped her hand around it. Her fingers not able to completely go around it, making her use two hands. She started very slowly, her reluctance obvious.

"Remember Ino-chan the faster you do this, the sooner you get to go home."

Realizing this she started to put forth some effort and had him at a full erection in no time. However she now had a problem as his dick had dried off and it was getting harder to jerk him. Knowing she needed something to put on him to make him wet she did the only thing she could; she opened her mouth and began to like him all over his shaft earning a lust filled moan from him.

What she didn't know was that this was the first time Naruto had done this and was ready to cum after only a minute of her licking him. Surprising both himself and her Naruto erupted, shooting some of his seed into her mouth, causing her to choke in surprise and close her mouth. With her mouth closed Naruto's seed splashed onto her face and dribbled onto her breasts. What had gone into her mouth she swallowed.

After recovering from her shock Ino remembered his last command and began to furiously rum his cum into her skin wanting to get out of there as soon as possible.

Finished she walked over to her clothes and began putting them on. At this time Naruto regained his senses and said "That was excellent Ino-chan," with a big grin. "I want you to come here tomorrow after you finish with your team."

"Hai." She said having finished dressing and started walking away.

"And remember you have to call be Naruto-sama from now on."

This made her pause as she didn't want people to know about her bet with Naruto and what he had forced her to do. "Even in front of my friends?"

Thinking for a moment he replied "No, you only have to do that when we're alone."

Relieved she said "Thank-you Naruto-sama," careful to remember to talk to him with respect so as not to earn another set of spankings.

And with that she left feeling humiliated but determined to see this through, not wanting to break her promise.