7 years after Raz is declared dead, a boy named Demetri finds himself dreaming Raz's memories. The mystery of Raz's disappearance may not be what it seems. Regardless, Raz is desperately needed to overthrow the corrupt new Grand Head.

Is it true? Is Raz truly dead, or will he somehow rise to the challenge?

Sasha behind bars? Some former campers are fugitives? Old friends turned against one another? What the hell could I be up to this time?

Hey, everybody! Lyre-19 here again!

I know I should be working on Loyalties and Where They Lie, but I've contracted writers block (what a time to get it too! Psychonauts Fanfiction Grammies start up and NOW I start getting writer's block!) and this just came to me and wouldn't go away! So, I started writing to try to clear up my writers block, and my ideas just kept growing and growing and growing, so now I've got a full plotline in my head for this, and thus a new fic is born…although I've still got writers block for Loyalties and Where They Lie (…)

So…erm…here's what I've got so far of my new ficcy thingie…I hope you like it.

Oh, yeah, a couple of warnings here; there's a strong possibility that there will be a few slash pairings in here (very mild action, kissing at most).

Definite Pairings: Sasha/Milla, Raz/Lili, Quentin/Phoebe, Bobby/Chloe, Nils/Elka, Clem/Crystal

Possible-Maybe-I-Don't-Know-GAAAH-PLEASE-DON'T-HURT-ME Pairings: Vernon/Elton, Mikhail/Maloof, Jt/Chops…maybe FredxBoyd? (hey, at least they're cannon couples)(Not that FluffleNeChakra's noncannon couples in her fic Love Works in Weird Ways don't ROCK MY SOX! The girl has some serious skillz!)(Yes, I have a terrible case of Fluffle-envy XD)

But seriously, I'm really struggling about whether or not I should attempt writing slash pairings…if anyone has an opinion they'd like to share, I'd love to hear it.

Just please, no flames. Constructive criticism, however, is welcomed.

Let the games begin!

Chapter One

It was a busy morning in the marketplace. Demetri walked slowly up and down the rows of the fruit vender's stall, examining the produce carefully. He paused when he found a small stack of papers. He frowned when he read the headline and sighed. The fruit vendor snorted.

He was a tall, burly man with a dark mustache and short black hair that was combed neatly to one side. He dried his hands on his green apron and set the box of apples that he had just finished rinsing on one of the tables. The vendor's name was monsieur Hale. He was a regular helper at the orphanage about a mile away; the same orphanage that Demetri lived in.

"Terrible, is it not?" Hale asked in a thick French accent, gesturing to the paper. Demetri sighed and nodded.

"I'll say." Demetri said.

"I do not like zat Lerio man at all. 'E plays dirty. 'E is calling for so many 'orrible new laws! Did you 'ear that 'e is pushing for a new law zat would basically mean zat psychic children would be taken from zer parents and raised by ze government?" Hale asked.

"Oui. It is 'orrible." Demetri spat. "Did you see ze newscast the ozer day? Psychic children everywhere are living in fear zat Lerio will steal zem from zer mozers in ze night. Zer vas zis darling little girl zat zey interviewed. She was four years old; zis adorable little Spanish girl with ze cute black curls and ze dark eyes…she tells ze newscaster zat she 'as nightmares about being taken from 'er mozer! Bless 'er little 'art!"

Hale nodded, holding a hand over his heart.

"Zey say zat it is for ze good of ze world. Zey say it is to reduce crime rates in psychics." Demetri said, rolling his eyes.

"'Elp? Zey cal zat 'elping? Zat is not 'elping! Zat is kidnapping, damn it!" Hale cried. Demetri fidgeted nervously.

"I must admit, I am a little anxious myself." Demetri said. Hale patted Demetri's shoulder lightly.

"Remember, whatever 'appens; always, ze Lord will be with you, and 'e will not abandon you. 'E will watch over you, guide you, and protect you, just as 'e will do for all of 'is children." Hale said. Demetri nodded, a slight relief coming over him.

"Besides, no one knows 'ow old you are anyway. Zer is no way to prove it. Ze law would affect everyone under ze age of 18, and no one knows your true age." Hale said.

"Oui…but zat could work in the opposite way as well. Zer is no way to prove that I'm older than 18, so I may be taken anyway." Demetri said.

"Let us not dwell on such dark sings. Ze law 'as not yet been passed." Hale said. He sighed and put a hand over his heart again.

"I wish zat monsieur Zanotto was still in office. 'E would not stand for such nonsense." Hale said. Demetri nodded.

"Oui, oui, my friend. It is a shame that he lost ze election." Demetri said. The vendor snorted.

"Oui. Zat is because Lerio plays dirty! 'E ran smear campaigns against ze honorable and respectable monsieur Zanotto! 'E is a 'orrible man, that Lerio! Somesing is very wrong with 'im winning ze elections. I say 'e is some'ow cheating." Hale said. Demetri nodded.

"Oui, I would not be surprised." Demetri said. He sighed and started putting some red apples into a bag.

"In any case, I figure zat eventually one of two sings will 'appen; 'e will be impeached, or zer will be a massive collapse of ze workings of ze government and we will fall into a world wide depression, just like back during ze world wars." Demetri said, placing the bag of apples on the scale. He reached over and started looking at the bunches of bananas.

"Both very good predictions, my friend." Hale said. He growled softly.

"With the way sings are looking, so many agents 'ave already quit the Psychonauts, and Lerio 'as just officially entered office. In ze first month, already 'undreds of agents 'ave quit; and many of zem were ze best zat ze agency 'ad to offer. After zat German agent was arrested for attempting to stage a coup last week, even more agents 'ave quit. Frankly, I wish the coup 'ad been successful." Said Hale.

"My feelings exactly." Said Demetri.

"Well, such is life." Hale sighed. "Would you like anysing else?"

"Oui. Are zer any more of your wife's wonderful spiced pears zis late in ze season?" Demetri asked. The fruit vendor let out a hearty laugh and patted Demetri on the back. He leaned over and put three jars on the table.

"'Ere. Ze last three jars. Zey are all yours." Hale said.

"Sank you. How much?" Asked Demetri. Hale waved his hands.

"No, no, no. For ze children, I give zem to you no charge. Call it a donation, since I 'ave not been able to afford to put much in ze offering plate as of late." Hale said. Demetri started to protest, but the vendor stopped him.

"No, I insist. It is no trouble. I 'ave plenty of fruit to spare. Take zat back to ze 'ome and give dear Anita my love." Hale said.

"Sank you, Monsieur Hale. I will pass on ze message." Demetri said.

"'Ave a safe trip home, Demetri. I will see you on Sunday." Hale said, shaking Demetri's hand.

"Oui! Ze ozer children look forward to 'aving you and your lovely wife over. Zey enjoy playing with your children and singing with your lovely wife and your 'elp around ze 'ome is always appreciated." Demetri said. Hale chuckled.

"Oui, ze good lord 'as blessed me with a beautiful family; zough I'm afraid zat my lovely wife will not be singing zis week." Hale said.

"Really? Why not?" Demetri asked. Hale winced and pointed to his throat.

"Ze strep throat is going around. I love 'er, but right now, she sounds like a screeching old hag, ze poor thing." Hale chuckled.

"Oh, do give 'er my regards. I 'ope she gets well soon." Demetri said.

"Sank you, Demetri." Hale said. "May ze lord watch over you and bless you."

Demetri shook hands with Hale once more and said his goodbyes before setting off back toward the orphanage. He walked faster then normal, as he was eager to get out of the cold and sit down by the fire with a nice, hot cup of Antia's famous hot chocolate.

Demetri smiled at the thought of her soft blue eyes glittering warmly as she greeted him as usual. Her long, wavy, dark brown hair fell to her waist and a cute, but modest dress adorned her petite form.

Demetri shared no stronger bond than the one he had with Anita. After all, she had saved his life. Demetri himself knew nothing of his life before Anita found him. Demetri had been a young boy, probably only a preteen when Anita found him lying in the street near death one cold winter night and brought him back to the orphanage. She and the other caretakers nursed him back to health and searched high and low for clues to Demetri's true identity and origin. No one ever came forward with information, so, naturally, with the place being an orphanage and all, the caretakers, Anita in particular, decided to take him in permanently.

Demetri never really minded that he was living in an orphanage. He rather liked it. He never had any desire to be adopted. There had been offers, but, the families had withdrawn them. He was perfectly happy at the orphanage. He never wondered what it might be like to have a mother and father when the caretakers provided the same love and attention. He never yearned for siblings, because the other children filled that position. The families that had tried to adopt him withdrew because it was obvious to them that the boy was spoken for. He already had a home and a family. The staff and fellow orphans of the orphanage were his family. Demetri belonged at the orphanage. That was his true home. He was happy there and already had a family that loved him. Then, of course, there was Anita.

Everyone guessed that Anita was about ten years older than Demetri. Since the day she found him, she took him under her wing. Immediately, Anita felt a strong bond between herself and Demetri. She was the one who had named him. She had been the most involved in helping to nurse him back to health. She was always there for him and kept a warm smile, a loving embrace, and a kind word handy at all times. She was like that with everyone…but things seemed different…stronger…between Anita and Demetri. Demetri was very special to Anita, and Anita was very special to Demetri. Anita was both a mother and an older sister to Demetri, and to Anita, Demetri was a little brother and a son. They loved each other very much. People at the orphanage joked about them a lot. After Demetri's first year there, it was obvious that he belonged in the orphanage with Anita. He was no longer up for adoption. The people at the orphanage laughed and joked that Anita and the rest of the staff had adopted him. Demetri belonged to them.

It was this love…the love he shared with Anita and everyone at the orphanage that helped Demetri deal with the darker thoughts that plagued his mind. No matter how joyful the time, they always lurked at the back of his mind. Where did he come from? Who was his family? What happened before Anita found him that got him so badly hurt? Demetri would wake up in a cold sweat from horrific nightmares involving people that he didn't know. Then, there were his powers.

It didn't take long for Demetri to realize that he had psychic powers. He had little success in training himself to employ them when he wanted and how he wanted, so he never purposely used them and very few people knew of them. Demetri had considered finding a place where someone could teach him to control his powers and how to summon them on command and how to get them to behave the way he wanted them to behave; but, to him, it was too far fetched.

Demetri didn't want to leave his home, he couldn't afford it, and, so far, a real need to hone his powers hadn't arisen, and he didn't foresee any need to hone them for future use. So, it wasn't high on his list of priorities. Right now, honing his powers was nothing but a simple thought of 'that would be nice'.

So, in short, Demetri was a simplistic, down to earth, and over all, a happy guy. He was kind to his fellow man and satisfied with his day to day life. He had his darker side, but hey, that's normal. Ignore the fact that he was a closet psychic and had no past, and Demetri was just another average Joe.

Well, he was for the seven years he'd been living with Anita in the orphanage right up until that particular day on which we've opened this story. The day he had gone out to the market to buy fruit, stopped to chat politics with Hale, and headed back to the orphanage just as he did every Thursday morning. On that particular day, the life Demetri knew was turned upside down. That day signaled the beginning of a series of events that would change the entire world.

"What happened to change Demetri?" You may be wondering. "And what change could occur in this boy that would change the world? Why is he so important? He wasn't even in the game! Damn you and your damned OC's, Lyre-19! So far, NONE of the characters in the game have been mentioned! This Demetri guy had better not be one of those damned god-mods who will save the day instead of Raz and win the girl and everyone will think he's just so damned awesome and sexy and everyone will love him and look up to him and admire him and Sasha and Milla will treat him like the son they never had and Raz will love him like a brother and shit. Holy shit! She's reading my mind! LYRE-19 MUST BE A PSYCHIC!...okay….not really scary now…kinda getting boring…and ANNOYING! KNOCK IT OFF, LYRE AND GET ON WITH THE FREAKING STORY, WILL YA?!"

Well don't get your panties in a knot! Jeez, you people are touchy! Okay…now…where was I? Oh, yes…Demetri…his importance…what happened to change him…

Well, we must rejoin Demetri on his walk home from the marketplace. There was a grocery bag full of fruit in his arms as he walked down the sidewalk. A light snow was falling, and Demetri was getting cold. He kept his mind occupied with thoughts of enjoying a mug of Anita's hot chocolate by the fireplace as he made the trek back to the orphanage.

He smiled as the orphanage came into view. Some of the children were in the front yard, all bundled up, laughing and carrying on as they played in the snow. Anita was with them. She got up from the spot where she was making snow angels with one of the little girls and helped one of the little boys put the head on his snowman. She jumped to one side to avoid a snowball thrown by one of the older boys and scooped up a handful of snow herself and flung a snowball back at him. Demetri found himself running the rest of the distance to the yard so he could join in on the fun. Anita smiled upon seeing him. She was out of breath from the fight, but her eyes danced as she laughed a breathless laugh and gave Demetri that beautiful, warm, loving, winning smile.

However, looks can be deceiving. As you of the male gender out there know, or will (hopefully) soon learn (it's an important piece of knowledge without which you stand little chance of surviving long and producing an heir), females can be quite deceptive creatures. One moment, they'll be smiling that smile at you that positively melts your heart, and the next, they'll whip out a gun and burry some lead between your eyes; but that same smile will still be on her face. We females can change our mood in a fraction of a second.

"DEMETRI! THINK FAST!" Anita cried, scooping up a handful of snow and hurling it at him.

Yeah, so, sometimes we women can just be playful and hit you with a snowball instead of a bullet. Just be thankful that we're in a good mood and don't do anything to wreck it. Remember how it could have gone and live every day like it's your last. If you have a girlfriend/wife/sister/female friend, it very well could be. Stay on your toes.

Lucky Demetri laughed and tried to scramble out of the snowball's path, but his luck turned bad fast. There was ice on the sidewalk and Demetri slipped. The bag of fruit in his arms kept him from using his arms to break his fall and Demetri hit the concrete fast and hard with a sickening crack. The fruit was dumped onto the ground. Pieces of it rolled into the street.

The laughter of the children ceased and their joy turned to worry. They all dashed over to check on Demetri. He was lying on his side, completely still on the concrete with a shocked expression.

"Oh my god! Demetri!?" Antia cried, kneeling next to the teen. Demetri grimaced and blinked. He rolled over so that he was lying on his back and gingerly brought his hand up to his head. A spatter of blood stained the sidewalk where Demetri's head had hit.

"Oh…uhn…" He muttered. He tried to push himself up into a sitting position. Deep crimson started running down his face. Anita put her hand behind his back to steady him.

"Demetri, are you alright?!" Anita asked anxiously. All the children were inquiring the same thing as they stood huddled worriedly around Demetri.

"Oui, everyone. I'm alright. I just 'ave a terrible 'eadache all of a sudden…" Demetri said, holding his head.

"Rene, go inside and fetch Jean and Dominic! Tell one of zem to call a doctor!" Anita said. One of the older girls nodded and ran inside.

"Doctor? It's just a headache, Anita. I'll just take some asprin and I'll be fine." Demetri said. Anita wiped some of the blood off of Demetri's face and showed him her bloody glove.

"What…" Demetri said. He swept his gloved hand across his cheek and it came away bloody.

"Demetri, you hit your 'ead just now, remember? I threw a snowball and you slipped trying to get away." Anita said, worried tears pricking her eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Demetri!" She said, hugging him tightly. The girl soon returned with a dark haired man following behind her. His name was Dominic and he was another one of the caretakers of the orphanage. He and the girl both ran over to where Demetri was lying on the sidewalk.

"Jean is calling ze doctor. Come. Let us get 'im inside." Dominic said. He and Anita hoisted Demetri to his feet.

"Aw…no…the fruit…" Demetri sighed, taking notice of the contents of the grocery bag spread out on the ground around him. Anita and Dominic looked at one another worriedly. Demetri's French accent was suddenly gone.

"It's alright, Demetri. We will go buy more in a little while." Dominic said. Demetri paused.

"Demetri…who is…wait…t-that's my name, isn't it?" Demetri asked. Everyone was staring worriedly at the teen.

"Come. Let us get 'im out of ze cold quickly. 'E may be going into shock." Dominic said. He secured his arm around Demetri's back and slid his other arm under Demetri's knees, hoisting the teen up into his arms. He quickly got Demetri inside and laid him on the couch beside the fire. Anita rushed into the kitchen and grabbed a first aid kit, a bowl of warm water, and a washcloth. Several of the children ran off. A ten year old boy returned with a pillow for Demetri. A few moments later, a four year old boy toddled in with his blankie. He laid it over Demetri.

"Zis is my blankie, but you can use it. My blankie is warm. It will make you feel better." He said. Dominic patted the boy on the head.

"Thank you, Stephen." Demetri said softly. Another four year old, this one a girl, scampered in with a stuffed dog and set it on Demetri's chest.

"Puppy?" Demetri asked weakly. The girl nodded.

"Puppy makes me feel better when I'm ascared. Ze doctor is a little scary. Puppy will keep you safe." The little girl said.

"Thank you, Elise. I'll take good care of Puppy." Demetri said.

"Alright, little ones, I need you all to wait in ze playroom so you're not in ze way of ze doctor." Dominic said, ushering the children out of the room. Anita sat down next to Demetri and pressed the damp washcloth over his forehead. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. She stroked his hair gently as his vision darkened and his eyes slid closed.

It felt like he had jumped into freezing cold water. His body went utterly rigid, his heart skipped a few beats and he couldn't breathe or move. He was floating in an endless void of black. Cold, wet hands snaked around his body and held him in place. Suddenly, a girl with big amber eyes was smiling and holding her face inches from his own. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a set of pigtails. She wore a brown and turquoise diamond-patterned vest with a pink skirt, pink socks that went up to her knees, a pair of black fingerless gloves, and black sneakers. Her smile was more of a sinister smirk, but a definite gleam of joy, laughter, and love danced just below the surface.

"When are you going to shut up and kiss me?" She asked. Before Demetri could even raise an eyebrow in confusion, the girl vanished and a short, stocky man took her place. He looked like the kind of person Demetri wanted to avoid. He wore a khaki drill instructor uniform will many decorations gleaming proudly from their place pinned to his shirt. His thick black mustache, glass eye, angry scowl, and multitude of scars, at first, made Demetri want to run away; but that feeling faded quickly. The man's scowl turned to a small smile. He pointed at Demetri.

"Get that soldier a bunk!" He said, his eyes shining with adoration. He, like the others, promptly vanished. An even shorter, stubby boy with pale blue skin took his place. The boy was wearing what appeared to be a hat made of aluminum foil atop his head along with a red jumpsuit with enormous red sneakers on his feet and a yellow bandanna around his neck. He looked a little timid, but smiled at Demetri none the less.

"Thanks Raz. Hey…this is fer helping me. M'kay…bye." He said before vanishing as well. He was replaced by two new figures. A tall, lanky boy and a petite girl. The boy had brown hair and big, buck teeth. He wore a yellow t-shirt and brown shorts. The girl had red-brown hair that she kept up in a high pony tail. She wore the same shirt as the boy along with a pink skirt. They had matching sweat bands around their foreheads and wrists. In perfect unison, the two smiled at Demetri and broke into a dance.

"Go Raz!" The boy cheered.

"We'll never give up on you, Raz!" The girl cried. They both vanished. A very tall young man in a straight jacket and an old admiral's hat stood before him now; trembling and haunched over like a frightened rabbit in front of a hungry dog. Suddenly, the straight jacket vanished. The man looked shocked for a moment, then straightened up. A clam took over him and the crazed look in his eyes vanished. He looked to Demetri with a gentle smiled.

"We won?! We won! We did it, Raz! Woo hoo!" He cried happily before vanishing. A large eyed boy with violet hair took their place. He wore a white sailor hat, a yellow t-shirt, and green jeans. He looked excited, but a little nervous.

"You have a water phobia? Me too!" He exclaimed. He disappeared and two girls appeared in his place. One was obviously of oriental decent. She wore a lot of makeup and her hair was a shade of deep plum. She wore a yellow shirt with a plad yellow and white kerchief around her neck along with a pair of shorts. The other had orange hair and wore a yellow turtleneck with brown jeans.

"You gotta pay the toll to pass." The oriental girl said.

"One arrowhead, please." The orange haired girl said. They too vanished and were replaced by a new figure. A plump, short man in a police uniform. He smiled kindly at Demetri.

"The milkman has completed his route." He said. His eyes said 'thank you'.

He vanished and was replaced by a small boy with brown curly hair. That along with the gold-brown shade of his skin hinted that he was probably of Italian decent. He wore a red and white striped shirt and a pair of red shorts. He was trembling slightly and was obviously on edge. His eyes darted around nervously.

A tall boy with sky blue skin and a huge, orange afro appeared beside him. The new figure had crooked teeth and wore a sports jersey with the sleeves ripped off and '00' printed across the front along with a pair of baggy, ripped jeans. The new figure crossed his arms and stared sinisterly at the smaller figure. The smaller figure jumped and let out a frightened squeak.

"BOBBY! AH!" He cried.

"You owe us for this week's protection service." The blue skinned figure said with a terrible lisp. A third figure materialized beside him. A purple skinned boy with enormous ears and brown hair. He grinned cruelly.

"Yeah, cough it up, Ma-loser, or you'll be coughing up bloody tears!" The purple skinned boy sneered. A fourth figure appeared beside the small, curly haired boy. He was tall and had on a big, red fur hat. The curly haired boy looked overjoyed to be in the new figure's presence.

"Bullies should pick on someone own size or larger. Preparing Nellson!" The boy in the red fur hat said in a thick Russian accent. The boy with the orange afro and the boy with the big ears were suddenly jerked into the air. Then, all four figures vanished.

A small, hunchbacked woman with messy white hair appeared. She was wearing a set of oven mitts on her hands and a polka dotted red dress. She was holding a little turtle.

"Oh! Thank you! Thank you so much! You saved Mr. Pokeylope!" She cried joyfully, hugging the little turtle.

"Now now, baby. Everythin's gonna be alright." The turtle said in a deep, low voice.

Two new figures appeared, replacing the woman and the turtle. Both were boys. They were facing each other will small smiles. One was a dark skinned boy with a green afro. The other was pale skinned and a little shorter than the other figure. He had on a cowboy outfit.

Before either could move, a girl appeared. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She kept her nose in the air as she latched onto the cowboy's arm.

"Come on, James. Come. On." She said coldly. The cowboy and the other boy stared at each other sadly, until a fourth figure appeared. A boy with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"You need an expert in Clairvoyance, whereas I'm merely an expert in the ladies." The blonde boy said in a suggestive tone. The blonde girl jerked away from the cowboy so fast that the cowboy landed flat on his butt. The girl ran over to the blonde boy and hugged him tightly. She and the blonde boy vanished as the cowboy got up. He dusted off his jeans and turned back to the dark skinned boy with a smile.

"Ah'll be right here patrolin' th' homestead with mah main man Chops ridin' shotgun." The cowboy said.

"I'll be here guarding the kid's cabins with my main man Jt riding shotgun." The dark skinned boy said. The two of them evaporated and were replaced by a large, purple skinned man with black hair and a beard and mustache. He was standling at an art easel, painting away happily. He stood back to admire his work.

"There! At last! She is fini! And I couldn't have done it without you." The man said. He disappeared, leaving his easel behind. A small, timid looking girl with short red-brown hair now stood at the easel drawing a picture of the indigo haired boy in the sailor hat that Demetri had seen moments before. When two new figures appeared, she gasped, blushed, and vanished, leaving her picture behind. A boy with orange hair wearing a scarf around his neck and a green skinned girl wearing a pair of headphones atop her head were now in front of Demetri.

"Levitators!" The boy said.

"Firestarters!" The girl argued. They too disappeared and were replaced by a boy in a green hat. Judging by his jet black hair and shade of deeply tanned skin, Demetri guessed him to be descended from the Philippines. He, at first, appeared not to notice Demetri. He was drawing little hearts around the picture that the girl with the reddish-brown hair left behind. The boy looked up at him and, with a sharp start, concealed the picture behind his back. A light blush rose to his cheeks.

"Um…later, Raz. I'm writing down my memoirs before we all die." He said in a deep, monotonous voice before disappearing like the others.

Now, a tall, whispy woman with wild red hair sticking up in all directions stood before him. She wore a dirty white gown with paint and various other medias of graffiti staining it.

"Perhaps it's time that I retire." She said sweetly before turning away from him. She vanished and a tall, thin, pale, haggard looking man with thinning red hair took his place. He was wearing a very old leotard. The colors were faded and it was ripped, torn, and frayed in more places than he could count. A multitude of mismatched patches seemed to be the only thing holding the leotard together. The man smiled lovingly at Demetri.

"Oh, my son…I could never hate you. I love you." He said. Demetri swallowed thickly.

"Daddy?" he asked meekly. Demetri jolted as the same hands that were restraining him sprung up to seize the man. The man let out a yelp of surprise as they grabbed him, and then he and the hands vanished.

A tall, dark skinned woman took his place. The woman wore a bright, colorful dress with white, knee high boots and white gloves. Her long hair flowed freely down to her waist and her large earrings were visible behind the curtain of hair. Her bright green eyes glittered with maternal love as she smiled down at him. She leaned over and planted a kiss on his forehead.

"So cute!" She giggled. A tall, pale man with short black hair appeared beside her. A pair of rectangular sunglasses concealed his eyes. The woman smiled warmly at him. She unconsciously shifted a little closer to him. She was very comfortable in his presence.

"Remember, Razputin. Your talents will always set you apart from the others." The man said, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

"Razputin?" Demetri asked softly. A sudden desperate fear washed over Demetri. The cold, wet hands wrapped themselves tighter around him. Something horrible was about to happen; Demetri knew it. But what? Demetri didn't know. All he knew was that it was bad and that he had to warn Sasha and Milla...whoever they may be….no…they were standing before him now…the man and the woman…

Two faces flashed briefly in front of Demetri's eyes, each accompanied by an insane, bone chilling, evil cackle. The first face was blue skinned. Two mismatched mechanical eyes gleamed down at him and a colorful floral printed shower cap was snuggly fitted onto his head. Demetri couldn't explain it, but he had always been wary of floral printed shower caps. Never before had they been so terrifying than that moment. The second face was pale with a broad forehead and dark, beady, clouded eyes. He had large, dry, cracked lips and messy cerulean blue hair sat atop his head.

As quickly as they had appeared, they vanished; their cackles echoing ominously through the air.

The hands moved up and covered Demetri's mouth. Demetri saw out of the corner of his eye that one of the hands was holding something just beside his head. He paled in horror. It was a gun. Suddenly, a loud bang resounded all around the dark void.

The man in the sunglasses let out a cry of pain. Vividly red blood splattered everywhere. Its color was so intense that it seemed to give off red light. The woman screamed as the man staggered backward, holding his side. Blood trickled rapidly from between his fingers and speckled the floor. Demetri struggled violently against the hands that restrained him. The hand over his mouth slipped away, unable to hold its place.

"NO! SASHA! NO!" Demetri cried. His panic surged as the man fell to his knees and coughed blood. The woman dropped down beside the man, trying desperately to find a way to help him.

The man was breathing heavily. He was quickly loosing consciousness. With a final, ragged intake of breath, the man slumped backward. The woman threw her arms under the man and caught him. He was pale, limp, and lifeless in her arms. She let out an anguished scream and held him to her chest. The same cold, wet hands that were restraining Demetri welled up from the ground and took the man from the woman's arms, dragging him under inky black water.

Cold terror raced through Demetri. It wasn't over yet. He heard the gun cock right next to his ear.

"NO! LOOK OUT!" Demetri yelled to the woman. She had barely looked up to face him before another gunshot rang out. More blood splattered the black void. The woman let out a cry of pain and her hand flew to her shoulder. Her white glove was quickly stained red. She looked up at Demetri with desperate fear. The cold, wet hands restraining him began to tighten again. A cold, wicked laugh sounded from behind Demetri.

"NOOOO!" The woman cried as Demetri was dragged back away from her. She didn't even seem to notice when the cold, wet hands snaked up around her and started to pull her under.

"RAZPUTIN!" She shrieked.

"MILLA!" Demetri screamed. He bolted awake in a cold sweat. He opened his eyes to find Anita hovering over him.

"Oh! Demetri! Sank god!" She cried, hugging him tightly.

"Anita? Where are Sasha and Milla?" Demetri asked.

"Where are who, now?" Anita asked.

"Sasha and Milla! What happened to them!?" Demetri asked.

"Demetri, 'oo are Sasha and Milla?" Anita asked. Demetri paused to think for a moment.

"I-I don't know…" Demetri stammered. He winced as he became aware of the pounding in his head. "W-what happened to me?"

"You 'it your 'ead, dearest." Anita said softly, staring at him anxiously.

"But how'd I get here?" Demetri asked.

"Dominic carried you." Anita said. Demetri took a slow, deep breath and ran his fingers through his auburn hair.

"Demetri, are you alright? You are talking very strangely…" Anita said.

"Am I?" Demetri asked. "'ow so?"

Anita stared at him for a moment.

"Never mind, turtledove. You sound normal again. It was probably just ze concussion…" Anita said.

"'ow was I talking strangely?" Demetri asked. Anita giggled softly.

"You sounded as zough you were from America for a while." Anita said. Demetri sighed.

"Antia, where DO you sink I came from?" Demetri asked. Anita sighed and wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

"I wish I knew, Demetri. I wish I could answer all ze questions about your past. I 'ate seeing you struggle with zem." Anita said softly.

"I 'ad anozer dream about ze 'ands coming up out of ze water…and zer were many people…ze same ones from my ozer dreams…I felt like I 'ad met zem before…I felt like I knew zem." Demetri said. Anita sighed again.

"My dear, sweet Demetri…I want to 'elp you so badly…" Anita said. She looked Demetri in the eyes.

"I 'ave been looking around…reading books, doing research…" Anita began. Demetri sighed.

"Anita, we cannot afford to see a specialist, and I don't need…" Demetri began. This time, Anita cut him off.

"Don't give me zat, Demetri. I know zat your greatest wish is to find out about your past. 'Oo in your position wouldn't want ze same?" Antia asked. "It bozers you zat you don't know. It will only get worse. We need to at least try somesing. We only 'ave one life to live, Demetri. We need to give it our all. Even if we never find out about your past, at least we would know zat we tried our 'ardest. We did our best and zat is all we could ever 'ope to do."

Demetri sighed yet again.

"What is it zat you 'ave in mind?" He asked. Anita smiled.

"It won't cost us anysing." Anita said. Demetri frowned.

"You're not suggesting what I sink you're suggesting…" Demetri said. Anita let out a frustrated sigh and grabbed Demetri's shoulders.

"Demetri, zere is a department zat will work with people 'oo can't afford ze service and need it. Zey can reduce ze cost greatly or even get ze 'elp for free depending on the case and 'ow much money in donations zey are receiving at ze time. You 'ave a real problem, Demetri! I truly sink zat zey will at least try to 'elp!" Anita said.

"Anita, in case you 'avent noticed, ze Psychonauts are not well liked people anymore. You 'ear every ozer day on ze news about protestors attacking people going in and out of ze facilities; psychic or non, agent or civilian! Communities 'ave shunned psychics more zan ever and treat zose 'oo associate with psychics just as badly! Why do you sink I 'ave just been ignoring my powers?! I fear zat if anti-psychic radicals zat run around here got wind zat I was a psychic, zey might 'urt you or one of ze ozer caretakers or, god forbid, one of ze children in an attempt to get to me! Even if zey don't know I'm psychic, if zey find out I've associated with ze Psychonauts, ze same sing could 'appen! Ze negative attention could deter people from coming 'ere! It could be ze factor zat decides wezer or not a child finds a 'ome! It is ze safety of my loved ones zat matters most! As long as I 'ave my loved ones and zey are safe, I can go on living wisout ze knowledge of my past! Sink of ze children!" Demetri said. Anita let out a frustrated growl.

"I know." She said softly. "But I 'ave already talked to someone about you and 'e was very kind! 'E was very interested in your case and very concerned. 'E sinks zat you could be provided a lot of 'elp! 'E says that 'e would 'elp you for free! 'E will pay to get you to his office and for a place for you to stay; and 'e said zat if 'e couldn't 'elp you, 'e would refer you to a top notch expert in ze Psychonauts and zat 'e would pay for it himself!" Anita said.

"You also know why I can't risk accepting zat 'elp right now." Demetri said. Anita sighed.

"I know." She said softly. "I am just so frustrated. Zer must be some way…"

Demetri's expression softened.

"I know zat you are only trying to 'elp. I really do appreciate it. I love you, Anita." Demetri said.

"I love you too, Demetri." Anita said, embracing the teen.

"Maybe someday I will know about my past; but right now, ze circumstances are against us." Demetri said. Anita nodded sadly.

"So…'ow is your 'ead?" Anita asked sheepishly.

"Empty as usual." Demetri said with a grin. Anita elbowed him playfully.

"Seriously, 'ow do you feel?" Anita asked, running her fingers through Demetri's hair.

"Seriously, my 'ead is pounding like Phoebe on 'er drums." Demetri said. Anita raised an eyebrow at him. Hell, Demetri raised an eyebrow at himself!

"'oo is Phoebe?" Anita asked.

"To be honest, I 'ave no idea. I don't know why I said zat…" Demetri said softly.

"Maybe you should try to get some more rest, Demetri. You 'ave 'ad a rough day. You'll feel better in ze morning." Anita said. Demetri nodded and sunk back against the pillows with a sigh. Anita kissed his forehead gently.

"Now, you are not to get out of bed, alright? Ze doctor ordered 24 hours of strict bedrest. 'E will come back tomorrow to check on you. If you need anysing at all, don't hesitate to call me, understand?" Anita asked.

"Yes, mozer." Demetri said sarcastically. Anita smiled and smoothed back his hair.

"Goodnight, Demetri. Sweet dreams." Anita said.

But Demetri did not have sweet dreams. He kept dreaming of the very same people he had dreamt of when he first hit his head; though he didn't tell anyone. Night after night, the dreams continued. Demetri was now keeping a secret log of them. He kept a description of each of the people in the dreams and what they did and said. Each dream was different. The people interacted in different combinations. It was because of that that Demetri was able to figure out the names of a few of them, such as the cowboy 'James' or JT as others called him. He was always seen with the boy with the dark skin and the green afro. Demetri figured out that his name was Chops and he was Canadian. The boy with the blue skin and orange afro was Bobby.

As the dreams continued, Demetri continued to add the new information into his log. He even made profiles with rough sketches of each of the people in his dreams.

One night, he had a particularly disturbing dream concerning the man in the square sunglasses and the woman in the colorful dress. In that dream, he discovered that the man in the sunglasses was named Sasha and the woman was Milla. It had been a very disturbing dream indeed.

Sasha crept carefully into the confines of the factory while Demetri and Milla watched, ready to spring into action. Demetri was in a panic. Sasha was in danger, Demetri knew it; but he didn't know what kind of danger! Before he could open his mouth to warn him, a loud bang echoed through the factory.

Demetri jolted as a gunshot rang out nearby and Sasha fell to his knees. His dark hair was tussled and his sunglasses were cracked and slipping down his nose. He was doubled over, holding his ribs. Demetri could see Sasha's eyes now. They were hazy and unfocused.

"SASHA!" Milla screamed, watching in horror as her partner started coughing blood. He was breathing heavily and struggling to stay upright and conscious. He looked up from the direction of the gunshot and fired a psiblast. A body toppled limply from the catwalks of the old factory and hit the ground with a sickening crack. Seconds later, Sasha slumped to the floor. Demetri was right behind Milla as she ran toward her wounded partner.

Suddenly, Demetri's vision flashed red and a sharp pain throbbed through his head. He was being restrained. He couldn't move at all. His captor held a strange smelling rag over his mouth and everything started to go fuzzy. Another gunshot rang out from right next to Demetri's ear and Milla let out a pained cry. She doubled over, holding her bleeding shoulder. A cruel laugh sounded from behind Demetri. Milla looked over toward him, paling in horror.

"We warned you psychics to stay out of our business! Let this be a lesson to you and all the other freaks like you; your devilry will not be tolerated in this town! The power of God is almighty! We don't need devil witchcraft to vanquish the demons who possess it! The power of god is with us! We will overcome the darkness in his holy name!" Demetri's captor shouted.

"We're not demons! We can't help having these powers! We were born with them!" Milla cried.

"Don't try to deceive me with your fake tears and pleading! God has opened my eyes to your trickery!" Demetri's captor spat. Demetri felt his captor binding his arms and legs.

"What are you doing with him!?" Milla cried, trying desperately to get up. The blood loss was too much for her and she fell back down beside Sasha. She tried to use her powers to pull Demetri away from his captor, but nothing happened.

"Wh-what?! I can't use my powers!" Milla gasped. Demetri's captor laughed.

"Try all you like, demon! A beautiful angel of God came down from heaven and told me that I was being chosen to act as a vessel to carry out God's will. She was a deity more beautiful than anyone could ever imagine with robes of white and gold, eyes the color of the perfect sky, and hair of silken gold. Her wings were snow white like a dove of peace, her skin held an ethereal glow, and a golden halo was perched atop her golden head." Demetri's captor said dreamily.

"She gifted me with a vial of holy water and instructed me to cleanse my bullets in it so that they would have to power to render your demon powers helpless!" Demetri's captor sneered. The captor hoisted Demetri up onto his shoulder roughly as though he were nothing but a sack of potatoes.

"Now, the holy water will course through you and, in the name of the Lord, it shall be as poison to your tainted flesh and you will be vanquished, foul demon!" Demetri's captor cackled. He turned and started out the door.

"NO! PLEASE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH HIM! LET HIM GO!" Milla cried. The captor stopped and turned to face Milla.

"I will take this stray lamb of God that is overcome by Satan's malice, and sacrifice him in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Only then can his soul and the soul of my brother, Evans, the man your fellow demon just slew, be relinquished from the hands of the devil and unto the love of God." The captor said. Milla gasped.


"He is the vessel of a demon! I must destroy the vessel and free his innocent soul from the demon's grips so that he may move on to the kingdom of God!" The captor said. He turned and dashed out the door. Demetri could hear Milla's anguished screams as she fought desperately to follow them.

"NOOOO! RAZPUTIN!" She screamed.

"MILLA! SASHA! NOOO!" Demetri screamed. He jolted awake for the umpteenth time in a cold sweat and gasping for breath. He ran his fingers through his hair.

"Razputin again…Raz…Razputin…" He muttered to himself. Tears were streaming down his face rapidly, and he couldn't stop them.

"Demetri, why are you yelling? Are you alright? What's wrong?" Anita asked as she ran into his room.

"I-it's nothing, Anita. J-just a bad dream." Demetri muttered. Anita shut the door behind her and locked it. She sat down on the bed next to Demetri and put a hand on his shoulder.

"What's going on, Demetri?" Anita asked worriedly. "You 'ave been acting strangely ever since you 'it your 'ead last month! You 'ave started talking strangely again and you 'avent been eating much and you always look tired and you seem so distant…"

Demetri's gaze shifted guiltily to the ground.

"Anita…I'm so sorry…I didn't even realize…I'm okay, really I am…I'm sorry I've been worrying you…it's just…" Demetri said, stumbling over his words. He forced himself to stop. He took a deep, cleansing breath and took a moment to compose himself. He was still trembling slightly. He looked up at Anita.

"I-I don't quite know how or where to begin…" Demetri said.

"Begin what, Demetri?" Anita asked. "Please, don't keep sings from me, Demetri. I love you. Zat will never change. You can tell me anysing. You can talk to me about anysing."

"I know, Anita…I love you too…I'm trying to tell you…but I just honestly don't know where to begin…" Demetri said.

"Don't sink about it. Just start talking." Anita suggested. Demetri nodded and took another deep breath.

"I think I'm starting to remember who I was before you found me." Demetri said. He explained to her about his dreams and showed her the diary.

"I'm pretty sure my name was Razputin. That's what everyone in my dreams calls me." Demetri said.

"Are you sure that they're not just dreams?" Anita asked.

"The dreams I've had…they're pretty elaborately detailed. They aren't exactly reoccurring, but the same people are in them every time. I dream about this father, and in the dreams, he calls me Razputin and treats me like his son! I'm with him in the circus tent and he and I are practicing together, and I can feel a father's love! I dream of four people who I know were in great distress and I know I helped them; and I can feel their gratitude toward me! I dream about these children in the picture here and I'm at some sort of summer camp. They call me 'Raz' and treat me like I'm one of the campers; and I know that I'm among friends! I dream about the girl with the amber eyes and long brown pigtails and she's teasing me, but I can sense something so much deeper between us! I see the man with the mustache and he's yelling orders and putting me through my paces, but when I'm with him, I can feel the pride he has toward me! When I'm with the woman in the bright colored dress and we're on our way out the door and she's telling me to get my coat, I know that she loves me like I was her own child! I'm with the man in the sunglasses and we're in his lab…he teaches me, and some of the exercises are scary; but I can feel that he feels that I am just one amazement after another and even if he doesn't say it, I know that we share a special connection. I dream about the old man and I'm in a cavern filled with machines; and when I'm with him, I can feel his fondness for me; and I know that I belong there!" Demetri said.

"With those other campers…with those four people who were so grateful toward me…with that man in his lab…with that woman in the colorful clothes…with the man on the obstacle course…with that amber eyed girl…with my father in the circus…in my dreams; when I'm there with them, I know it's where I belong." Demetri said softly, tears springing to his eyes. "When I'm there with them, I know I'm home."

Anita wiped a tear from her own cheek.

"Oh, Demetri…" She whispered, pulling him close.

"I-I mean, I love everyone here at the orphanage and this is my home too…but…I don't know! I'm so confused!" Demetri sobbed softly.

"I understand, Demetri." Anita said softly. She sniffed. "I knew zat I should 'ave been more forceful…I knew zat I should have made you see ze Psychonauts!"

"I-I'm sorry, Anita…so sorry…" Demetri sobbed.

"What for?" Anita asked.

"I don't know! I'm sorry…" Demetri cried. Anita held him to her chest and rubbed his back soothingly.

"Shhh…shhh…it's alright, turtledove. It's going to be okay." Anita soothed.

Once Demetri had calmed down, she held him at arms length.

"You see now what I meant when I said zat you needed 'elp? Zis fear and confusion and pain might 'ave been avoided." Anita asked softly. Demetri nodded.

"I guess I really do need help." Demetri said softly.

"Zey can still 'elp you, you know. Will you let me call ze office now?" Anita asked. Demetri nodded.

"Okay. Yes. Call them. I can't deny anymore that it wouldn't do me good." Demetri said. Anita smiled and kissed Demetri on the forehead.

"Sank you, Demetri." Anita said softly. She told Demetri to go take a hot shower to help him feel better and told him that he should try to go back to sleep. While Demetri was in the shower, Anita locked herself in her room. She sat down on her bed and opened the drawer of her nightstand. She rummaged around in it until she found an old business card. She picked up the phone and dialed in the number on the card. She sat tense on her bed as she heard the phone began to ring. The sky was just now beginning to lighten, signaling that sunrise was coming. Still, she hoped that the office might be open.

Alas, she got the answering machine. Anita hung up and stared at the business card anxiously. There was a second number written in ink on the card. It was the home number of the man she had spoken to the first time she had called. He said that she could call him any time…but she really hated to bother him so early at home.

"I must. Zis is an emergency." She told herself quietly. She picked up the phone again and dialed in the other number. She waited tensely as the phone began to ring. On the third ring, a male voice answered.

"Bonaparte residence. This is Fred speaking." The voice said.

"Oh, 'allo, Dr. Bonaparte. Zis is Anita. I'm terribly sorry to bother you at 'ome and so early in ze morning…I'm sorry if I woke you…" Anita began sheepishly.

"Madame Anita! Oh, it's no bother at all! Don't worry, I'm up at four forty five sharp every morning to chat with the delivery man when he makes his route, so you didn't wake me. I'm very glad to hear from you." Fred said. "Has your friend Demetri had a change of heart?"

"Yes, doctor. 'E has." Anita said.

"Wonderful! I'll book you two tickets up here by train. When is a good time for you?" Fred asked.

"Two tickets?" Anita asked.

"Of course. You'll be wanting to come with him, wont you? And before you say anything, it's no bother, I assure you." Fred said.

"Oh, sank you so much, Dr. Bonaparte! You are an incredibly wonderful man!" Anita said.

"Nonsense, dear Madame. I am merely putting myself in your position and treating you the way I would hope to be treated. It is, after all, part of being a psychiatrist." Fred said.

"Your kindness is appreciated nonetheless." Anita said.

"You're quite welcome, Madame. So, when is a good time for you?" Fred asked.

"Oh, as soon as possible, doctor." Anita said.

"Very well. I thought that would be the case. There's a train leaving Masque Station at eleven this morning. Is that too soon?" Fred asked.

"Not at all, Doctor. We'll be on it." Anita said.

"Excellent. The reservations are set in your name. You leave from platform 2 at eleven and I will pick you up myself when you arrive at Marquee Station." Fred said.

"Wonderful. Sank you again so much for your kindness, Doctor Bonaparte." Anita said.

"And again, to you, I say that you are quite welcome, Madame. I very much look forward to seeing you and Demetri this afternoon." Fred said.

"And we look forward to seeing you as well. Until then, goodbye, Doctor Bonaparte." Anita said.

"Goodbye, Madame Anita." Fred said. Anita hung up the phone and immediately set to work packing her bags.



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