Encounter of an Unfriendly Nature

by Kikyou Cataline

WARNING: This fic is written solely for the purpose of mentally toturing
Kamui! It contains YAOI content, and TORTURE. You have been warned.

Thanks to: Black Fuuma for planting this fic in my mind, and Christine-san
for reading the opening part, even though I won't let you see more because
your mind is still innocent.

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How to read fic:

Dark Kamui calls himself "'Kamui'" and Shirou-san "twin star", "other
'Kamui'", ect . . .
Shirou Kamui calls himself Kamui and Dark Kamui "Fuuma".


He was alone.

'Kamui' smiled from where he perched in a tree not far from his twin star.
It had been what? A month, maybe? Since he had last stumbled on the youth
actually *not* with another Seal. //So pathetically protective,// he
thought cruelly. Whenever he chose, he could crush any given Seal out of
existance. Only the other 'Kamui' had power to watch his own, and that one
refused to raise a hand to hurt the Chi no Ryu(1). Something about
Fuuma. 'Kamui' smirked. That was a past he had chosen to forget - the
years spent showing his equally-real, but much nicer persona to the world.
What he was *now* - "One who hunts the majesty of God" - was his *destiny*.

Not even his 'good' side had denied that.

A quiet sob jerked 'Kamui' from his reverie, and he eyed the source of the
noise. Not surprisingly, it was the other 'Kamui', seated on a bench
twenty feet away. 'Kamui's' twin star always seemed to be crying, for his
own losses or the losses of others. //How touching,// he sneered, face
darkening. Humans weren't worth weeping for.

//Will the Earth weep for human loss when it is revived?// he wondered. A
silly thought. But the Earth had never wished for its own suffering to
end, just as it had never wished the suffering to continue.

'Kamui' wondered why, and watched his twin star.

The quiet crying had stopped, and now, wobbling a little as if from
exhaustion, 'Kamui's' twin star stood and began to go back the way he came.

'Kamui' pushed his sunglasses up his nose and smirked. This was the one he
hunted; the other 'Kamui', "The Majesty of God". It was time to resume the

* * *

Shirou Kamui wiped away a final tear trickling down his cheek. He was sick
of pain, sick of crying. But seeing Nekoi-san still crying about Inuki's
death in her room had broken something all-too-raw, and he'd had to leave
to cry for Nekoi-san and her dead best friend . . .

Was no loss too great to bear before the Promised Day? What other horrors
were the Dragons of Heaven doomed to witness?

"Hello, 'Kamui'," said a familiar voice with an unnatural, cold edge.
Kamui froze, ice creeping up his backbone. "Wonderful day for a hunt, hm?"

Slowly the small boy turned to face the best friend and worst nightmare.
"Fuuma . . . " he breathed, unable to raise his stolen voice above a pained
whisper as he rode a tide of mixed memories, the way he always did when
Fuuma appeared.

"Ore wa ^Kamui^ da!(2)" warned the older boy, a flare of power
rising from him for a moment. Kamui flinched away. Then the anger melted
and Fuuma's cruel smile emerged. "You pout so prettily. How can I stay
mad if you look like that?"

Bewildered by the statement, Kamui blinked, and in that instant Fuuma
spanned the distance between them and grabbed Kamui's neck, pushing him
roughly against a nearby tree. Th bark prickled and dug into his back
through his clothes, but Kamui did not notice as Fuuma leaned down to
speak, lips almost touching Kamui's own. It was sick parody of what Kamui
had wanted for Kotori and himself . . . "Today's hunt is ended. I have
found my prey," Fuuma smirked. "Shall we play first?" his fingers slid
around Kamui's jawline.

"Fuuma . . . dame da(3)," Kamui begged weakly, struggling for air.
He couldn't breathe . . .

Fuuma's warm breath passed down Kamui's cheek as the Dragon of Earth
brought his lips to Kamui's ear. "There is no Fuuma," he whispered
coldly. "Only me." His tounge flicked out and licked Kamui's earlobe, and
the undersized boy shivered from horror. "And I want to play." Fuuma
released Kamui's neck in favor of his wrists, which he dragged over the
fragile figure's head and pinned there roughly.

Kamui drew in a ragged breath and shut his eyes, trying to muster his
energies to hurl at his harrasser. But it was impossible; he felt as if
he'd been shattered, and the million peices that were Kamui could not agree
to fight the one who had shattered him. Betrayed by friendship, he was
rendered helpless.

* * *

'Kamui' wathed his twin star's eyes open again, and he reveled in their
tortured depths. Nothing was hidden in those violet orbs, and 'Kamui'
could see horror and pain and fear and sadness and betrayal there. 'Kamui'
allowed himself a derisive chuckle and enjoyed feeling the boy under him
flinch at the sound. "Remember the first time we played?" he asked.
Gently he drew a finger down the silver scar in the other boy's palm, left
by the Sacred Sword. The Ten no Ryu(4) visibly shuddered, turning
his face away and inadvertently giving 'Kamui' better access to his ear.

'Kamui', seeing a chance to inflict pain both physical and mental, bit down
on said presented delicate skin, breathing hotly into the shell of the ear.

The thin figure under 'Kamui' sucked in his breath sharply and whimpered.
'Kamui' imagined the look of surprised terror and pain on his brey's face
and chuckled, licking at the blood dripping from the bite. Rich and salty,
'Kamui' thought blood tasted wonderful. Especially when it was the blood
of his twin star. He wondered what Kotori's blood would have tasted like.
"Such pretty blood. Shall I make you bleed more?" he asked rhetorically.

The other 'Kamui' lifted his head to look into his enemy's eyes
pleadingly. Tears glistened in his eyes and left wet tracks down his
cheeks. "Why are you doing this?" he whispered pathetically. "At least
tell me why . . ."

'Kamui' smiled cruelly and watched his twin star shrink back against the
tree. Finally he leaned forward until their lips nearly touched and
whispered back, "Because I am ^Kamui^!"

Releasing a blast of energy, he literally exploded the iron fences lining
the paths of the park. Shrapnel flew, and 'Kamui' erected a shield around
himself. His off-balance prey, however, suffered several jagged slashes
and thin cut straight across his cheek just under his left eye. The boy
winced, gasping, as each gash was made. Blood dripped from the cut to his
chin; 'Kamui' licked that blood too and felt his twin star tremble
uncontrollably. "Please stop it! Onegai(5) . . ."

"But why? I'm not done playing yet." 'Kamui' managed to put a
posessiveness into his tone that left his prey speechless. //And now for
the real fun,// he thought, almost laughing aloud.

* * *

Kamui shook, unable to keep from trembling out of fear and horror at the
feral look in Fuuma's eyes. He was distantly aware of the several gashes
on his torso and legs from the energy blast, but he was more aware of the
searing hot breath against his cheek and the wet tracks left by Fuuma's
rough tounge and the throbbing pain of Fuuma's hand grinding his wrists

Despite every effort to stay them, tears leaked from his eyes. Why did it
have to be like this? His best friend was here *molesting* him, his only
wish to see Kamui's blood spattered on Shinken's blade.

Then Fuuma straightened, smirked, and bent over again, kissing Kamui full
on the mouth with lips covered in red blood, forcing his tounge in, roving
around the smaller boy's mouth roughly, and holding him in the kiss with a
hand on his chin.

Once again, Kamui's delicate world shattered into a million pieces.

* * *

'Kamui' was thoroughly enjoying the kiss by the time his twin star stopped
struggling and sagged in utter defeat. Reluctantly he pulled away,
savoring the taste and smell of fear and oranges that was the Ten no
Ryu, and watched the thin boy's head fall forward as his prey gasped
for breath with a sound almost like sobbing tearing from his throat. With
abnormal gentleness, 'Kamui' lifted the broken boy's face with a hand under
his chin and saw tears streaming down the cut face, pouring from blank,
shell-shocked eyes. Leftover blood still stained his lips. At 'Kamui's'
gentle touch, the boy began to tremble violently, terror appearing in the
blank eyes as he whimpered again, faintly. Admiring his work, 'Kamui'
debated going further.

//Another day,// he decided, noting the listless look about the large,
expressive eyes. The Ten no Ryu would be no fun to play with now.
"Don't worry," he murmured, leaning in close, "I'll hunt you again soon."
With a smirk he stepped back, releasing his victim's arms and leaving him
to slide limply down the tree to the ground. "Ja!"(6)

'Kamui' leapt away. Playtime was over; business called.

* * *

"Fu . . . Fuuma," Kamui moaned weakly, barely aware of the Earth Dragon's
retreat. Sobbing, "The Majesty of God" - a fifteen-year-old with the
weight of the world on his shoulders - curled against the base of a tree
and wept uncontrollably.




(1) Chi no Ryu - supposed to be "Dragon of Earth"
(2) Ore wa ^Kamui^ da! - "*I* am 'Kamui'!", spoken in the true form of the
X/1999 movie. "Ore" is a super-rude way to refer to oneself, so Fuuma's
not being very polite.
(3) dame da - "Stop it" Meant as a command to stop,
(4) Ten no Ryu - "Dragon of Heaven". 'Ten' is heavenly, and 'Ryu' is
dragon, so I think this is right.
(5) Onegai - a formal way of saying "please", more formal than "kudasai".
(6) Ja - "Bye", but more like "see you later" because it implies a short
interval of separation.

Am I mean? Yes. Horrible? Of course. These sorts of stories come out
when I'm in a cruel mood. Aren't I awful?