Chapter 1

"Harry, can I talk to you for a moment?" Hermione asked him timidly while she was alone with him.

Harry nodded at her with a curious expression on his face.

"Outside?" she added as to ensure that nobody would walk in on them.

Harry and Hermione walked out the back door of the Burrow and sat down next to each other on an old stone bench. Two weeks after Voldemort was defeated, Harry and Hermione were staying with the Weasleys at the Burrow.

Hermione sighed. "Harry this might be a little weird for you but I'd like to talk to you about…Ron."

Harry knew this conversation was bound to happen. During the battle at Hogwarts Hermione and Ron had finally shared their first kiss in the heat of the moment.

Harry gazed into Hermione's chocolate eyes that were full of concern. "What's wrong Hermione?"

Hermione glanced down and said, "Harry, I think I'm in love."

Harry looked down as well and grabbed Hermione's hand which was shaking. With his other hand he put a finger underneath her chin and tilted her head up so they were making eye contact.

"I know," he said with a grin.

Hermione choked out a laugh as tears began to well up in her eyes. She looked down again for a second and when she started talking looked up into Harry's emerald eyes.

"But Harry, I'm scared. I mean, in the middle of the war it almost seemed easier. I just felt it was necessary to-"

"To snog Ron right in the middle of the biggest battle in history?" Harry cut in raising his eyebrows.

Hermione laughed. "Well when you say it like that…"

She paused to sniff and wipe her eye and then continued to speak.

"It's just so awkward now, Harry! We haven't really had a chance to talk since the-"

"Incident," Harry filled in for her as she choked on tears.

"Yes, and it's almost like it didn't really happen, but that we both imagined it. And now we're both too embarrassed to talk about it!" Hermione concluded shrilly.

Harry chuckled to himself. "Believe me Hermione. You did kiss Ron. I don't think he's really recovered from it is all."

Hermione seemed only slightly comforted by this statement.

"It's not just that Harry." Hermione started. "I mean what if we do get together and then I lose him. I'm sure there are bond to be more Dark wizards out there, and I get the feeling that we're going to be in the heart of all the action. You know how many people died in the fight against Voldemort. I couldn't bear if anyone was taken unjustly, especially Ron." Hermione finished with tears streaming down her face.

Harry squeezed Hermione's hand and wrapped her into a hug.

"Hermione, I don't think you have too much to worry about." Harry murmured into her ear. "First of all, I don't think there are going to be any major threats for a while and with our skill all of us will be perfectly safe."

Hermione stopped audibly sobbing but Harry could still feel her shaking in his arms.

"And second of all," Harry continued in a soothing voice," Ron is crazy about you."

Hermione hiccoughed and with her face still buried in Harry's shoulder said, "And h-how would y-y-you know th-that?"

"Because," said Harry quietly in her ear, "There are some things a brother knows that he can't explain to his sister."

Hermione lifted her head from his shoulder and as one last tear dripped down her cheek she smiled timidly and asked, "Are you sure?"

Harry grinned at her. "Positive."

Hermione kissed him on the cheek and then embraced him tightly with her eyes shut. When she was ready to go inside Hermione opened her eyes and was about to release Harry when the pit of her stomach fell.

Ron was standing with the door to the house still open and a look of shock on his face. When he made eye contact with Hermione, his look of shock quickly turned to disgust.

"Ron!" Hermione gasped releasing Harry from the hug and standing up.

But it was too late. Ron had stormed off into the house, slamming the door behind him.

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