"Tyler, your father was the best double dutching, boxer I've ever seen." my grandfather said with a laugh.

My father laughed and shook his head, "I thought we said no more stories dad."

"Come on now Isadore, you know your son deserves to know what you did when you were younger." my grandfather pressed.

"Actually I've heard the story before grandad." I said with a smile.


Great now he's sad! It's not my fault I've heard this story about three million plus times! It gets old after a while, especially with the people coming up to me and saying, "Wow, you look just like him!" or "Can you join our double dutch team?" or my favorite one of all "Aren't you going to the Golden Gloves this year?"

Do you guys want to know something? Okay here it goes: I hate boxing and double dutch, I hate all the people who expect me to be just like my father. I am not, nor never will be Izzy Daniels, maybe my older brother, Mike can do it. I mean he's the one who's on his way to the Golden Gloves, or my big sister she's better than all the girls and boys her age in double dutch. Me? What can I do?

Hmm, I can sing and I can dance...No one else know's and they're not gonna, because if you're a Daniel's you have to double dutch or box. My mom has been trying to get me to double dutch and or box, but I've failed at both. So they both gave up on me, I don't blame them at all I'm the son who has failed at their precious double dutch and boxing...

How am I gonna show them that I do have talent...Just not a talent they're expecting.

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