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Chapter Two

We all know that eventually Voldemort fell and many Death Eaters were caught and tried. We all know that Severus pleaded guilty but claimed to turn into a spy for the Order of the Phoenix.

Three years after the fall of the Dark Lord, some of the Ministry officials were still searching the house of Death Eaters, or those believed to have been. Severus Snape was no different.

Atreyu was now four years old, almost actually, with long ginger hair and the biggest iciest blue eyes anyone had ever seen. It was a summer morning, and Severus, or "daddy", had finished breakfast for the two of them.

"Daddy, can I have my orange juice now?" Atreyu asked.

"Not yet. Eat some breakfast then you may," Severus replied from behind the Daily Prophet. The little girl pouted until Severus looked over the top of the paper and gave her a stern look. She quickly started to eat. The door bell rang and Severus stood up to get it.

"Can I have orange juice now?" Atreyu asked.

"Finish you breakfast, Atreyu. You know the rules," Severus said. He walked out of the kitchen.

"But I did…" she said. She sat in her chair as she listened to her dad talk to someone. Atreyu stood up and walked to the fridge and reached for the flagon of orange juice. She stood on her tip toes to put the flagon on the counter without spilling it.

Atreyu, having much practice, scooted a chair to the counter, stood up on it, climbed onto the counter, grabbed a glass from the cabinet, and poured herself some juice. As she sipped her juice, a red haired man with glasses came into the kitchen and started opening and closing cabinet doors, looking for something.

"What are you doing?" Atreyu asked. The man's head spun around to look at her, apparently not expecting her.

"I'm looking for bad things," he replied.

"Why?" the little girl asked. She had never known her daddy to be a bad man.

"Well, your dad used to do bad things and I have to search for things that might get him into trouble or hurt someone," the red haired man said.

"What kind of a bad man was he?" she asked. The man thought for a second, considering if he should tell her.

"He was called a Death Eater," he finally said. At that moment, Severus walked into the kitchen.

"Atreyu, how did you…" he started but she cut him off.

"You used to eat dead people?!?" Atreyu asked in a high, accusing voice. "Is that why our food always tastes bad?"

The red haired man started to laugh quietly as he continued to search the kitchen.

"No, I did not eat dead people," Severus said through clench teeth. "Now, Atreyu, take your juice and go into the living room. Mr. Weasley brought a couple of his children, so you may go play with them." He picked the little girl up off the counter and set her on the floor.

"Yes sir," she said. She walked to the door with her juice cup in her tiny hands.

"She's adorable, Severus," the red haired man, Mr. Weasley, said.

Atreyu spent the morning playing with the twins, Fred and George, and Ron Weasley. They all had red hair like the man. Around noon, the Weasleys left, since Mr. Weasley found no Dark objects.

"Sorry about bringing the kids, Severus. Molly and the other children got the stomach flu, and they can't stop throwing up long enough to either get the potion down, or keep it in the system," Mr. Weasley said.

"It's fine, Arthur," Severus said. "She doesn't get to spend much time with other children, this did some good." He was holding Atreyu in his arms, as she finished her juice and said good-bye to the three boys.

Three weeks later, again at breakfast time, Atreyu was sitting at the table eating her eggs and pancakes. Severus was sitting across from her, again, reading the Daily Prophet.

"Daddy, can I have my orange juice now? I'm almost done," the girl asked.

"Yes. Hold on," the dark haired man said. He crossed the kitchen to get the orange juice, and discovered the flagon of juice was empty.

"It's empty. You'll have to wait until I get the chance to go get more," Severus said.

"But I want orange juice now," Atreyu whined.

"Atreyu, you're going to have to wait," he said sternly. "Now, finish your breakfast."

The little girl did as she was told and as soon as she was done, she stomped upstairs to her bedroom and locked the door. She sat on her bed and didn't come out.

When lunch came, Severus noticed Atreyu hadn't been downstairs since breakfast and if she was in her room before lunch, she always came down when the clock tolled twelve. He figured she was taking a nap, so he left her. It wasn't often he got the afternoon to himself.

The day went on and Atreyu still hadn't come downstairs. It was time for dinner, and Severus finally went upstairs.

"Atreyu, it's time for dinner," he said. No answer. He knocked on the door. "Atreyu?"

Severus tried to open the door and found it locked. He took out his wand and unlocked it. Opening it, he found the ginger haired girl on her bed, sitting crossed legged and staring at him.

"It's time for dinner Atreyu. If you're not down there in five minutes, you'll be grounded for a month," he said. She stood up and walked with him downstairs, pouting.

They sat down together and she didn't touch her food, but instead glowered at him.

"Atreyu, why haven't you touched your food?" Severus asked.

"I want orange juice," she said.

"Atreyu, I told you this morning, you're going to have to wait until I go to the store and get more. Now eat!"

"I want it now!" Atreyu said. "I always get orange juice in the breakfast." She called morning time "breakfast".

Right, I forgot, it's like coffee for her, Severus thought. "In the morning, before we eat, we'll go get orange juice. Now…eat."

Seven years later, again during the summer, Atreyu was almost eleven and eagerly awaiting her owl from Hogwarts. Her birthday was the last day of August, and she was awaiting that too.

Since she did live with Severus Snape, there were a great quantity of books in the house, Muggle and Wizard. When Severus was at Hogwarts teaching, she usually spent her days reading the books. She had come across a heredity book recently and figured out she couldn't be related to him.

She quietly crept into the sitting room, where Severus was reading a book.

"Um…Dad?" she asked.

"What Atreyu?" he replied.

"I want to ask you something," Atreyu said. She wasn't sure if she should be asking him, or not.

"I don't have all day. If you're going to ask, ask it now," Severus said sharply.

"Are you really my father?"

Severus set down his book carefully on the table in front of him. He was obviously not expecting that question.

"Why do you ask?" he asked.

"Well, I came across that heredity book you have and after I read it, I noticed I don't look anything like you. I don't even act like you," she said quickly. "The book said that I would carry some trait of you, even if I don't like you."

"Come and sit down. I was going to tell you sometime soon, but I wasn't sure how to bring it up, without losing you," Severus said. Atreyu bounced over to sit on the couch with him, eagerly waiting. "You are not my daughter. I only knew your mother for a few hours, but for some absurd reason, she chose a stranger she hardly knew to care for you and treat you as my daughter. You mother was pretty much killed. She had been stabbed in the back by her boyfriend, who is also not your father. Your mother, Rebekah, was dying slowly," he said. "And though you may not look like her much, you are very much like her personality wise. At least, from what I saw from her."

Atreyu took in the information, but was suddenly uncomfortable about something.

"Can I still call you dad?" she asked. Severus searched her eyes for a moment then nodded.

"Having you as my daughter, has proven a lot to me," he said. She smiled and hugged him.