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This story takes place during New Moon, right after Edward said those horrible words to Bella in the forest outside her house. When he told her he didn't love her (yada yada). This is my take on what she should have done. It branches off completely.

Chapter 1 BPOV

I couldn't comprehend what he was saying. I just shut my eyes, and looked at the ground, trying to think. After all this time, after the countless times he has told me he loved me, suddenly he doesn't? Can that even happen? The way I saw it, once someone falls in love, true love, the way Edward was with me (and I with him), then that love cannot be broken. This can't be right, Edward loves me, I know that, and he knows that. So why on earth is he saying he doesn't? It is probably for some stupid moral reason, something to do with my humanity, that's for sure. It's the only logical explanation. I open my eyes to tell him that, to tell him that I don't believe a word of it, to look into those beautiful topaz eyes with the love shining through like it always is, and that's when I noticed I was alone. Edward had left, silently, into the night.

"Edward?" I whispered. I knew that if he was anywhere near me, he would hear me.

"Edward, where are you? We need to talk." I tried a little louder. He had to be there, he just had to. Why would he leave if he loves me? I know his ridiculous words weren't true. I knew that he still loved me, and I was angry that he actually thought that I would believe him, I mean, how little faith must he have in me?!

"Edward Anthony Mason Cullen. If you can hear me then you better get your ass over here right now, and tell me why you thought to tell me you didn't love me! We both know better!" I was getting really annoyed at this point. He thinks that he can just leave, without even a goodbye? Where would he go?

"EDWARD!!" I screamed it this time. If he was anywhere in this forest, maybe even Forks for that matter, he would hear me. I know that, he has always thought that I didn't fully comprehend the range of his vampire-hearing, but I did.

I looked cautiously around the dark forest; I could still see the faint lights from the kitchen window through the trees. Edward wasn't coming. Why would he leave me? I mean, I have never understood why he loved me in the first place, but admitted from his own mouth, he did. And he still did. No matter what drivel was spilling from his gorgeous mouth; I could still see it in his eyes, the love, and the pain of telling me those words.

He didn't come. I doubt that he will. That was for sure, he would have by now. After what he told me, I knew he was gone, they all were. My adoptive vampire family. My best friend. My boyfriend. I was alone, in Forks, just like when I got here. Sure, I have Charlie, but honestly, I hardly know him, we get along, but we don't really connect like Renee and I did, or me and Alice, or Edward. I really have no one left in this town. It will be alone again, like when I first came to Forks, the main reason I detested it in the first place. How could I possibly stay in this town, when it started so horribly, then became the best years of my life (quite literally), and have it go back to the way it was, never again to be happy?

I could feel the anger spreading though me. I don't think I have ever felt this way before. I love him, he loves me, and then he thinks he can just LEAVE? With some crappy excuse, and think I would be OK with it? Not a chance. I am not going to waste my life away in this town, not to be alone with my memories, in the gloom and dark. I had to find him. That is the only thing to do; I needed to know why he left, why he really left. I started to head back into the house, when suddenly I heard the snap of a twig coming from deeper in the forest. I whipped my head around.

"Edward?" I whispered, "Is that you?" A dark figure approached, but it was hard to make out a distinct shape in the darkness. I kept perfectly still, breathing hard, and my heart beating erratically, until the figure came closer. Suddenly, the shape passed through a beam of light that was filtering though the sparse trees from a streetlamp. My breath hitched, and I immediately knew it wasn't Edward.

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