The End

I learned many things this last year. I learned how to speak french. I learned how to be apart from Ron and Harry and make new friends at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. I learned that time passes, no matter how much pain one is in or how much one would wish time wouldn't pass. I learned that talking about what had happened to me was important, sharing my secret and asking others for help.

I learned that I had a lot of work to do. I learned that I felt strong in a group of people who had experienced similar things like I had.

I learned that in order to let Severus love me I needed to love myself. I learned how to love myself.

I learned that Sex could be something good and I learned to want it again.

I learned a lot in that year.

Another thing I learned was how much I wanted Severus, Harry, Ron and Fay in my life again. I needed them and I loved them all. Equally, but differently.

Harry had been the only one I had written to. Ron and Professor Dumbledore had sent the occasional letter, on my birthday, on Christmas and on the night of my graduation.

Severus had not written a word and while I had been anxious to see him on my flight back home I was terribly nervous by the time I reached his door.

So many memories came back to me, as I walked through the castle, that had been my home and the place I had first experienced love and also the place I had experienced the worst kind of pain.

Knocking on his door seemed like the hardest thing I had ever done, which was ridiculous if one thought of what I had been through this last year.

When the door opened I was expecting the worst: A woman. Him not being there. Fay.


It was him and it was as if nothing had ever changed.

„Am I too late?"

Severus shook his head, „I told you I'd wait for you."

I leaped into his arms joyfully and he caught me as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He kissed me and I kissed him back eagerly.

Things would be alright. I loved him and we belonged together. I had a steep road ahead of me and I would have to walk it alone, but that was alright. I would manage.

„I love you", he whispered, as he closed the door behind us.

The future was going to be awesome for us. I knew it. I would deal with my past and he would never know the whole truth of what Lucius Malfoy had done to me in the Chamber Of Secrets. We would manage.

I can't believe this story is finished. Wow. Eh..there will be a sequel, because there are many unanswered questions. I'll need some time, because I'm right in the middle of my final exams at school.

Ok, well tell me what you think and thank you very much for supporting and reading this story, I am looking forward to Part2 and I hope you guys are too :)