Over Purple

Warning: Yaoi, Mizuki X Kirihara (Yes, as in Mizuki seme!) and Sweet Pair.

"Mizuki... why did you drag me out?" Kirihara asked.

Mizuki had that evil smile only Mizuki could smile. "Because, Akaya, I wanted to see y-o-u!"

Akaya flinched, that smile was... very evil... very evil indeed...

"That doesn't explain why we are in the clothes department and I'm trying out the clothes..." Akaya said.

Mizuki pulled Kirihara's shirt. "Because you are the dummy. I don't mean as in stupid, in case you were wondering..." He shook his head and pulled off Akaya's shirt.

"Hey!" Akaya cried.

"Relax; I won't do anything... sheesh!" Mizuki took a really purple shirt and gave it to Akaya.

Akaya frowned at the color and put on the shirt.

Mizuki tossed him a pair of shorts, purple of course.

Akaya twitched. (Note to self: Never go to a mall with Mizuki, he thought) He changed into the really ugly shorts.

Mizuki smiled. "Now we look more alike! You'll pay for them!"

"Ok... wait... what!?" Akaya was pushed to the cash register. The woman was trying to smile. Too much purple, huh?

"Mizuki... this is embarrassing..." Akaya whispered.

"Nonsense, you look great!" Mizuki said.

Akaya was wearing a purple t-shirt and purple shorts with black on the waistband. The shorts had pockets on the side which were also black. Great wasn't a word to describe him...

Everyone was point at the boy, of course. No one wore THAT much purple. "Mizuki... people are staring..."

"They are staring because you look great."

The bushes rustled. Suddenly a man wearing a yellow baseball cap with shades jumped out. He was shouting some sort of battle cry. As he jumped out he pulled out a piece of paper and a pen.

He turned towards Kirihara. "You, young man," He said in a strangely low voice, "Are you violation of wearing too much purple!" He stuck a piece of paper on Akaya's forehead.

The man ran off screaming his battle cry and jump back to the bushes.

"That... was odd..." Akaya said. He pulled the paper off his head. "How come I get fined for wearing too much purple?" He demanded to know.

Mizuki chuckled, "You can never have too much purple, Akaya..."

Somehow Akaya doubted that...

"Great job, Niou." Marui said. He gave the boy a thumbs up.

Niou took off the baseball cap. His brushed his hair, spiky again! He took off the shades. "That was fun."

Marui pondered on that. "Hmm... I should try on their next date."

Jiroh suddenly appeared out of nowhere and pounced on Marui. "MARUI-KUN!!!!" He screamed. "I LOVE YOU!!!"

Marui's face was stuck in dirt...

Atobe appeared in a dress much like Fuji's from the chibi episode 115... He spoke in a high voice, in an accent. "Why Jiroh, did you forget about me?"

Jiroh was too busy snuggling Marui to know.

"Com' on Jiroh, let's go." Atobe said in his false voice. He pulled Jiroh off and ran out with him.

Marui wiped the dirt off his face. "Ow." He said.

Niou smirked. He hid the camera behind his back and quickly slipped it into his back pocket.

Random fact 2: Wasabi tastes good. Mmm... I love eating it.