Chapter 3

When we both walked in... His mouth was normal. He didn't seem to care that I had Brown and Vanilla colored walls. And my bedspread was a light brown with strips that were a cream color.

"Wow… your room seems, mature. Why did you think I would be shocked?" Chad said. I just looked up at him.

"You don't see them? Then never mind." I said hoping he wouldn't catch on.

"Okay?" Then Chad walked around the room. He said it felt warm and nice. I just started to blush really badly because I as thinking of it as something really dirty. I always thought of Chad as a little porno. But on the inside, he's a sweet and thoughtful guy. Hard to believe isn't it?

"Terri…" Chad began.

"Yeah, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Umm... well… when I said if I could stay the night here, with you… I was hoping you would think of it... umm... I could get an answer." Chad turned around so that I couldn't see him blush like a peach. Hm-hm… it was really cute too. Made me smile for sure!

"If you want to, no one will be home tonight, I guess if you"

Then he kissed me…. He kissed me with SO much passion. I never felt this loved ever since my mother and father died. So my only reaction I could think of is to wrap my arms around his neck. I did so, and then he placed his rough hands on my hips. We were standing right in the middle of my room, kissing for so long. Then finally... he placed me down on my bed.

"Wait here. Ill be right back." Chad said with a smile on his face.

"What are you up to?" I said, laughing after a bit. Then he went down the stairs to do, whatever he was going to do.

"Hmm… prolly had to piss." I said laughing. Then I was all alone in my room. I just sat there. Waiting. Then I finally turned on the radio. It was playing "Unfaithful" by Rhianna. Then I stated to sing, and what do you know, Chad was standing outside the door the WHOLE TIME! I started to sing… he was just so amazed that I had a pretty darn good voice!

"Story of my life, searching for the right, but he keeps avoiding me..." He looks through the crack of the door, he saw her smiling. It was rare to see her smiling, but what do you know, he's seeing it right now.

"Sorrow in my soul, but it doesn't seem that wrong, really he's my company." Then he walked in through the door way and said

"Im sorry, but you have a beautiful voice." Chad said. I started to blush like CRAZY!

"Thanks." I said quietly. Then it was quiet for a few minutes until Chad leaned over and kissed me briefly.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"It's because I love you Terri. Don't forget that okay?" he looked at me with a serious expression.

"Hmmm." Then I smiled and toppled over him on my bed and laid there. Then we fell asleep and we were enjoying our time together until I got a phone call! ERR how I hate phone calls right when we were getting to the cuddling part! WAA!

"Hello? Do you have to- Stacie! How are you?" I said shocked that she's really calling me! She never calls me.

"Hi darling. Your father and I will be home in 1 week. No parties, no drinking, or SMOKEING! Got it?" She said with a very deep voice, it always scared me when she did that.

"glup Yes mam. Bye Stacie." Then I hung up the phone and Chad was about 3 inches away from me. God, he scared the CRAP out of me!

DO YOU MIND!" I yelled at him. He backed off me. Then I realized that he was trying to be sweet and sexy too me. And I just yelled at him for doing something I wanted him to do for SO LONG! Then he just sat on the bed with a confused look. Then he turned his head the opposite way from mine.

"Chad, im sorry. I didn't mean to yell." I said begging for him to do what he was doing before. But he just ignored me. He's such a jerk.

"But you knew I was trying." He said. Still looking the opposite way.

"No I didn't. Im sorry." I said. He still hasn't looked at me. Then he GOT UP AND LEFT THE ROOM!

I was crying. I knew this would happen; nothing is good in my life. Then he looked back and saw that I wasn't thinking what he was thinking! He thought I knew he was jokingly playing with her!

"O TERR BERR. It was a joke, im not mad at- BAM" I slapped his face SO hard.

"I can't believe you were faking that Chad that hurt me." Then I started to 'fake' cry. Then I thought,

"Pay back…" then he came up behind me and put his arms around my waist I put my hands over his arms and leaned my head back up agents his shoulders.

"Ill say something sweet this time okay?" he said, remembering what I said earlier today.

"Try me..." I said wantingly.

"Ill do my best sweetheart…" then he just hugged me. I was wondering if he was going to say anything at all until I FINALLY GOT IT! He was being sweet by his actions. So I was trying to stay as still as I could so I could get every action he did and put the words together in my mind.

Then, he turned me around and kissed me lightly and turned me back around so he couldn't see my face. Then I thought Heck with it!And I turned myself back around and kissed him. He was enjoying himself, I knew it. Then e broke our kiss apart and turned me around AGAIN! But this time, he started to kiss the back of my ear. Man, I was enjoying myself a little too much! This night was going to be one heck of a long one. And I can't wait.