The LOVE letter

By: Krusemark12

Warning! (This story IS mine! I made it up my self and it is my characters!)

Hi! My name is Terri, im 17 years old, im a journalist for our schools news paper. I'm a very smart student, and im the class president. What more could I want? Maybe I should tell you, my family. I want a REAL family. Not this, fake family. This is my life…

Chapter 1

Today, I woke up without setting my alarm clock, but it didn't matter because it was Saturday. I always set my alarm clock though? When I look over to see the time, it was 12:32 p.m.! I was SO late for the warm up for our schools soccer team, SC Alliance.

"Oh man! Im gonna be so late for the game!" I said. I got out of bed, went to the bathroom to see that my mom was showering! So I couldn't take a shower this morning! So I went to the other half bathroom with only a sink and a toilet. So I brushed my teeth and went to the restroom. That's it, nothing more.

"O mom, why do you have to take morning showers like I do! I need my own shower, ill ask that for my birthday." I said grouchy. When I crabbed my brother's toast out of his hands, he started to cry like a little 8 years old he is. I was wearing capries and a lose tank top with the words from a Ciara song "You want my goodies" and I put on my favorite pair of tennis shoes. I was running down the street when I noticed there was a sale at Finish line! I had to go there, but I will not lose my job as a journalist!

"Just wait for another 3 hours!!!! PLEASE!" I said.

About 5 minutes later, I was at the school exhausted

"Well, at least I made it just in time!" I said. I opened my locker to get my supplies to take pictures for the news paper because Jessica and Emma do the writing. Those two are my BEST friends. When I opened my locker, a note fell to the ground

"Oh... a note." I said while opening it. Inside it said…

"Dear Terri,

If you are reading this, please close your eyes and think about this note, when you do this, please try to figure out who would say this to you…

"Terri, your such a cults" If you have figured out who it is, please, do tell me. Ill be waiting. Im at the soccer game too… please try to find me.


Mr. Right."

"Ohh…. How sweet! I have a secret admirer! I wonder who it is? I hope its MATT!!!!!!!"


Matt is the soccer teams captain and the cutest guy in the whole school! He is so shy though, no one can get him to open up, and only one boy in the school can talk to him without telling him he's the greatest… Chad. Chad is the meanest, and the most evil person I have EVER met! He calls me Terr Berr!!! Err how I hate that name, and he KNOWS I do!


"So Terri, I see someone LOVES you. He he" Jessica said. Jessica, she's my best friend, but she's someone you WANT to keep a secret away from her.

"Oh... I don't see you with a letter? At least I have one!" I said trying not to lose cool.

"Well, by the meaning of this letter, he's going to be at the game! We HAVE TO find him!" Emma said, my other best friend.

"Yeah, we will do it after we get our photos and get the scoop on the game." I said with a smile on my face. Everyone was surprised that I smiled because I rarely smile. After my mother and father died in a plane crash, I never have been happy. Im living with a fake family and I hate them. But when I turn 18, im getting my own place to stay. Then, out of no where, Chad came up to me and put his arms around my waist and whispered

"Terr Berr, why are you so LOUD!" Chad said yelling in my ear. My heart was beating so fast that I thought I would have to swallow my tongue to get it down. I almost thought he was going to say he loved me! Few... he didn't!

"OMG Chad! If your going to put your hands there, tell me something sweet!" I said. He didn't let go of his grasp around my waist, he actually pulled me closer! Wow, was I surprised by his actions! I tried to get out of his grip... but he wouldn't let go!!!! Then, I gave up and faced his face. I was going to ask what he wanted to tell me until him KISSED ME! First it was just tasting me slightly and gingerly, then it turned into a passionate and loving kiss, I decide to take the 'little gift' he gave me and kiss him back with as much emotion as I could give him. About 4 minutes later, he broke the kiss, I was about to pout, but then we heard the buzzer go off for the game to start.

"Terr Berr, I have to go now, ill see you after the game or meet me outside the locker rooms. And don't peek inside to see Matt, I know you Terr. Ha-ha... bye" Chad said running to the field. I smiled and touched my lips to savor the moment. I never wanted the thought to leave my head ever again. When Jessica and Emma came back from getting the supplies out of there locker and getting drinks and snacks… they saw that I had a huge smile on my face and they both asked

"What's up with you lately Terri? You're now all smiles. Is something good happening your not telling us?" I just smiled even more because I knew that I had to keep it a secret and that they would beg for the secret and they would give me ANYTHING! Ohh what a good day!

"Nothing, its nothing…lets get to work!" I said with a smile still on my face. They both just sighed and waited for the players to go out to the field. We were the only ones there because we got here 1 hour early, because you know, we have to get the inside scoop. So we watched them do there original basics, control dribbling, Pullback turn, Hook Turn, Change of Speed Tactic. Yeah... we had to watch them play there little game, whitch I thought was always cute because they would always have Chad be in the middle because he was the worst at the game, but he was getting better now. I told Emma and Jessica about it and thought they could get an article on him in there.

An hour past and they were done finally. I was out of film a half an hour early so she thought she would wait by the guy's locker room. When they all came down the hallway, she remember that no one was really supposed to know that she was waiting to Chad!!! So she went inside the locker room, the boy's locker room. She found a locker that had no ones name on it and went in it, I was so squished inside there but I didn't want anyone to know I was in there. They all came in talking about there girlfriends.

"Oh, Veronica and me might take it all the way tonight, it should be a fun night for me guys!" then everyone else went. 'O YAY Mike!' I started to laugh a little then they all got quiet. Matt said

"Did anyone hear a girl laugh? It sounded close, maybe in here?" they all shrugged other than Chad. Chad was wondering around the locker room still in his uniform because he knew that there was a girl in here. I covered my mouth to make sure no one else could hear anything else. Just when Chad passed by Terri's locker she was in he heard a sneeze. He went back the locker he heard it from and looks inside the little cracks. He saw two beautiful brown eyes he was familiar with. His mouth dropped all the way to the floor!

"TERRI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" He said quietly so no one would notice she was in there.

" I was waiting for you and I forgot that you were with the A- team this year because last year you were with the B-team so I thought while I was waiting I could get a interview but the whole team came out and I hid some where, and well I guess it was here. Ahehe" I whispered. Then everyone came to where Chad was and he turned around to look at everyone, they all had a wondering face on there faces.

"Chad, were you just talking to a locker or are we all turning gay?" Matt said.

"Uhh… you're all turning gay?!?!"

Chad said while laughing, and then they all laughed and forgot about the talking locker incident.

"Chad, I want to get out now! Im hot!" I complained. He just shook his head and said

"This is why I love you Terri." WHAT!!!!!! Did he just tell me he, loved, me?!?!