Title: A Dark and Twisty Happily Ever After
Author: MeredithMcSteamy
Warning: Sexual situations, some strong language.
Spoilers: All Seasons, just in case
Genre: Romance/Drama
Relationship(s): Mer/Mark, some Mer/Der, others to be decided...
Summary: When Derek finds out that Meredith has moved on, he decides he wants her back in his life. Too bad he didn't want her until she was already happy with someone else. He's not about to let her go though, even if she's happier without him.
Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Grey's Anatomy or the characters involved.

A Dark and Twisty Happily Ever After

Derek was gobsmacked. Utterly stunned. His hand was shaking, his eyes were burning from forgetting to blink, and he was fairly certain he'd forgotten how to breathe. He hadn't been back to Seattle in three years, but never in his wildest dreams did he expect the news he received that morning. It came in the mail, looking innocent in it's pale vanilla envelope. Black calligraphy stating his name elegantly. The return address was for his old boss, Webber, and he assumed it was just a "how've you been?" type letter, but what he found was completely not expected. He'd left three years prior because Webber simply wasn't willing to see his tentatively titled step-daughter, of sorts, fall into a relationship with a man who was likely going to become just like him. Derek had thought he could balance both, but Webber didn't think it possible. So Derek made a choice, he decided that his career was simply all that he'd worked for his entire life and despite how much loved Meredith, he was tired of fighting to have her. It seemed their relationship was just one giant uphill battle. It didn't mean he didn't love her, he always would, but he made a choice. He moved back to New York and he found himself Chief Surgeon for a hospital that wasn't the one he'd been working hard in for all of his residency, but he loved it nonetheless.

Still, some part of him had always expected to one day return, to tell Webber that he could do it. He could have the marriage, the kids, and the job. However, quickly he learned that being Chief Surgeon was more than he'd ever thought. He worked late hours, sometimes never returning home for days. His office became a place for him to catch up on sleep and he sometimes forgot what it felt like to sleep in. He dated off and on for the first while, never really able to commit to anyone, both because he still loved Meredith and because his job wouldn't allow him to. But with three years under his belt, he was sociably seeing an OB-GYN that worked in his hospital and the irony wasn't lost on him. She was a lovely women, funny and intelligent, but he'd never really let himself open up entirely. He was quite taken with her, just not fully in love yet. He held back, he knew. Still holding on to that dream of returning to Meredith and having that lifelong dream. But his dreams were shattered that morning, like the screaming beep of his pager when an emergency hits him without preamble.

It was arrogant and self-centered of him to believe that she wouldn't move on. That she'd stay in Seattle and pine away for him, waiting for the day he'd return. But still, he felt a burst of irrational anger at her for moving on at all. Some part of him told him that he had right to, what with who she'd decided to move on with. It was like one last dig into his heart, a final twist of the scalpel and all was lost. He couldn't say some part of him thought it could happen, he just wished it hadn't. He was the one who left though and he had no right to judge. It didn't stop him, but he recognized the irrationality behind it. He read the invitation over a fourth time, as if expecting the name attached to hers to somehow change. To what, he didn't know. Perhaps to his own name, though that was completely impossible. He hadn't set eyes on the strawberry blonde in three years and he couldn't believe she'd be happy to see him. In fact, he was surprised he'd been invited at all.

He thought maybe it was his decision to invite him, one last punch in the gut to seal the deal. He'd ruined Derek's life before, why not let him know that he had finally put the last nail in the coffin? But he didn't think Meredith was quite so spiteful and he didn't think she'd allow him to ruin their day by inviting him along to join in. So perhaps it was Webber's idea? Maybe it was message to him to come and fix the mess he'd left behind... He didn't think so. He knew that Webber was just as mad at him for making what he called the "wrong" choice by leaving. He wanted what was best for Meredith and he thought he was doing right by Derek when he told him that becoming Chief wasn't the best idea, but Derek had gone his own way and he'd mucked it all up.

He wondered if perhaps he could change it. If maybe, his arrival in Seattle would be enough to change her mind. Just seeing him, knowing that he cared, might make her rethink her decision to get married to a man who wasn't him. It was arrogant, self absorbed and self serving, but he couldn't hide the hopeful grin that spread across his face. Running a hand through his curly hair, he sighed, making a decision. There was no way that he could still love her and want her and dream of her as much as he did without it being returned. He had to make sure, had to give it his all to get her back. He would go to Seattle and he'd prove to her that she was making the wrong decision. He hoped that she'd see it his way, that she'd come back with him to New York, to live as his wife, as a Chief of Surgery's wife. If anyone would understand, it'd be her. She was Meredith Grey, after all. She'd grown up around it. He'd just have to make her see that she could be happier with him, that her life was not with him but with Derek. There was no way, he was certain, that she could ever love him like she'd loved Derek. It was unfathomable. She was too good for him, too smart and loving, too beautiful and gentle for the likes of him. Derek would show her and he'd return with the dream he'd never quite forgotten.

The invitation was a pale buttery yellow with a black border, the writing a soft blue handwriting that made it somehow friendly and warm. There was a ribbon tie around one center, a thin straw that was made into a bow. The invitation wasn't flowery or feminine, if anything it was rather plain. He figured it somehow fit them. Derek knew if he was marrying her, he'd want it to be lavish and large, with every accessory possible. The invitations would probably be flashy, very eye-catching, probably have a couple of scalpels crossing each other at the top. He'd shout it from rooftops that they were getting married, take out ads, and hire a plane to carry a billowing sign. Of course, he knew that Meredith wouldn't appreciate that. She'd probably prefer the low-key invitation and a more private affair. It was that which bothered Derek; that he somehow fit Meredith in a way that Derek didn't.

It made him pause in his plan to change Meredith's mind, perhaps she was happy with him. But then, he thought of how their last names would sound together and how his would sound with hers instead. Meredith Sheppard... He preferred, though he knew he was biased. He should probably think of the fact that she'd likely been with him for some time, that it would have taken something big to make her agree to marriage. He probably should have thought about the fact that Meredith really could have a great life with him. That he could make her much happier than Derek had. He knew his relationship with her had always been tough. There was never really a smooth time between them, but he was unwilling to believe that he could have given her what Derek had tried to give her. He didn't want to believe that anybody could love Meredith as much as he did; he figured they were soul-mates of sorts. That they were destined to be together, they just had poor timing. Which is why he was taking destiny into his own hands, he would make sure that this time they wouldn't lose each other in the translation. He would have her, just like he'd had her all those years ago. He would show her that he was not as good as Derek could be. That he would just hurt her, and that Derek wouldn't. He would get his dream.

Chief Surgeon of Seattle Grace Hospital, Richard Webber
is very pleased to invite you to celebrate the marriage of his daughter...

Meredith Ellis Grey
Mark Jacob Sloan

Saturday, the tenth of July, 2010
Four o'clock in the afternoon
Hotel Monaco - Seattle, Washington

Share in their bliss...
Please RSVP as soon as possible.

Invitation admits you and one guest.

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