Chapter 6 – Epilogue

It was shortly after lunch on Sunday when Minerva and Severus were thrown out of the fireplace in Albus' office, where Albus, Lily, James, Remus, Sirius, Poppy and five-year-old Harry were impatiently waiting for them. Both of them gratefully took the phial Poppy held out to them and downed it, relaxing visibly. As soon as the dizziness from the long Floo travel had passed, Minerva and Severus stood up. However, before they could look for an empty chair to sit down, they were immediately pulled in bear's hugs by Lily and James.

James cleared his throat and said, trying to ignore the clump that was building up in his throat, "Thank you so much, both of you; really I just don't know what to say; anyway we appreciate so very much what you have done for us; thank you!"

With this, Lily burst into tears and Minerva joined her only seconds later. Sirius then surprised everybody by grasping Severus' hand and giving him a tearful handshake.

Harry went over to Severus and pulled his robes a few times in order to get his godfather's attention, until Severus bowed down onto eyes' height with him and threw him an enquiring glance. Then Harry asked, "Uncle Severus, may I join your first years' Potions class again tomorrow morning? I have already read through the next two texts in the book and have taken notes about the ingredients."

Severus smirked and put a hand on Harry's shoulder, before he answered, "Yes, Harry, you may. You can help me teach the dunderheads again."

The End

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