Into the Blue
Book 1: Way of the Warriors

Chapter 1 – Road of Rebellion.

DISCLAIMER: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, and Harry Potter to J.K. Rowling. I don't own anything…

RATING: PG-13 (T) to R (M) - violence, language, angst, horror, possible mild sexual interactions, etc. If you can watch BTVS/AtS and read HP, I doubt you'll have any problem with this story.

TIMELINE: AU. The fifth and final instalment of the OOTB-series. Takes place during the Order of the Phoenix and begins where Come What May (part 4) left off. Includes spoilers for Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows.

SUMMARY: BTVS/HP crossover. With Voldemort's return, and the Ministry's refusal to see it, things are more chaotic than usual. Not even Hogwarts is safe anymore, something Harry and the rest of the trio, along with Sarah, who is to start her first year, is about to experience first hand. Remus and Buffy face problems of their own, at the same time as they must try and save Sirius…from himself. United they'll stand, divided they'll fall – but as the Wizarding World descend into darkness, will the light side conquer or crumble?

PAIRINGS: Buffy/Remus, hints of others.

Special Thanks to: My Beta - CharmedChick

"See anything?" Buffy mumbled, giving Remus, who was flying beside her a glance out of the corner of her eye.

"No," Remus answered absently, his eyes flickering back and forth between the ground far below, and the clear air around them, looking for attackers. "It's...quiet. Too quiet."

"Do you expect something to happen?"

Remus shrugged slightly. "I don't see how the Death Eaters could have found out we are planning on getting Harry today...but you never know. Be on your guard. I don't like this."

Buffy nodded. She knew what Remus meant by it being too quiet, the only noise the swishing of broomsticks. The sky was clear, they were all flying unprotected through London; they were vulnerable. Not to mention, if anyone saw them, it would only be a matter of time before Voldemort and the Death Eaters figured out what they were doing. She shuddered slightly, silently praying everything would be going smoothly. But with her luck, that was probably not going to be the case...

"Higher!" Mad-Eye Moody's voice yelled. "We're too close to the ground!"

Buffy and Remus glanced quickly at each other, and then down. If Mad-Eye thought this height was too close to the ground, they wondered what he thought was high enough. Still, they obeyed, rising in the air, small speckles on the dark night-sky.

Suddenly, a red curse appeared out of nowhere, and Remus cursed as he ducked. "We're under attack!" He yelled, swiveling his broom away from Buffy. "Spread out!"

The formation was broken, as all the flyers obeyed Remus command, knowing that they made an easier target together. Buffy grabbed her wand, her eyes traveling over the sky, trying to pinpoint the location from where the curse had come, wondering how the Death Eaters had known...

A blue curse almost hit the Slayer in the face, and Buffy almost lost her grip on her broom. "Where do the curses come from?" She yelled. "I don't see anybody!"

Remus eyes narrowed, and he got an idea. He pointed his wand in the direction he thought the curse had come from, while narrowing avoiding another. "ACCIO INVISIBILITY CLOAK!"

Remus heard a noise, and then, a cloak flew into his hands and a Death Eater was revealed, eyes widened in surprise.

"STUPEFY!" Tonks yelled, shooting of the curse at the Death Eater, who stiffened, and then fell of his broom, towards the ground far, far below.

"Good idea, Lupin!" Shacklebolt rumbled, and soon 'accios' were yelled everywhere, but apparently, Remus had had a stroke of luck, for no other invisibility cloaks flew off anywhere. But still the curses kept coming.

Sturgis Podmore yelped as he suddenly found himself on fire. "Aguamenti!" Dedalus Diggle spoke up, soaking Sturgis quickly before any damage had been done.

"FINITE!" Buffy yelled, pointing his wand from the direction of the curse, and the air rippled, revealing another Death Eater.

"They're under invisibility charms!" Elphias Doge yelled, triumphantly shooting a body-bind curse at the Death Eater closest to him.

The air was filled with yelled 'Finites' in order to end the hiding spells on the Death Eaters, and soon, Death Eaters were revealed. However, now when the Death Eaters were no longer hidden, they saw no need to be careful in order to avoid the detection, and the air was filled with curses.

"They are more than us!" Emmeline Vance said, barely managing to stay on her broom as a curse hit it, sending her into a wild spin across the sky.

Buffy was looking around wildly, finally catching sight of her husband several feet away, blocking curses sent from two Death Eaters. "REM!" She yelled, flying closer and joining him. "This cannot continue," she panted, now flying back to back with Remus. "While we're busy here, Death Eaters may already be at Privet Drive. We can't afford being held up."

Without looking at her, Remus said; "I agree. We need to sneak out of here. The rest can hold these guys off." He smiled grimly as his stupefy hit one of the Death Eaters, sending him pummeling to his death.

The Death Eaters companion let out a yell and dived after him. "Amycus!"

"Come on," Remus said, flying higher and higher, the air growing colder around them. Buffy flew up beside him. "I knew sending such a large group was a bad idea," she said. "The more aware of the mission, the bigger chance it is compromised."

"I agree," Remus said, trying to ignore the yelled curses and hexes coming from the flying battle that were taking place behind them. "But since when do people listen to us?" He added wryly.

"Hmm...let's see...since never," Buffy joked, the couple flying peacefully side by side, and she felt herself relax. She and Remus were flying another way than decided, now when they had left their companions - and orders - and so she felt rather certain they wouldn't be ambushed again.

"Dumbledore won't be happy," Remus said quietly.

"Harry is our priority," Buffy said. "As long as he's alright...what does it matter if we break some rules? We can't be certain the others back there made it," she added, sighing. "Who knows what difference we'd do if we'd stayed? Maybe we'd all be killed and then Harry would be sitting duck. At least this way, we can be sure he will be fine."

Remus nodded, the two directing their brooms towards the ground as one. "I see it," he said. "Number four Privet Drive."

"The cleanest place in the verse," Buffy joked. Remus snickered. "I don't see the Dursley's car," he noted. "They must have fallen for Tonks' trick."

"I'm not surprised," Buffy said dryly. "The Dursley's aren't the smartest crayons in the box."

"But the greediest," Remus added with a smile. "Come on."

They stopped when they were hovering in the same height as the second floor, and the two slowly flew past the walls, peeking inside windows, hoping to get a sight of Harry. "I see him!" Buffy whispered excitedly, and she lifted her hand to knock on the window belonging to the smallest bedroom - only to have it fly open with a wand pointing at her face.

"Hey, Harry!" She said breathlessly, not in the least fazed by the sudden move from the Boy-Who-Lived. "You alright?"

Harry gave her a guarded look and then his eyes glanced to the left where Remus now appeared from around the corner.

"How do I know you're you?" He asked suspiciously. Buffy and Remus glanced at each other.

"How do we know you're you?" Buffy countered.

Remus elbowed her. "Harry," he said. "In your third year I taught you how to produce a Patronus. What form does it take?"

Harry relaxed. "A stag," he said.

"Excellent," Buffy said, pushing the window open wider. De-mounting her broom, she jumped inside Harry's room, landing with a small thunk on the floor. "And now when we have made certain you're you and we are we, we need to get out of here."

Harry blinked. "Oh. Why?"

From outside, Remus grabbed hold of Buffy's broom so it wouldn't soar away, his eyes flickering across the grounds and air, checking so there were no Death Eaters in sight. "Are you saying you don't want to leave?" He asked mildly.

Harry shrugged, looking down at the floor. "To be perfectly honest, I thought you'd forgotten all about me," he said bitterly.

Buffy, who was waving her wand in a long, sweeping movement over the floor, making stuff soar into Harry's trunk in quick succession, snorted. "Yeah. We would have come earlier, but of course, this 'small rescue mission' had to be turned into a huge party instead."

"Huh?" Harry said, not comprehending.

"We wanted to come earlier," Remus explained. "Just Buffy and I, but Dumbledore insisted it would be safer if there were more of us."

Harry looked around in bewilderment, as if he expected wizards and witches to reveal themselves. When nothing happened, he spoke: "But I don't see anyone else..."

"One thing you should learn, is that many people attract attention," Buffy said, closing the trunk with a slight bang. "By using a bigger group, Dumbledore made sure we would be detected. The bigger the group, the bigger chance of a leak. The rest of us are fighting off an ambush in the air. We sneaked of in order to get you - it's only a matter of time before Death Eaters show up here as well."

"You mean you left them?" Harry asked, dumbfounded, staring at his Godmother who was shrinking Harry's trunk and Hedwig's cage, placing them in her pocket. The owl herself was out hunting.

"Yes," Remus said, glancing inside. "You are the mission here, Harry, the priority. The only thing that matters. Are you ready?"

Harry shrugged, watching as Buffy climbed out of the window, remounting her broom. "You're lucky the Dursley's aren't here," he said, climbing out of the window, straddling his Firebolt which was now hovering below the window sill.

Buffy snickered. "It's thanks to us - the Order - that they left."

"The what?" Harry asked.

"Not here. We'll explain everything later," Remus assured him, then he groaned as a car drove up onto the driveway. "The Dursleys are back."

"Already?" Buffy asked.

"We were held up," Remus said, glancing at his watch. "If things had gone as we wanted it to, we would have been away from here long ago. Let's go."

"Wait!" Buffy hissed, directing her broom towards the parking lot. "I want to have a word with them."

"We don't have time!" Remus hissed. "The Death Eaters - "

" - We're inside the wards," Buffy interrupted nonchalantly. "The Death Eaters can't come here."

"But we're giving them time to come," Remus argued, but nonetheless followed Buffy's descent, Harry flying beside him.

The Dursleys, having just stepped out of the car, stared at the three brooms coming soaring towards them, gawking.

"What is the meaning of this?" Vernon bellowed.

"Shh!" Petunia hissed. "You're waking the entire neighborhood!" Her eyes were darting around nervously.

"Hello," Buffy said pleasantly. "I just wanted you to know we're taking Harry away. He won't be coming back."

Harry felt his heart soar.

"He won't - " Vernon blustered. "Now see here! We get paid to have the boy stay until he's of age - "

"You get paid to have me here?" Harry asked incredulously, his eyes almost buldging out of his head. "By whom?"

"Some old coot," Vernon said, then turned back to Buffy. "Nothing makes me happier than the boy being out of our hair. He's only trouble. But we've wasted a lot of time and money on the brat and we were promised money for sixteen years of care. We've only gotten it for fourteen! You're not leaving until I have what I was promised!"

Harry was staring at his uncle and Buffy with wide eyes, jaw dropping. The Dursley's had been paid for taking him in? Dumbledore had bribed them? It hurt. While he knew the Dursley's had no love for him, he still had thought they 'put up with him' because somewhere, deep down, they cared. It seemed he had been mistaken. Terribly mistaken.

" - I'm his Godmother," Buffy interrupted. "And I don't care. I've never promised you anything, so forget it," Buffy said, staring Vernon into the eyes. "If you've got complaints, I suggest you take it up with the 'old coot.'" Buffy was furious. At the Dursley's, at Dumbledore... She did her best to keep her temper in check though. "And I also suggest you leave the country. When Harry leaves here, the wards will fall and you will be in danger."

"I will not take orders from a silly wench like you!" Vernon yelled, ignoring Petunia who was pulling at his arm, trying to get his attention.

Buffy's eyes blazed. "Well, I suggest you do," she said coldly. "Or you will be dead by the end of the night. Come on, Harry."

She remounted her broom, ignoring Vernon's yells to stop. She wanted to kick the man - pig - where the sun didn't shine, but she also knew there was no time.

"They never cared," Harry said miserably as he, Buffy and Remus ascended. "I thought they cared...a little, at least."

Remus gave him a sympathetic glance, the ground below becoming smaller and smaller. "Neither Buffy or I knew about this Harry. Trust me, Dumbledore will find out exactly how we feel about his...meddling." The werewolf felt betrayed. He'd always trusted Dumbledore, with his entire heart and soul, ever since he was accepted into Hogwarts. But since then, that trust had wavered, the first time when he'd insisted Buffy was sent home, and then many times after when he'd heard of all the 'adventures' Harry had experienced at Hogwarts during his first four years... and now, once again, it had been broken. "He won't be happy about our stunt though. He had obviously intended for Harry to stay during his entire Hogwarts education."

"And I don't care," Buffy said. "He's not Harry's guardian, and Harry's supposedly guardians only care about money; they don't give a damn about Harry. Dumbledore's not the one who has to live with them." She smiled at Harry. "I will try to get custody of you," she said softly. "I'm your Godmother. Sirius is your Godfather, but since he's an escaped criminal..." she sighed. "Not sure if I'll manage though. The Ministry doesn't trust me. There are no records of me that will fool them if they check closely; Fudge dislikes me since I freed Buckbeak; not to mention being friends with the 'notorious' Sirius Black, and marrying and having children with a known werewolf."

"It's nice of you to try, though," Harry said, smiling slightly.

"Yeah, I suppose," Buffy said tiredly, then she brightened. "Maybe we can get emancipated!"

"I doubt it," Remus said. "The Ministry - nor Dumbledore - would never allow the Boy-Who-Lived free reign. It would put away the little control they have."

"Oh, well," Buffy shrugged. "Things will work out. Perhaps we can manage somehow through the less legal channels." Her eyes were twinkling.

"Illegally?" Harry repeated incredulously, both horrified, and a little amused and delighted at the steps Buffy and Remus seemed to be willing to take for him.

Remus grinned. "Some rule are made to be broken," he said. "A little rebellion has never hurt anybody."

"Yep," Buffy agreed, nodding furiously. "The road of rebellion is how Summers, Lupins, Potters and Blacks do it. The only way of the warriors that's fun to travel, and actually gets results. It's always been that way."

Harry laughed, then the chuckle died on his lips. "Where are we going?" He asked curiously. "This is not the way to the Burrow, is it?"

"Oh, we're not going to the Burrow," Remus said mysteriously.

"Then where?"

"Youll see," Buffy said, winking at the messy-haired boy.

"What were you thinking?" Dumbledore said, eyes stormy, not a twinkle in sight.

Buffy watched Harry escape up the stairs to Grimmauld place along with Sirius - who had been anxiously waiting in the Hall for any word Remus and Buffy were alright, having been terribly worried when the rest of the guard arrived without them - out of the corner of her eyes, and then turned to look at the Headmaster with defiance.

"We were thinking of Harry, actually. Your plan sucked."

"You had no right to abandon it," Dumbledore said furiously. "Everything was under control - the Death Eaters were defeated."

"And Emmeline Vance is at St Mungos," Buffy countered coldly. "Hestia lost her left hand. How is that 'having it under control?' Please, explain it to me."

"But if you had stayed, maybe it would have been prevented. And Hestia's hand is being re-attached as we speak," Dumbledore said, actually hissing.

"Our mission was to retrieve Harry! And we did! To be honest, I don't see what the fuss is about," Remus said.

"He was safe behind the wards. He could have waited," Dumbledore told the werewolf, suddenly looking tired.

"Yeah, of course, I forgot. As long as the Boy-Who-Lived isn't in the way of things, why care at all?" Buffy said sarcastically. "I mean, it's not like it matters his relatives hate him and only put up with him because they're being bribed."

Dumbledore's head flew up. "How did you know about that?"

"Vernon was more than happy to spill the beans once we informed him Harry wouldn't be coming back," Buffy said. "He was quite upset he'll miss out on two years worth of payment."

"You had no right!" Dumbledore thundered. "The blood protection - "

" - You had no right either, Dumbledore!" Buffy shouted. "And I don't give a damn about the blood protection! He's just as safe here, under the Fidelius! And here, he won't risk being damaged, emotionally and maybe even physically, from within, by people who are supposed to care about him!"

"It was not your decision to make," Dumbledore said, voice low and yet carrying over the whole house.

"Nor was it yours," Remus said.

"The Dursley's will be in danger - "

" - We told them to leave," Buffy interrupted. "If they don't, it's not our fault."

Dumbledore suddenly looked tired. "We can't be certain the Fidelius will hold."

"You are the Secret Keeper!"

"It is still not as safe as the blood protection. You have no idea how much more complicated you have made our situation, Miss Summers."

"Mrs Lupin," Buffy automatically corrected. "And since when are we on last name basis?"

"Since you took it upon yourself to knowingly disobey my orders," Dumbledore said. "I am not sure I can trust you anymore." He gave Remus and Buffy a long, tired look.

"Right back at you," Buffy said, staring back.

The room fell under a heavy silence, the only noise coming from Buffy, Remus and the Headmaster's breathing. None of them made a move.

Then, after several seconds of awkward quiet, Remus and Buffy left, walking up the stair, presumably to join Harry and Sirius, leaving Dumbledore alone in the Hall, feeling older more tired than ever.

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