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Chapter 9 BPOV

The woman looked at me and sneered. I could hardly see for the mass of vivid curly red hair clouding my peripheral vision. Even so, all I could stare at were her blood red eyes.

"Victoria." I let out with a breath, barely audible to even my own ears. My mind was panicking but my breath was surprisingly calm, as if my thoughts knew I should be afraid but my body refused to accept it.

She looked positively malicious, her smile reaching almost to her ears. She was right in front of me, close enough that I could feel her cold breath on my face.

"Surprised to see me?"

I could hear the absolute joy in her voice, the joy that could only come from this pleasantly unexpected coincidence. She knew I was here, she knew she would have to find me, and I so willingly walked right into her arms.

"Well well Bella. I thought I might bump into you on this little trip of ours. I didn't expect it to happen so soon though, I suppose you just couldn't wait to get reacquainted, could you?" She sneered in my face. I stayed resolutely silent, and I could tell that it was annoying her. Her nostrils flared and her eyes narrowed. She leaned in even closer.

"I can smell the fear on you Bella, don't try to hide it. I know exactly how much my presence terrifies you."

Her closeness did terrify me, although I didn't say it outright. I involuntarily took a step back, and I was surprised to see that her smile could widen any further. I assumed that it was because it was an unintentional declaration of the sheer terror running through my veins, but I looked around and saw that I had backed us into the private kitchenette area that the stewards and stewardesses used. The flight had just started so they were out getting the passengers comfortable for the flight, and there was no one here with us. Just me and Victoria, alone together. Sure someone would hear me scream, but that is provided she gave me the chance. With the look that was on her face at the moment, I doubted I would have had the chance to draw the breath.

I saw her eyes gleam, her unnecessary breath get harsher, deeper. I looked around frantically, but seeming to take in minute details at a rapid speed. Trying desperately to find something, anything that would help, even though subconsciously I probably knew that the attempt was pointless. She was a woman scorned, and a sadistic insane vampire to boot.

I saw a metal container full of those small packages of plastic cutlery. In a last ditch attempt I grabbed that basket and turned back to Victoria, swinging it in front of me, as I saw her face mere inches from mine, while she lunged for my neck. I saw the gleam of her sharp teeth reflect off of the shiny exterior of the metal as it made contact with her face, producing a loud noise as it hit her incredibly strong skin. It shouldn't have stopped her, for I was much too weak and she so strong, but I believe I surprised her with the attempt at self-defence. She sat pressed against my body as I sat crouched against a cupboard, looking at me furiously.

She saw me as an easy target. Weak without protection, without Edward here to save me yet again. I wasn't supposed to fight back, I was supposed to be simple to overpower. She saw herself as the superior being, and wrongly assumed that I was accepting of my fate. That I saw her as she saw herself. That I wouldn't fight back for the general knowledge that it would be pointless to do so. She was wrong, and she was debating that. Perhaps reconsidering me. That last was a last hope in my mind. The last hope that I might survive, because I was going to die. It was inevitable. I was just a weak human, nothing to compare to the glories of being a vampire.

Suddenly a snarl came from deep within her throat, and she moved much too fast for me to see. I shut my eyes and in a last attempt at protection, covered my head with my arms, as I prepared for the impact.

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