Separated twins

Chapter 1

Harry potter and his brother Desmond Potter were unbreakable, they played together slept together, they done everything together even finished each others sentences. They were twins and they were identical right down to there very hair roots. Only one difference was that one was told he was going to be great and save the wizarding world, the other was just a normal child. They grew up happy, there father James never got one child without buying the other something, there mother treated them the same.

Severus Snape was never a loyal death eater, and thus the dark lord did not get the prophecy. Harry accidentally when he was a month old, burnt Pettigrew, they thought it was Desmond. He didn't like Peter's aura it scared him, burning him caused him to drop Desmond and he floated thanks to Harry. Again no one realised it was Harry who saved his brother. So he didn't get the liberty of knowing the prophecy.

The prophecy was for told on Harry and Desmond's first birthday, there were three people actually Neville Longbottom was there. Frank and Alice were both friends of the Potter, as well as many others including Amos Diggory with his son Cedric Diggory. Harry and Desmond as usual were inseparable, they blew there candles out at the same time, opened their presents at the same time and spoke at the same time. They had many friends, they were very popular.

When they were seven years old, their parents and Dumbledore had done something unforgivable. Harry and Desmond would remember the conversation they had sneaked into forever.


Flash Back


"Albus can we help you?" asked Lily as she started to get the coffee on, Harry and Desmond snuck behind the knight that was in the corridor near where the adults were talking. James took his seat, James thought of Dumbledore as a father since his own died at the hands of Voldemort as well as his mother. Lily's mother and father both died in a muggle car crash.

"Not good news I'm afraid" said Dumbledore looking more his Hundred and fifty years old, he had saw how close the boy's were becoming and he needed to do something. Before they began thinking for themselves, two of them together could be a formidable team.

"What's wrong, are you ok? We will do what we can to help" said James, Voldemort was scaring the wizarding community but it is not really that bad, a few Aurors had nearly killed him when James and Lily were back in school. He had needed a long time to get better, and every day he does, Severus Snape is the deputy headmaster, McGonagall wanted to be able to spent time with her family.

"Desmond will have to start training for his fight with Voldemort otherwise he will not survive, you know that the prophecy said Lily James, we really need to start training him" said Dumbledore his sparkle no longer in his eyes. He needed James and Lily to see how serious he was and he knew if they saw it they would know he was serious.

"Very well headmaster I will start training him, as well as James we will train them both, Harry will most likely be at his brothers side" said Lily with a smile she loved her children equally even though she was more proud of Desmond.

From there hiding spot Harry and Desmond smirked, they were brought up like Gryffindor's yet acted like Slytherins. One thing for sure they would have ended up in Slytherin together if not for what happened next.

"I'm afraid Harry can't, he would get jealous of his brother and the fame he would bring, he would either hurt his brother or get him killed in the final battle if he was there" said Dumbledore, almost believing himself what he was saying, he needed the boy to depend on his parents and him, not his brother and that was exactly what they were doing, depending on each other.

"Albus, Harry would never hurt his twin, I've watched them their whole life" said James sounding positive, Lily nodded her head in agreement, Dumbledore felt rage coming on so he said bitingly, "And you knew Peter, a lot longer than eight years and you didn't know what was staring you in the face, remember my boy, jealousy can do lots of things to a person, and even turn them against the ones they love." Said Dumbledore looking regretful at just having said that, but on the inside he was smirking.

"Well you do have a point there" said James miserably; Harry and Desmond hugged each other from behind the knight never wanting to let each other go. And just hoping there parents would never agree to what Dumbledore was telling them to do.

"Who could Harry live with? What about the Longbottom's he won't disturb Desmond then" said Lily Softly she would rather split her boys up now than have them get jealous of each other. Trying to think of places they could let their Harry be brought up in.

"I have a place for Harry, if you don't know where is it would be much safer in case you get caught not that he is important it is just a suggestion" said Dumbledore he was going to put the child in an orphanage. Then tell them the brat ran away from the house he had put him in. he would not let the brat interfere with his plans. He needed Desmond Potter to come to him, and listen to him, so he could mould and manipulate Desmond into a killer.

"As long as he is happy and safe I'm good" said James, Lily closed her eyes and nodded her head too, telling Dumbledore that he had her and his permission to take there son, as soon as she did they heard 'BANG' as the knight fell away leaving them looking at two angry shocked betrayed seven year olds. Harry especially, who was looking at his parents like they were aliens, feeling like he was watching muggle TV MY parents are aliens. He could not believe that his parents had agreed to him getting him sent away.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO you're not taking my brother away from me!" yelled Desmond, he would not allow that, there was no way; he loved his brother more than life itself. Desmond covered Harry's body with his them both being the same size it was no problem.

"He has to" said James sadly, his heart clenched when he saw the hurt in Harry's eyes. If he stayed there any longer he would die of shame at the look of betrayal in his son's eye, his flesh of blood and he was giving him away like he was nothing.

"Nooo" yelled Desmond backing away from them, Harry walking backwards with him; he had never seen his brother like this before. They had both tears running down there face, they could not bear with the fact that they were getting separated.

They could not get out; they were only eight years old, and not meant to know magic. Although Desmond and Harry could, they never told anyone, not even there parents knew. Together they both could do wandless magic. They would be more powerful than the Dark Lord and Dumbledore, and they were going to end up hating both men.