Chapter 3

Arriving the next day at the clearing Naruto saw he was the first one there, Ino had yet to show up. Not knowing how long he was going to have to wait he sat down to read his copy of Icha Icha Paradise again, trying to find more ideas to use against Ino so that he could completely dominate her.

He saw nothing wrong with what he was doing to her because he knew that if he were Sasuke Ino would have been spreading her legs the minute they were alone trying to get the arrogant bastard to fuck her senseless, just so she could claim that she had taken Sasuke's virginity. She was a slut and was just upset that the wrong guy had taken her virginity. Well he would show her that he was the best around, that no one could do better than him and if he had to make her his lave to prove it than so be it, because nothing was going to stop him from being the best ninja ever.

Just as heard Ino entering the clearing he found a section that described an outspoken woman become completely dominated after sex in what the woman referred to as the most disgusting way. Looking at Ino he paused to imagine what she would look like with him spearing her as she was on her knees like a bitch in heat, a small smile forming on his lips.

When he came out of his fantasy he found Ino glaring at him. This was a vast difference from when she left last night and was calling him Naruto-sama and praising his sexual performance, practically begging to have him shove his cock up her pussy again.

"Ne Ino-chan why aren't you happy? I thought you had fun last night." Naruto spoke confused as to her behavior.

"Why aren't I smiling? Why aren't I smiling!? I'll tell you why you no talent bastard, you raped me! You took my virginity and made me act like a whore!" She screamed at him her face red.

Saving her punishment for another time Naruto pretended to look confused as he said "Raped you? But Ino-chan you told me to make love to you? I remember you told me to 'shove that big dick in' your pussy. I even asked if you were sure. I would never rape a girl Ino-chan, especially such a pretty one like you."

Outwardly she was fuming that he had denied it but her mind couldn't help but remember back to the first time he fucked her last night, his clones had made her so hot and horny that she had actually begged him to fuck her. As much as she didn't want to admit it he was right, she had wanted it. In fact just thinking about it was making her pussy betray her, getting wet as she thought about how good it had felt to have him so far inside her thrusting into her tight young body as he hit her special spot on every thrust.

As he stood there watching her he saw the anger drain from her face as it became horrified for a brief moment before settling into arousal.

"See Ino-chan, I told you I didn't rape you. You wanted me to make love to you. In fact I remember you coming a few times last night. Your pussy clamped down deliciously around my dick several times milking everything out of me." The last part he dropped his voice down to a husky whisper as the main male character of the book had done when he wanted to get the woman in the mood.

It had its intended effect as Ino unknowingly moved her hand down to her chest and began to lightly rub her nipple through her clothes. "Even now just remembering it you are feeling horny again, wanting to fuck me again. I guess three times just wasn't enough for you, my sexy little slut."

As he had said that Ino became even more aroused not even hearing him call her a slut, her previous anger completely forgotten as she continued to massage her chest, becoming more horny with every passing moment.

Naruto was now fully aroused and his pants were hurting him, quickly throwing off his clothes he stood in the clearing naked watching Ino pleasure herself into orgasm, a small wet stain appearing on the front of her clothes. At this Naruto couldn't contain himself any longer and he rushed over to her kissing her as hard as he could, shoving his tongue into her mouth, feeling her tongue immediately respond to his as they battled for dominance.

Ino was now desperate to get her clothes off; she was burning up and wanted nothing more than to feel his hard rod shoved back inside her, making her cum harder and faster than ever. Because, for all his faults she found Naruto to be an excellent lover with a big thick dick that filled her completely; disengaging her mouth from his she tore her clothes off making it so she would have to walk home in the nude or stay here until it was late so as not to be noticed by her parents or the other villagers.

Once she was completely nude she jumped onto Naruto, wrapping her legs around his waist she once again mashed her lips against his and started humping her pussy against his dick causing it to slide up and down her slit, hitting her clit on every thrust. Still this only made her even more horny. Forcing herself to break away from his mouth she screamed "Fuck me! Stick your fat dick into me and fuck me hard!"

Grinning he released her ass with one hand and used it to line up his dick, dropping her onto him, forcing her body to completely engulf him. Putting his hand back on her ass he bounced her up and down his shaft as she moaned like a whore.

"Whose slut are you?" Naruto asked lifting his head up from the nipple he had be sucking on.

"Yours!" she moaned.

"And who am I slut?"


"That's right slut." He said with a smile as she continued to impale herself on his hard shaft driving them both closer to orgasm. "You're my little fuck-slave aren't you?"

"Yes Naruto-sama!"

"You're a good little slave Ino-chan. Now cum for your master, spill your juices all over my big fat cock like the slut that you are."

"Yes Master."

And with that Ino's pussy clamped down on his cock to almost painful levels, milking his cum from his balls. She could feel him spurt into her once, twice three times before he stopped.

"You've been a very good girl Ino-chan."

Panting she replied "Thank you Master."

"But I'm afraid that I'll still have to punish you."

That got her attention, she remembered the last time she was punished and didn't want a repeat, her ass had been so sore that she could hardly walk the next day and she had had her official genin test that day.

"Punish me?"

"Yes, you broke one of my rules."

Looking confused she didn't remember what rule she had broken.

"You called me a bastard." Seeing understanding in her eyes he said "Now I can either spank you again, this time fifty times, you should know better by now, or I give you another punishment."

"What is the other punishment?" she asked almost afraid to know.

"Ah ah, you either have to take it or the spanking." He said waggling his finger at her.

Thinking that nothing could be worse than being spanked she decided to go for the other punishment.

"Are you sure Ino-chan?"

"Yes Naruto-sama."

Nodding he ordered "Now get on your hands and knees ok?"

Nodding she dropped to her knees and then got into position.

Seeing that she was ready Naruto dropped to his knees behind her, extending one hand he used it to scoop up some of their mixed fluids using his index finger to push it into her asshole making her yelp at the unfamiliar sensation.

"What are you doing?" she asked scared turning her head around to look.

"Turn back around Ino-chan, or I'll spank you as well."

Obeying she turned back around closing her eyes in an effort to block out whatever he was going to do to her.

Using his finger to lightly probe her ass he continued to lube her up as he lined his dick up with her pussy so that he could get it as wet as possible.

Feeling his dick slide back into her pussy Ino moaned out in pleasure thinking that maybe this punishment wouldn't be so bad.

However she was soon disappointed when his dick left her pussy and began to push into her asshole.

"Nooo! What are you doing?" She yelped.

"I'm going to fuck your ass Ino-chan, and while I do you're going to thank me for it. Go ahead Ino-chan thank me for fucking your tight little ass. Tell me how much you love it. And make it convincing otherwise I'll punish you even more."

Feeling him push the tip of his cock into her ass she felt that her ass was tearing slightly before crying out "Thank you for fucking my ass, Naruto-sama."

Grinning in pleasure at how her ass squeezed him pushed all the way in until his balls were lying against her pussy.

Gritting her teeth against the pain tears poured down her face as she felt her ass violated time and time again. When she finally got used to the pain she once again thanked him for her punishment.

Before long however her body betrayed her again as her pussy began to leak more fluids, becoming used to and even enjoying the feeling of her bowels being full. Soon she was once more moaning like a common street whore thrusting her hips back to make him go farther up his balls now smacking audibly against her pussy splashing her juices.

"Oh yes! Naruto-sama fuck my ass, please fuck my ass. Yes that's it harder Master harder. Don't stop, I love having you fuck my ass!" She screamed like a wanton slut, no longer caring that this man, boy really, had fucked her in every available hole, taking all of her virginities. What was more she loved it, had she been in her right mind she would have hated it but she couldn't bring herself to care, her body was being abused, used like a sex toy and she loved it.

"Ah ah. Ino-chan. Your ass feels so good. I love fucking your ass. It's so fucking tight!" Naruto groaned slamming into harder and harder. Feeling his orgasm approaching he reached down to play with her clit, wanting her to cum before he did so as to feel her ass clamping down on him.

With the added pleasure Ino moaned and groaned even loader, rapidly growing closer to her orgasm which almost too soon crashed over her causing her to scream as she felt him join her, his cum shooting into her ass. Her strength lastingly long enough for her to stay up long enough for him to finish cumming before she fell to the ground his dick sliding out of her causing his cum to pool on the ground beneath her.

"You're such a good little slut Ino-chan." He said as he laid down behind her his hand cupping her breast. "But you should rest now. I have big plans for you tomorrow."