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This idea came to my head when I was playing Pokemon. (Yes! I still play! Diamond to be exact.) And this time its Renji's turn to be tortured! I feel bad for him because he doesn't recieve enough love like Jackal. I want to do a Data Pair fic but I can't write romance...I will try to attempt at romance, but I think it's going to be more cracky than romance...I'm hopeless...

Enough of my babbling.

Today at the Yanagi residence it was unusually loud because relatives were over. Since Renji is Renji, he didn't like the noise and commotion much. There were aunts and his two grandmas exclaiming at how tall he grew, how he was starting to look like his father, how he looked more manlier than before, and etc.

Really he hated it.

Sure it was nice seeing family again, but all the attention they gave him really bothered him. He politely excused himself and ran out to his backyard. Sighing and sitting down on the nice green grass, he took out his notebook and started to scribble in some data. But he stopped and looked up at his younger cousins who were sitting on the grass not far from him. He stood up and walked over to them to see what they were so excited about. When he peered over them he was surprised.

They were playing Pokemon.

The last time he saw that game was when Sadaharu was playing it. That game brought back memories...its horrible graphics...its one-tone color...but he saw this version was different. The graphics were much better and each thing had its own color...

"Let me try that."

"Ah! Renji nii-san!" and his little cousin and handed him the DS.

Renji held the device in his could hardly believe it. The people at Nintendo had worked their butts off on this contraption. There was now a backlight that reduced the strain in your eyes and the bottom screen was touchtone...Marvelous. If he remembered correctly, he opened up the start screen and clicked 'Pokemon'. Then he could look at their stats. Hmmm...there was a pokemon named 'Weavile'...he checked its stats and its attack. One of the moves called 'Shadow Claw' had an accuracy of 100.

'0 chance of if failing.' Renji thought. He left the start screen and walked into the grassy area. If he recalled correctly, you could fight other pokemon here. True to word the screen blacked out and a pokemon appeared. Something called a...Buizel?

He used the move.

It missed.

"Ah...Renji nii-san! It missed!"

Renji was stunned. There was a 100 chance of it hitting...and it missed. Glancing at the game his cousins were obsessed over, he stood up and rushed to his room.

He stayed in there for the rest of the day calculating the possibilities of why it missed and how.

He would have to call Sadaharu.

well there's my fic.

Poor Renji. Pokemon bedriddled him.

And yes I used a REAL move that I taught to my Weavile.

Oh wow...I'm a dork ;D