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Love Is Insane And Baby We Are Too


X had gotten her few days off, forced to deal with the chaos that was now her family. Ignoring her father's calls the entire time, X helped Sara move hers and the girls' things into the Providence flat. Though it was a nice apartment, expensive, it was still not meant to hold seven people. It would only be six once X went back on the road, but still...

She just didn't feel the same after all this. Things started to change. She and Jeff had hardly spoken a word to each other, especially since creative had virtually split them up, fading them both away form each other since X had been on the path for the Women's Championship when Jeff returned from his suspension. She hardly talked to Matt anymore. And, though Amy made attempts at hanging out, X was never in the mood, too busy trying to help run a crowded household over the phone.

Her in ring performance had also begun slacking greatly, and her appearance definitely lost its luster. She constantly felt stressed out and crappy, and she'd gained about six pounds from cutting her workouts short, even though her appetite was definitely lacking. When she ate she only craved greasy comfort foods.

Wallowing in her own self-pity wasn't a good look for X. People talked, especially a one Jeff Hardy.

He sat in catering with Mike Mizanin and John Hennigan. The two weren't his best friends, but Jeff had lost a lot of respect backstage after his suspension. At least Mike and John weren't fake. They called him out on his crap when they felt like it and that was the reason he was sitting here with them right now.

Mike and John both watched the Rainbow Haired Warrior as his green eyes followed the catering line, or rather the girl in it. Pining. That's what Jeff was doing. Only on the inside though. On the outside, he pretended it didn't bother him. There was nothing left as far as he let people know. It tore him up to see her like this. He couldn't bring himself to even talk to her really though. He was too scared he'd make her situation worse.

She had a plate of French fries, doused in ketchup, and a soda. As she walked past them, he got a closer look at her tired eyes and sunken cheeks.

"She looks like hell, man," Jeff muttered, thinking she was out of earshot.

John's eyes widened and Miz flinched, both seeing X stop short, clearly hearing what Jeff had said.

"Dude..." Mike muttered and Jeff glanced over his shoulder to see his former love's tear-filled eyes. X turned on her heel, dumping the small amount of food she'd obtained onto the floor without caring at all about the mess.

"Fuck," Jeff muttered, turning back around and glaring a hole into his half-eaten sandwich. John and Mike both watched expectantly, waiting for him to do something. But he didn't move.

"Aren't you gonna go after her?" John asked, completely blown away by the fact the younger Hardy could just sit there and do nothing about something like that. He loved X, right?

Jeff just shrugged and shook his head. "I don't wanna... do any more damage. If I go act all carin' it'll just make everythin' that much harder."

John's jaw dropped and Mike's eyebrows rose. Sure, Jeff had a lot on his mind. He was going to get another push before the year was over and he was most likely being drafted to Smackdown, but was hurting the girl he supposedly loved in the process, who was going through enough on her own, really going to make things better?

John stood up and shook his head. "Not cool man." With that, he went out after the young, heartbroken girl. Sure, the self-proclaimed Shaman of Sexy had an ego, but he had always liked X. She was a nice girl and definitely didn't deserve to be treated the way he'd just seen her ex-boyfriend treat her.

He knew Jeff was weird... but he'd never thought he would be so mean and careless.

She wasn't difficult to find. X sat slumped in a dark, isolated corner behind a bunch of equipment boxes, sobbing not so quietly.

Nothing had been the same since that whole fiasco of her father's cheating. She was now the one people whispered about, wondering when she was going to absolutely lose it. She'd been taken out of the title picture because the writers didn't want to stress her out any more than she already was. And chances were right now, she was being moved to Smackdown, where the Diva's division wasn't nearly as competitive as the one on RAW.

She was losing it...

"He didn't mean it..." She didn't even look up at John, embarrassed she was crying in the first place, and also recognizing his voice.

And he was blatantly lying to her.

Jeff meant it. Of course he meant it. And it was true! She looked like shit and she knew it.

She wasn't saying anything to him. John contemplated leaving her alone. He'd never really talked to her before this, not for long anyway. Maybe he was overstepping his boundaries.

But he never liked seeing girls cry. Just because he had a little arrogance didn't mean he wasn't compassionate. So instead, John opted to sit across from her on the floor, searching for the right thing to say. Everyone had heard about Mark cheating on his wife with Michelle. This must be a really ridiculous situation for X. And of course, then there was Jeff breaking things off with her over some slightly compromising pictures. The situation wasn't entirely clear to John, but from the information he'd gathered it sounded to him like Hardy had just overreacted.

"Hey, I know what it feels like..." John pointed out and X finally looked at him. This was true. After Dave Bautista had leaked about a relationship with Melina, John had been quite the topic of gossip.

"Why are you being so nice?" she questioned with a bitter laugh. Despite his good looks, John lacked in the charm department as far as X was concerned, often coming off arrogant and too strong. He carried an air that said he just didn't care what was going on around him, and this behavior was a little uncharacteristic, though she'd never considered him an unlikable person.

"You X, happen to be one of the few people on the roster I can tolerate," he said with a crooked smile, trying to lighten up the mood a little. It worked slightly, a small laugh passing through her lips.

"Gee, thanks," she joked, wiping the tears from her cheeks with the back of her hand. "It just sucks. Everyone gets all quiet when I come into the room and then when I leave they all whisper about me. I feel like I'm in high school again."

John shrugged and cocked his head to the side. "And like high school, something else will happen next week and everyone will forget about you and start talking about that. So don't let it get to you." X pursed her lips at his words, knowing he was probably right.

"Yeah but... it doesn't make my problems disappear," she grumbled cynically. John sighed and leaned forward, kneeling.

"True, but things will get better. You'll get over Jeff and... well... I can't really give you any advice about your father or whatever... but I'm sure things will ease up." A little strength and balance allowed John to jump from his knees to his feet with ease, offering a hand to his female companion. "You should take your mind off it. You don't have to think about it all the time. A bunch of us are going to the pool hall near the hotel after the show. You can come with... if you want." She took his hand and allowed him to pull her to her feet. John noticed the hesitation in her expression and quickly answered her unasked question. "He's not coming."

X pushed her straight black hair behind her ears, contemplating whether or not she was really in the mood or state of mind for a night of pool with a bunch of people who'd been gossiping about her non-stop lately. It would probably make the talk die down a little if she started being social again. "Um... I guess. I'll try to last the night. I might leave early though..."

"I'll tell you what, if you want to leave, I'll go with you and... I'll sit through a chick flick with you," he chuckled, throwing an arm over her shoulder as he led her down the hall.

"Oh yeah, because ruining your night is going to make me feel so much better," he said sarcastically, rolling her eyes but unable to stop the laugh that flew past her lips.

Jeff Hardy peeked from around the corner he'd been in, eavesdropping, watching the two look too close for his comfort as they disappeared down the hall.

He felt an unreal flare of jealousy hurl through his veins, boiling his blood.

It didn't make sense.

But love is insane.

And Jeff hardy treaded on the thin ice that separated a healthy state of mind and insanity.