Disharmony in the Dungeons Final Chapter

A number of job offers came in for Hermione. She was swamped by them. The marks of university students were made available to headhunters, and the witch's marks were so exemplary, that she was in the highest demand. Many job offers came with generous bonuses and perks designed to pull her in. Hermione was reeling at all the attention she was getting. But she needed a job that could keep her relatively close to Hogwarts. Dumbledore had the answer.

"You could be the Spells Mistress for Hogwarts, and teach a class on spell-making. Of course, you can't actually teach students to create spells, but you can introduce them to the theory behind creating them. It would be an elective course, tied in with the Magical Theory class," Albus said. Then he looked apologetic.

"I'm afraid I can't offer you the high salaries and perks that some companies are offering you. But I can pay you scale, and you would have your own budget, classroom and lab, next to Severus' class," he said.

Hermione thought about this. It would be a start. After the business with Voldemort was settled, she could move on to a better position elsewhere. A stint teaching would be an asset on her resume. Plus, she would love to teach. Hermione had always enjoyed dispensing knowledge, whether it was appreciated or not. Now she would have a captive audience on whom to spout the fountain within her. Hermione smiled at the Headmaster.

"It sounds perfect, Headmaster," she said.

Albus clapped his hands together.

"Welcome to the Hogwarts staff, Mrs. Snape," he said, grinning. "I will have your staff robes sent immediately, and you send me a list of textbooks you want for the class as well as any supplies you will need. We can work out the budget after we see what the costs are."

Hermione promised to get right on it. She thanked the Headmaster and returned to her rooms. Severus was in class, so Hermione decided she would take a trip to Flourish & Blotts Bookstore to check out the books on the theory of spell making. Albus didn't say what age the students would be, but Hermione figured fifth years and up.

As she walked into her bedroom, her Mark began to burn. Voldemort was summoning her in the middle of the day. That wasn't strange however. The Dark Lord knew she wasn't yet employed. She donned her hated Death Eater robes and disapparated.

In his classroom, Severus paused. He felt a pulse of emotion from his wife. He reached out for her and found she had been summoned to Voldemort. His black eyes shifted for a moment as the class looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to continue the lecture. After a moment, he did. As much as he wanted to protect his wife, she needed to establish her own relationship with Voldemort if she were to be of any value. So far she had done well.

Hermione appeared before the Dark Lord's throne, dropped her Occlumency wall and curtsied. The Dark Lord told her to rise, a broad smile stretching his lipless mouth. Peter Pettigrew stood alongside his throne, holding a piece of parchment. The fat, squat wizard gave her a little wave as his little piggish eyes swept over her body. Hermione gave him a small smile, then looked up at Voldemort. The scent of burning hung over the room. It was unpleasant. Like burned hair.

"Hello, Hermione," the Dark Lord said, his red eyes glinting at her with approval, "Remove your mask, my dear."

Hermione did so. Voldemort studied her.

"Lovely," the Dark Lord breathed, once again wishing the witch's service was not conditional. Then he shook off his musings and addressed her.

"Your spell proved highly entertaining at last night's revel, Hermione. I was most pleased. You have done quite well by me," he lisped, his tongue flicking out as he spoke.

"Thank you, my Lord," Hermione replied, curtseying again. Now she knew why the throne room smelled as it did. The Dark Lord had roasted some muggles alive. Damn him.

Voldemort motioned Peter forward, and the wizard handed Hermione the parchment. It was a list of six spells that Voldemort wanted developed.

"As you can see, I have six offensive spells I would like developed. How long will it take you?" he asked her. "I need these spells for my Death Eaters. We need to move soon and end this standoff."

Hermione looked at the list. These were horrible spells. The Dark Lord seemed to go for spells that were visually terrible, causing great physical damage.

"It depends, my Lord. Each spell is different. Some of these can be created by altering existing spells, but a couple will have to be from scratch…so I cannot say," she said honestly. She wasn't in a hurry to develop the spells for him.

"I will give you six months. That is a month to develop each spell. You will come to the labs every evening to work on them," the Dark Lord said in an imperious voice. This was not a request, it was a command. The first he'd given her. It wouldn't be wise to protest.

"Yes, my Lord," Hermione replied.

"Do not fail me, Hermione. You would not like to experience my displeasure," he said in a low voice, his eyes narrowing. "These spells must be completed in six months, or you will be punished."

"Yes, my Lord," Hermione said, curtseying. She could not rule out punishment when she wrote her conditions. He would not have agreed to that, although she did have a stipulation that he could not punish her at will. There had to be a good reason for it. Failing to create his spells on time would fall into the 'good reason' category.

Voldemort eyed her. It was usually at this point he gave any Death Eater he commanded to fulfill a duty a touch of the Cruciatus curse, to drive home the threat of punishment, but he couldn't do this to Hermione. The witch looked up at him.

"My Lord, may Severus assist me?" she asked him.

The Dark Lord considered this.

"If you need his assistance, he may. But I don't want him distracting you from your work," the Dark Lord said, envisioning Severus shagging the witch against one of the counters.

"He won't my Lord," she replied.

Voldemort looked at her for a long moment. His servant Severus was quite a lucky wizard. Quite lucky indeed. Voldemort hoped however, that the ritual had driven some kind of wedge between them, one that would fester and rot their closeness over time. Love was not an emotion he approved of. It stole his fire. If Severus had to choose between his Lord and his wife, Voldemort felt that the Potions Master would turn from him. It was an unsettling thought. If Hermione were not so valuable, he would kill her to keep Severus under his thumb. As it was, he had to deal with the situation as best he could.

"You may go, Hermione. You can start working in the labs this weekend. That ought to give you some time to get your affairs in order. Are you employed yet?' the Dark Lord asked her.

"The Headmaster has made a position for me. I will be teaching the theory of spell-making," Hermione replied. The Dark Lord scowled.

"Surely he can't be paying you what you're worth. Why did you take such a position?" he asked her, his eyes narrowed.

"Because it is not demanding, my Lord. My focus is on your needs. If I accepted one of the more demanding positions, it would mean long hours, and exhaustion. I can't work well if I am stretched to my limit, my Lord. I wish to primarily serve you. Working at Hogwarts will allow that," she responded. Voldemort smiled. She gave the right answer.

"You are showing yourself to be most loyal, Hermione. You have my favor," he said lowering his ring. Hermione mounted the dais and kissed it. The Dark Lord stroked her hair for a moment. Hermione felt all cold inside at his touch. She hated him so much.

"You may go," the Dark Lord said, dismissing her.

Hermione backed down the dais.

"Thank you, my Lord," she said. Then she gave Peter a rather sexy smile, one that Voldemort didn't miss.

"Goodbye, Peter," she said, disapparating.

The Dark Lord looked at Peter, his scaly eyebrows raised.

"If I didn't know better, Peter…I would say Hermione favors you," he said slowly. "If that is the case, you'd better watch for Severus. He isn't willing to share her. He told me he was, but I know he isn't. You could be asking for trouble if you bed her," the Dark Lord hissed.

"I'd face an army of Severuses for the chance to stick my dick in her, my Lord," Peter replied, his piggy eyes glistening with lust at the thought of having Hermione.

The Dark Lord looked at him consideringly.

"One Severus is army enough," Voldemort replied. "He'd castrate you if you came anywhere near his wife. Be careful, Peter. You are my most trusted servant. If Severus were to kill you, then I would have to kill him and probably Hermione too, so your lust could cost me three good servants. I will not forbid you to take the witch if you can…I wish I were in the position to do so, but I am not a brother and under conditions. But if you do take her, Peter, you must extract an oath that she will not reveal it to anyone, particularly Severus."

"Yes my Lord," Peter replied. That was actually a very wise idea. A very wise idea indeed.

Hermione returned to Hogwarts, stripped off the hated robes and walked into the study. She looked at the time. Severus was still in class for the next three hours. She flopped into the armchair before the fireplace and looked at the horrible list of spells Voldemort was asking for. She was sure she could create them, but she certainly didn't want to.

She read the list:

1. Flesh Eating Spell A spell that will melt the flesh off the body, leaving the skeleton behind.

2. Boneless Spell A spell that will destroy the skeleton and leave the flesh.

3. Heartburst Spell A spell that will explode the heart inside the body.

4. Eye Gouge Spell A spell that will painfully rip eyeballs out of a wizard's head

5. Shredder Spell A spell that will rip the flesh from the body in strips. Must be bloody.

6. Crusher Spell A spell that will crush a wizard to a pulp.

Hermione shuddered. Voldemort was a monster. Only one spell wouldn't cause immediate death, the eye gouging one. But it would disable terribly. Every spell he desired was one that would cause horror and fear in any observer. That was what he wanted, not just to kill but to terrify while killing. She would design the spells for him, but make them so shielding spells easily stopped them. That would give the Order a chance. She couldn't give Albus the spells directly, or she would be busted when they were used on the Death Eaters. Gods, she hated this. She needed to focus on Voldemort's elixir.

She would talk to Severus tonight. That bastard had to die.

The main component of the Dark Lord's elixir was snake venom, milked from his familiar, Nagini, a female king cobra of extraordinary size. The Dark Lord was linked to the snake and immune to her venom, since it was utilized to bring his body back from dissolution. Nagini was almost eighteen feet in length and about equal years of age. Her great size was attributed to her diet, which was mostly muggles.

Her venom, combined with muggle blood and various magical ingredients, kept the Dark Lord alive, at the cost of making him quite reptilian in nature. He kept fires burning constantly in his throne room, because he was affected by the cold, and would become sluggish if the temperature dropped too low. His skin was flesh, but scaly, and every few days he had to be oiled or his skin would dry out, and crack, then scabs would appear.

Peter Pettigrew administered the elixir every three days. During its administration, Voldemort would clear his fortress, because when he consumed the elixir, he went through terrible convulsions and pain, screaming and writhing uncontrollably until it was absorbed into his bloodstream. He didn't want his Death Eaters to witness his weakness and vulnerability. It was important that they believed him to be strong and impervious to pain. Severus was the only other Death Eater besides Peter who knew of Voldemort's momentary helplessness when he imbibed the elixir. If they were to strike, it would be at that moment of weakness.

The difficulty was that the Dark Lord cleared his throne room. Hermione and Severus had been working in her lab at the Dark Lord's stronghold for the past four months, and had produced four of the six horrible spells. Voldemort had his Death Eaters test the boneless spell on a family of muggles with great success. Severus informed Hermione of this, and after a brief period of guilt and remorse, Hermione focused harder than ever on the destruction of the despot.

Hermione was always told beforehand to arrive at a later hour on the days of the Dark Lord's treatment. This gave her his timetable. She knew when he was to be fed. She and Severus needed to be at his stronghold when his feeding occurred, and had to make sure the elixir he was given did not give him strength. The only way to do this was to tamper with it during the distillation process, and the only one who stood a chance to do that would be Hermione when she was observing Peter.

The easiest way to change the elixir would be to change the most important ingredient, the snake venom so its properties would be nullified. Render it harmless. Or even better, substitute it with another poison, one the Dark Lord would be unable to absorb. The couple decided that this would be the most expedient course of action. They would not have to spend precious time experimenting. They would have to pull a switch.

Severus knew the kind of vessel that held the snake venom, and transfigured an ordinary vial to an exact replica. A black bottle with a snake-headed stopper. Hermione researched the best and most potent poison to use, and decided on cobra venom from a different species of cobra. They were looking for one that would react with the other ingredients of the elixir in a similar manner as the King Cobra venom. But since the Dark Lord could only process one type of venom, a substitute should weaken him to helplessness, if not kill him. Severus painstakingly brewed several batches of elixir, using different types of venom with varying results. Most reacted badly. Peter would be instantly alerted that something was wrong with the brewing process. Finally, they found a venom that reacted properly and produced an elixir that looked and smelled like that which Voldemort imbibed. They used the venom of the Ringhals, a type of spitting cobra. It was highly poisonous. It should do the trick.

Hermione took to carrying the black bottle of venom with her whenever she went to work in her lab, disillusioning it so it would not be accidentally exposed. Peter had not yet invited her to watch him distill the elixir. Hermione told Severus she needed to turn the heat up on Peter.

"Turn it up how?" Severus asked her, scowling.

"I think I am going to have to kiss him, Severus," Hermione said with a look of disgust on her face.

"What? No. Absolutely not," Severus said, folding his arms. The idea of the fat, little wizard lips or worse, tongue anywhere near his wife's mouth was revolting.

"Severus, I have to get him more interested. Flirting isn't enough. He needs contact with me to get him started," Hermione said, grimacing at the idea of the wizard getting hot for her.

"What if once started, he doesn't want to stop?" Severus asked her, his brows drawn together murderously.

"I'll stun him. I'll use my ring wand," Hermione said.

"He might not take that well, Hermione," Severus said. But he liked the stunning idea. Hermione could handle herself with spells. She was quick. She could be deadly if she were the killing type. She was, but only where Voldemort was concerned.

Hermione scowled at her husband.

"I'll handle it, Severus. This is a necessary sacrifice…you know what's at stake here. I have only two more spells to complete, and he'll have enough spells to wage the Final Battle. We can't let that happen," she said, putting her hands on her hips and looking up at her husband.

Severus faltered. Hermione was right. He was letting his emotions cloud his judgment. She was a spy just as he was, and she had to make sacrifices too. If she had to kiss, or even fuck Peter Pettigrew, it was something he had to accept, just as she had accepted his fucking other women for Voldemort for several years. He hated the idea of it, and hoped that she was smart enough and manipulative enough to get around Peter without giving him her body.

"All right, Hermione. I will trust you to handle it," he said, defeat clearly in his voice.

Hermione's eyes softened as she looked at her husband. He loved her so much and was obviously torn over what she might have to do to bring down the Dark Lord. But this was the life she had chosen, for both their sakes and the sake of the wizarding world at large. She had to do what she had to do. She only hoped that whatever happened, Severus would be able to live with her decision. She kissed him on the cheek.

"I'll be careful, Severus. I want as little contact with that rat as possible," she said, walking into their bedroom and donning her Death Eater garb. Severus followed her and watched as she pulled on her half-skull mask.

"You're sure you don't want me to come with you?" he asked her.

Hermione looked at him. No way was she taking Severus with her when she might have to kiss Peter. She didn't trust him to control himself.

"I'm sure, Severus. I will see you tonight," she said, patting her pocket and feeling the disillusioned bottle of venom there. She kissed him and disapparated.

Hermione appeared in front of Voldemort's throne and greeted the wizard in her customary way. He again asked her to remove her mask and drank in her beauty before dismissing her to her labs. The Dark Lord was very pleased with Hermione. She was as excellent a Spells Mistress as Severus said she would be. Already he had spells that would decimate and terrify his enemies. There were only two more left. Coupled with the spells he already had, his army would be formidable. He had also enlisted the help of the Manticora, Giants and Vampires. They would cut a large swathe through the opposing forces.

Once he was victorious, his first act would be to dispose of the Spells Mistress and her husband. Severus would no longer be useful, and he was far too dangerous to be allowed to live. And Hermione's usefulness would be over as well. She was also too powerful. She might turn on him later. It would be better to remove her from the equation. Actually, most of his loyal Death Eaters would be in for a surprise. The only one whose position was secure was Peter Pettigrew. He needed him to administer his elixir.

Hermione walked to her lab and entered. She walked over to her notes and sat down. Peter would soon be knocking on her door. He visited her for at least five minutes every evening, staring at her hungrily as he made small talk. But never brought up her visiting his lab to watch him create the elixir. Hermione thought he might have had second thoughts. Well, she would change his mind tonight. She began to work on the next spell, which was the shredder. It was almost completed. The witch looked rather sadly at the cage of nifflers resting on the far countertop. They were happily mouthing the galleons she had placed in their cage, and running on the exercise wheel. The poor things had no idea what was going to happen to them when it came time to test the horrible spell.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Hermione said, knowing it would be Peter.

The fat, balding wizard entered, smiling at the witch.

"Hello, Hermione. You are looking lovely as always," he said, his eyes sweeping over her.

Hermione leaned against the counter provocatively. Peter's eyes widened.

"Why thank you, Peter. You are looking well yourself. Very well," she said, "As a matter of fact, I've been thinking about you and wondering when you'd let me watch you make your potion," she said, "I'm always in this lab. I want to do something…different."

The way Hermione said "different" made Peter throb powerfully.

"Er…how 'different' Hermione?" he asked, moving a little closer to the witch, who was looking at him rather sloe-eyed, making his heart race. Little beads of sweat appeared on his brow.

Hermione steeled herself. Gods, this was going to be disgusting. She walked toward him slowly under she was pressed against his fat little body.

"This 'different,'" she said, kissing him.

Peter was shocked at the contact, but wasted no time wrapping his arms around the witch's waist and snaking his thick tongue into her mouth, tasting her. His chubby hands slid over her ass, and he pulled her against his erection. Peter wasn't huge, but he was a good size.

Hermione gag reflex was desperately trying to make itself known. She began to push away from the wizard, but he was surprisingly strong. She managed to pull her mouth away from him.

"Let me go, Peter," she gasped. The wizard thought it was passion that made Hermione gasp, but he was crushing her to him so hard, she could hardly draw breath. He held on, enjoying her soft body against him.

"Let me go, Peter. Don't make me regret kissing you," Hermione said, already regretting it. That did it. The wizard reluctantly let her go. He stared at her hungrily.

"Am I to take this to mean you've accepted me, Hermione?" he asked her.

"I wanted to see what it would be like to kiss you. I still have to see you brew to make my decision. If I find your technique moving, then most likely, I will accept you. I love a skilled brewer," she said, breathing heavily.

"I am very skilled," Peter said in a low voice, moving toward her again, "Not only in brewing."

Hermione felt the bile rising in her belly and held up her hand to hold the wizard off. Peter stopped.

"Well, that remains to be seen, Peter," she said, moving away from him and back to her notes, signaling there would be no more kisses. The wizard's robe was tented. Hermione looked away, not wanting to see Peter's arousal.

"I will be brewing the elixir tomorrow evening," he said quickly, "I will come for you then."

Hermione smiled at him. It was a very forced smile. She felt sick to her stomach.

"That's wonderful!" she gushed. Then by way of dismissal she said, "I'll see you tomorrow then."

Peter knew he was being dismissed. But he got a chance to kiss and fondle her. It had been heaven. Maybe tomorrow he'd be shagging her in his lab. Merlin, the hours wouldn't pass fast enough. He'd make sure to drink a stamina potion. He wanted this tryst to last.

"All right, Hermione, I will see you tomorrow evening," he said backing out of the lab and closing the door.

Hermione made sure he was gone, ran to the waste pail and vomited. He had tasted like old eggs and Limburger. Circe. What a disgusting wizard.

In his study, Severus was focused on his Hermione's emotion. Waves of apprehension and deep disgust washed over him. She must be interacting with Peter. Then he felt a pulse of anger, then relief and then some more disgust. By her violent reaction, Severus had very little to worry about with Peter Pettigrew, though he hated the idea of the fat gopher touching his wife. He knew Hermione would do everything in her power avoid having sex with him. Severus had the distinct feeling she had gotten physically ill.

The Potions Master wondered if she had made any headway with the wizard.

Knowing Hermione, she had.

When Hermione returned to her rooms, Severus was already in bed. He had an issue of Potions Today for company. He watched as his wife peeled off her Death Eater robes and mask, then ran into the bathroom. There was the sound of water running and intense brushing that lasted well over three minutes. Then there was a gargling sound that also lasted quite a while. Finally Hermione came out, her lips looking rather swollen.

"I take it you kissed Peter," Severus said, an eyebrow arched. He was unable to get angry because of how Hermione had hit the bathroom, trying to scrub and gargle her interlude with the wizard away. He must have tongue-kissed her.

Hermione quickly undressed, put away the hated robes, donned her nightie and jumped into the bed, practically landing on a surprised Severus. She leaned close to him, puckering.

"Kiss me, Severus, quick!" she demanded.

Always ready to oblige his wife, Severus gave her a long, juicy, possessive kiss. Finally Hermione pulled away, panting, then sighed and fell against him.

"Thank you. If you hadn't kissed me quickly, I might have been put off from kissing forever,' she said shuddering.

"That bad, eh?" Severus asked her as she lay with her back against him. He smoothed her hair.

"You have no idea," Hermione said grimacing. "He is truly disgusting."

Severus looked at her, and his curiosity took over.

"Let me see," he said.

Hermione looked at him.

"Severus, if I let you see, you are going to go into a rage and want to kill him and probably shag me into conniptions because you're jealous. I'm not feeling up to getting ridden like you're heading for the home stretch tonight. I'm stressed and tired," she said, moving away from him and laying flat on her back. Severus looked down at her, thinking she was definitely in the wrong position if she didn't want to get ridden.

"I promise I won't kill Peter and I won't 'ride' you tonight," Severus said. He didn't emphasize 'tonight' but he might as well have. He was still feeling possessive, if not actual anger. When he finally got to Hermione, it would come out as it always did, whether tonight, tomorrow or next week. Severus' tool was like an elephant in this respect. It never forgot.

"Fine. Go ahead, Severus. I warn you, it's not pretty," Hermione said.

Severus looked into his wife's mind. He saw Peter entering the lab, and Hermione striking a sexy pose against the counter, and talking suggestively to the wizard, and him responding to her like he was a dog on point. Severus' eyebrows went up as his wife strode toward the fat wizard sexily, pressing her body to his and kissing him. The Potions Master's eyebrows dropped to form the upper half of a thick, black frown when Peter pulled Hermione to him and ground himself against her, his chubby hands sliding over the curve of her ass. His frown got blacker when Hermione pulled away from his mouth and told him to release her and he held on. Finally Peter let her go when she threatened him with regretting the kiss. Hermione walked away from the wizard and sat back down as Peter told her she could watch him brew tomorrow. Hermione dismissed him, then ran to the wastebasket and vomited. Severus withdrew from his wife's mind and looked down at her.

Hermione could see the thought of riding her within an inch of her life flash across Severus' face.

"Don't even think about it, Severus. What I did, I did in the line of duty. Besides, I threw up. That's punishment enough," she said.

"I wasn't thinking anything like that," the Potions Master lied. "But I'm going to kick his ass when this is all over, you can count on that. You may have kissed him, but you didn't give him permission to grope you."

Hermione shuddered.

"Please, Severus, let's not talk about it. My stomach is starting to feel queasy again. It might be worse tomorrow," she said.

"Worse?" Severus asked her.

"Yes. I'll have to distract him before he starts brewing so I can switch the venom. He's going to have to be very distracted," she said in a low voice.

Severus frowned at her.

"What are you going to do?" he asked, a tightness in his chest.

"I don't know," she said honestly. "I'll think of something. Good night, Severus," Hermione said, rolling over on her side.

Severus leaned over her and placed his magazine of Potions Today on the nightstand. He then lay down and spooned around his wife, pulling her into him. He hardened a little and he couldn't help pressing it against her soft buttocks.

"Sleep," Hermione said sleepily.

Severus complied.

It was only a few hours until morning.

Severus reclaimed Hermione early the next morning when he woke with his wake-up erection. Hermione usually let him relieve himself with a morning quickie, and was used to being awakened by him nuzzling her neck as he slid inside of her. Good morning shags were the only time Severus was quick and not intent on bringing her to orgasm. Hermione didn't mind it. He felt wonderful anyway. Besides, when she orgasmed in the morning, she had a hard time getting started on her day, her inclination being to sleep a little longer afterwards.

But this morning, he rode her good and hard, wrapping his arms around Hermione and holding her securely in place as he buried himself in her to the hilt. Severus lasted almost half an hour and Hermione had two full-blown orgasms before he came. He didn't whisper she belonged to him this time, but she knew it had been a 'you're mine" shag because it was so intense and thorough. Afterwards, they showered together, had breakfast in Hermione's rooms, then headed for their respective classes.

Hermione's theory of Spell Making class only had about ten students. It was new, and an elective. It hadn't caught on yet, but the pupils who enrolled were there because they wanted to be. Hermione was glad for the small class, and the students found it interesting, because Hermione would give demonstrations of altered spells, showing them what could be done. A couple of her students expressed interest in pursuing a Spell Making degree, and it made Hermione feel very good to know that she had made that kind of impact on them. She found she enjoyed teaching very much.

After a productive class, Hermione returned to her rooms and set about doing some serious thinking as to how she would distract Peter long enough to pull the switch. She ran over several scenarios in her mind and shuddered as she came to the best possible action. Kissing him and having him grope her had been bad enough. This would be decidedly worse. At least she wouldn't be fucking him or touching any parts of him remotely sexual. She decided that she would have to take a very strong anti-nausea potion before reporting to Voldemort's labs. She also decided not to tell Severus her plan. It would definitely send him off the deep end.

She spent the day centering herself for the evening ahead. She had to play this out exactly right, or Peter might get lucky. Gods…that just couldn't happen. She would have her wand ring just in case. The idea of stunning the fat little bastard appealed to her, too. But she didn't want to have to do that, because then she would have to obliviate him. She had thought about this long and hard, and knew Voldemort often used Legilimency on his aide, and might get suspicious if he came across the obliviation signature in Peter's mind. Wiping memories always left a small glitch on the mind of the victim, easily identifiable by anyone familiar with obliviation. Hermione had no doubt the Dark Lord was quite familiar with it. So she would have to pull this off leaving Peter's mind intact.

The hours of the day seemed to pass extremely quickly. Severus arrived after class and knew immediately that something was disturbing his wife. She wouldn't tell him what, but he had a good idea. She had to pull the switch tonight and distract Peter. When the time arrived for her to depart for Voldemort's stronghold, Severus pulled her into his arms.

"Hermione, you are a strong, intelligent witch. You will be successful, don't worry. Do what you need to do," he told her, kissing her on the mouth lightly. She needed his support and he gave it to her, along with his blessing.

This made Hermione feel better about her plans. Her husband seemed to really understand that she had to make sacrifices like he did. She felt a new resolve.

"Thank you, Severus," she said, her amber eyes looking up at him with love. Then she gave him a tentative little smile and disapparated.

When she arrived at the throne room, Peter and the Dark Lord were engaged in deep conversation. Voldemort nodded at her and waved her through. He was too busy to ogle her this time. Hermione walked to her lab and tried to focus on the spell she was working on. The shredder spell was horrible effective. The poor nifflers she tried it on were ripped to bloody shreds as they keened in agony, Hermione crying the entire time. She hated the Dark Lord for his twisted imagination. Hated him for making her do this. Well, hopefully he would soon be a bad memory.

A knock sounded on the door, and Peter walked in, not waiting for her to invite him. He was the one with the power this time. He smiled at her a bit lasciviously.

"Are you ready to watch me work, Hermione?" he asked her.

Hermione smiled at him sexily.

"I most certainly am, Peter. I'm all excited already," she gushed, taking the fat wizard's arm. Peter patted her hand.

"I'm certain you'll be impressed by my technique, Hermione. I am quite adept at making this elixir. I could do it with my eyes closed," he said, giving her a toothy grin as he escorted her out of the door and down the hall to his lab. His teeth were discolored.

Peter opened the door for Hermione and let her into the lab, his eyes on her ass as he followed her. Merlin, he wanted to hit that. He stopped at the counter. Hermione could see he had the cauldron and distiller going. The ingredients were neatly arranged on the counter a little distance from the glassworks. She saw the bottle of venom. It was within reach.

Peter explained what the ingredients were as he began to add them to the cauldron. The last ingredient would be the venom. Hermione watched as he went through each, her stomach clenching. She had to do something. She started opening her robes. She had worn a very low cut shirt and push-up bra that made her cleavage drool-worthy.

"Peter," she said, "You are sooooo methodical. I love a methodical man,' she breathed. Peter turned and saw her luscious cleavage. His fat fingers flexed. Hermione hesitated then walked up to him.

"Your hands are so sure when you're adding measurements. I bet they are sure when they do other things," she said in a low, suggestive voice.

"They are. Very sure," he breathed, looking at her milky globes and almost salivating.

Hermione moved to the counter near the venom.

"Touch me, Peter, I want to feel your hands," she said.

Peter went for her breasts immediately, fondling them roughly. Hermione bit her lip to stop from screaming at his touch.

"Hermione," he breathed, his panting reminding her of a bulldog. "Can I kiss them?"

"Yes," Hermione said, her face contorting. Peter thought it was lust and buried his face in her cleavage, his thick lips slurping and his tongue licking away. Hermione reached into her robe pocket, removed the bottle and did the switch, Peter's face buried in her chest, pressing her breasts around it. Hermione gasped and he looked up.

"Accept me, Hermione," he drooled, "Let me take you here, now." He pawed at her breasts then tried to slide his hand into the front of her jeans. Hermione squirmed away from him, and he followed her, breathing as if he were going to pass out. Hermione pushed him back, and he scowled at her.

"Peter, I will accept you," Hermione said. The wizard's face contorted with lust and he moved toward her again. Hermione pressed herself against the door, holding him off.

"But not here. I want a bed and some privacy with you," she said as Peter eyed her lustfully, "That way we can do it all. Everything."

"I can get us a room in Knockturn Alley," Peter breathed at her, his erection so hard he could hardly think. "This evening…after you are done in the lab."

"No, I have to go straight home. Severus always expects me at a certain time. He'd get suspicious. He doesn't want me to have sex with any of the brothers…" she said, "but I want you soooo bad, Peter."

Oh gods. How over the top did she have to go?

"When then?" Peter asked, redfaced.

"What night are you feeding the Dark Lord?" Hermione asked him.

"The night after next," he replied, his eyes darkening as Hermione fastened her robes, covering her magnificent breasts.

"We'll do it then, after you've completed your task for our Lord," Hermione said, easing the door open. "Make the reservations for ten or so. I'll come up with an excuse for Severus."

"Why are you leaving?" Peter asked her, scowling now.

"I…I…don't trust myself with you, Peter, and I want to do this right," she replied.

So he was that irresistible to her was he? Understandable.

Peter grasped her hand and gave it a sloppy, wet, sucking kiss. Hermione shuddered at the thought of those lips on her body.

"Very well, Hermione. I will make the reservations tomorrow," he said, his voice going gravelly. "And I promise you an experience you will never forget."

"I'm sure," Hermione said, withdrawing her saliva-streaked hand. "Until then, Peter."

"Goodbye, Hermione," he said, watching her walk back down to her labs, his eyes on her ass. Gods, he couldn't wait. He turned back to the brewing, and added the bottle of venom to the elixir. It turned a muddy brown, just as it was supposed to before being distilled.

He whistled as he worked, idly imagining the positions he would put Hermione in, and her lips wrapped around his tool. Gods, she was beautiful, and in two days, she'd be all his.

Even the anti-nausea potion couldn't keep Hermione for puking her guts out the moment she entered the lab. She couldn't even make it to the waste can, and splattered the floor with her dinner. It was a good thing she ate light…it could have been so much worse. She wanted a bath badly. She could feel Peter's saliva drying on the swell of her breasts. It had been awful.

She scourgified herself and the floor, but she still felt dirtied. Severus would have to wipe the stench of him from her body when she came home. And under no conditions would she show him how she distracted Peter. Despite her husband's declaration of support, this was something that would make him kill the wizard, she was sure of it. As disgusting as Peter was, she didn't want to see him dead. Maybe beaten a bit, but not dead.

She set about working on the next spell. Tomorrow she would find a way to have the Dark Lord allow her to be in her lab when he took his elixir. Then, it would be time to strike.

Hermione would exact her revenge.

Severus' and Hermione's plot to destroy Voldemort was kept a secret from the Headmaster, who would have forbidden them to act in any way that would go against the Prophecy, and Harry's role in the Dark Lord's destruction. In fact, the only one who knew that the couple were going to attempt to destroy Voldemort was Harry, who was grateful for any help he could get. Unlike Albus, the Auror wasn't sure he could defeat the Dark Lord, despite all his preparation and training over the years. The weight of Voldemort's destruction had been on his shoulders ever since his fifth year, when Albus told him of the Prophecy, and it had been a heavy weight indeed.

Living his life knowing that it would all boil down to a life and death face-off with Voldemort had taken much of the joy out of it for him. Harry had become quite withdrawn and was afraid to become involved with anyone, for fear they would be targeted and killed. Although many supportive people surrounded him, Harry lived a very lonely life. He wanted this to be over, and hoped beyond hope that Hermione and the Professor could find a way to destroy Voldemort without a Final Battle ever happening. The-Boy-Who-Lived kept silent about their plans, knowing Albus would throw a stone in the works if he found out.

As far as the Headmaster knew, Hermione's only role as a spy was collecting and sharing information on the spells Voldemort wanted developed. This information was given directly to Albus, and Albus alone. In turn, he would give the information to the Order members on a needto-know basis.

One of the results of Hermione's information was that it was now the standard mode of operation that Order members cast Shielding spells whenever they engaged Death Eaters. This new directive was met with some consternation, because it was difficult to fight with raised shielding. It took the loss of two disobedient Order members to the Flesh Eating spell, before the importance of following the directive set in.

As far as the most of the members of the Order knew, Hermione was a spy like Severus, who collected information on the Dark Lord. They did not know that the witch actually developed the horrible spells the Death Eaters were using against them. If they had known that, despite her being an Order member, there would have been much resentment against her as well as doubts about where her true loyalty lay, as was the case with Severus, who many Order members did not trust.

Hermione did not attend Order meetings. The reason for this was that Hermione was new among the Dark Lord's ranks, a known associate of Harry Potter and most likely being watched by other Death Eaters closely until her loyalty could be proven beyond a doubt. The Death Eaters were a very competitive group, and always on the lookout for some information that could move them up in the Dark Lord's hierarchy. No doubt some of the students at Hogwarts had been recruited to keep an eye on the Spells Mistress by their parents as well. The Headmaster didn't want to take the chance Hermione would be discovered, so had Severus debrief her concerning the meetings. He felt this was the safest way to protect her double role.

Hermione's next challenge was to get Voldemort to allow her to be on the premises during his feeding. She took a calculated risk that could mean her discovery and death if she and Severus were not successful. When she arrived to work the following night, she informed Voldemort that she could have the final spell completed the next night, if she could garner a couple of extra hours. The Dark Lord was not known for his patience, and instead of telling her to wait, he gave her permission to work her usual lab hours.

"You must remain in your lab until Peter comes to let you know it is safe for you to exit," the Dark Lord said, his red eyes slitted, "If you are found out of your lab at anytime before that, you will be severely punished, Hermione. I do not allow my Death Eaters on the premises when I am feeding. I am making a great allowance for you. Do not disappoint me."

Hermione thanked Voldemort and went to her lab. Of course, she was nowhere near completing the last spell. If they failed to kill the Dark Lord, he would know she had lied to him and most likely was part of the plot to destroy him. Hermione could count on a painful death in that case. She and Severus both. They had gone too far. There was no backing out now.

Hermione and Severus found strength and comfort in each other's arms that night. It could be that this would be the last night they spent together, and the couple made love into the wee hours of the morning, memorizing each other's bodies and sharing words of love.

Severus planned to follow his wife to the stronghold. The Dark Lord's protection around his domain would drop when he went into convulsions, he counted on Peter to maintain the wards for him. Hermione would take the fat, wizard out, making the stronghold vulnerable and Severus would be able to enter at Voldemort's moment of weakness. He would be closely monitoring his wife's emotional state. It would tell him when she made her move and struck the wizard down and he would apparate to her side.

As part of their preparations, Severus and Hermione prepared a joint statement of what they had attempted, the efforts they had made to destroy Voldemort, and why they had done so. Hermione also put with the parchment, the spells she had created, so the Order would have them to even the odds against them in the Final Battle, should the couple fail. There were also two wills instructing Albus what to do with their worldly goods. This parchment was linked to both the Potions Master and the Spells Mistress, and would be magically transported to the Headmaster's desk in the event of their deaths, when that link would be broken.

That evening, Severus held his wife close before she left for the Dark Lord's lab.

"I will be there," he said, "I will be by your side Hermione, until death."

Hermione looked up at him.

"I know you will, Severus…but let's focus on 'life'" she replied, kissing him.

The Potions Master reluctantly released his wife. Hermione gave him a smile and disapparated.

He would always remember that small, brave smile.

Peter Pettigrew whistled as he stood nude in front of the mirror in his small, bare room. A twin-sized bed, a dresser and a rickety chair were the room's only adornments. The walls were made of gray-ridged stone. The Dark Lord provided him with only the barest necessities.

The wizard lifted his belly a little so he could examine his tool. It was erect, and had been in a perpetual state of arousal since he woke up this morning. After all, today was the day he would get Severus' wife in the sack. He intended to experience all Hermione's charms. He couldn't wait to taste her.

In celebration of his upcoming shagfest with Hermione Snape, Peter had actually showered, though not very well. He had rushed through his toilette and was now liberally applying a very loud, cheap scent to his rotund, hairy body. Peter had thick, brown hair pretty much everywhere except the top of his head and the back of his hands. He even had hair on his plump ass, probably some holdover from his animagus form of a rat. He looked like a squat, little bear, though in his mind his body hair was the epitome of manliness. Hair was manly, right? Right.

The wizard examined his teeth. They were still discolored, light shades of yellow, green and gray. His two front teeth were slightly larger than the rest, giving him a rodent-like appearance when he smiled. He imagined he'd be smiling quite a bit tonight while riding the delicious witch's body. She would be here shortly.

Peter had made reservations at the "Quick Stop" motel in Knockturn Alley. You could rent the rooms by the hour there, but you had to change your own bedding. He booked it for the hours between ten and two, figuring that was enough time to fully explore Hermione. He turned in the mirror, looking at his back and buttocks, flexing a little. Peter knew he wasn't as attractive as many wizards, but believed Hermione was attracted to him because of his connection to the Dark Lord. It made him a powerful wizard to know, and witches often shagged him because of his position and not any great attraction for him. Peter didn't care. He'd take them any way he could get them. Hermione was no different.

He pulled on his boxers, and slipped his robes on. No need to be overdressed. He was hoping Hermione would be naked under her robes, or only in her underwear. Less time spent undressing that way. He couldn't wait to see her naked breasts again. They had been magnificent at the ritual, and were full and firm in his hands last night. He stiffened, fighting the urge to ejaculate at the thought of them. He failed, his little eyes rolling up in his head as he grunted, filling his boxers with come. Shit. He lost a load. That would be one less for Hermione.

The wizard quickly scourgified himself, checked himself in the mirror, smoothing down the hair on the sides of his head with his hands. There, he looked as good as he was going to get. He exited his room and entered the throne room to wait for Hermione with the Dark Lord. He walked up to the throne and bowed to Voldemort, who was sitting his chin propped up by his hand, looking bored. The wizard's red eyes looked down at his servant. Then the thin slits of his nostrils pulsated, and his tongue flicked out, tasting the air. The Dark Lord sat straight up in his throne.

"Peter," he said, his eyes narrowing in distaste, "What in the world is that awful scent?"

Peter looked up at him.

"My cologne, my Lord," he replied, reddening a little.

"Cologne? It smells like Manticora piss," Voldemort replied, his face contorting slightly. He waved his wand at Peter, scourgifying him thoroughly. He looked at the wizard with curiosity.

"Why did you find it necessary to drench yourself in such a foul-smelling solution?" Voldemort asked. His face was still scrunched up from the remaining scent in the air.

"Tonight I'm going to bed Hermione Snape, my Lord," Peter replied a little proudly.

Voldemort's scaly brows lifted.

"Don't tell me the witch has accepted you?" he said in disbelief.

"Yes, she has succumbed to my charms, my Lord," Peter affirmed.

Voldemort wondered why Hermione would accept Peter. Maybe she and Severus had a falling out after the ritual, and the witch was just horny. She didn't see many other Death Eater males. Voldemort kept her rather secluded since she was a muggle-born. Peter was probably the only one who approached her. Since the pickings were slim, she must have just taken what was available. Either way, Peter was a very lucky wizard. Voldemort didn't often envy him.

"You are extremely fortunate Peter. I hope you take full advantage of her charms," Voldemort said. "She is quite luscious, as Severus showed us at the ritual."

"Yes, my Lord. I intend to take her fully. This might be my only time so I am going to make sure I am completely sated," the fat little wizard replied.

"Very good, Peter. Be sure to get the Oath of secrecy from her. Severus will castrate you if he finds out, if not kill you," Voldemort said, his red eyes glittering. "And I want you to come to me directly and share your memories of the act. The witch is lovely and I would enjoy seeing her taken again. Be sure and do a good job of it."

The Dark Lord had witnessed Peter's sexual prowess at the Revels. He was enthusiastic, if nothing else. But his performances weren't that exciting to watch. Hopefully he would show some finesse with the witch.

Suddenly there was a clap of thunder, and the topic of their conversation appeared. Peter's tongue almost lolled out at the sight of her. Hermione curtsied.

"Good evening, my Lord," she said to Voldemort.

"Good evening, Hermione. Rise and remove your mask," Voldemort said, eyeing her.

Hermione did so and was once again subjected to the Dark Lord's lust perusal. Suddenly she sniffed and turned a little green.

"What is that awful smell?" she asked, her face frowned terribly.

"Manticora piss," Voldemort replied, his eyes shifting toward Peter, who ducked his head. Good thing the Dark Lord scourgified him. Hermione obviously wouldn't have liked his cologne.

Hermione had no idea why the throne room would smell of Manticora urine, but this was the Dark Lord. There was probably some twisted reason for it that she didn't really want to know. The Dark Lord looked at the witch intently.

"I understand you have accepted my servant to be your lover tonight," Voldemort said to the witch, a scaly eyebrow raised at her.

Oh gods. Did Peter brag to the Dark Lord? Merlin. This was horrible.

"Yes, my Lord," Hermione replied, reddening.

Voldemort looked at her speculatively.

"Your husband won't like it, Hermione," the Dark Lord said.

"What Severus doesn't know won't hurt me," she responded, giving the Dark Lord a crafty smile. He nodded approvingly. The witch did have some dark, deceitful tendencies. Very good.

"Very well, Hermione. I hope you find Peter to be all you want him to be. Now, it is time for you to go to your lab. Remember my warning. Do not leave it until Peter comes to you and gives you clearance," Voldemort said warningly. "If you do, my wrath will be great."

"Yes, my Lord. I will remain in my lab. Thank you, my Lord." Hermione said curtseying again before heading for the door that led to the lab area. Both Peter and Voldemort watched her go.

"Exquisite," Voldemort breathed, then his red eyes turned toward Peter, who was still staring at the door Hermione passed through. Again the Dark Lord felt a burst of envy. After the Final Battle, he'd possess the witch before he killed her. That thought made him feel better. Voldemort looked at the smitten Peter and felt a pulse of irritation.

"It is almost time for my feeding, Peter," he snapped at the wizard, startling him out of his reverie. He had been imagining Hermione on her knees pleasuring him.

"Yes, my Lord," Peter said, going to retrieve the elixir.

Hermione's stomach was in knots. She entered her lab, leaving the door cracked so she could see when Peter entered to retrieve the elixir for the Dark Lord. She sat at the counter and pretended to study her notes. She heard Peter walking down the hall, and pause outside her door. He pushed it open a bit.

"The reservations are made, Hermione. We have the room from ten to two," Peter said.

Hermione forced a smile. "I can't wait, Peter," she crooned at him.

Peter grinned. "Me either. You are in for quite a night of pleasure," he replied, "I have to feed the Dark Lord now. I will see you in a bit." He pulled the door closed and continued to his lab.

Hermione couldn't believe it. He rented a room for four hours? At least he could have rented it for the entire night, rather than timing their supposed interlude. What a pig he was. She was looking forward to stunning the little bastard.

She heard Peter walk back down the hall and exit to the throne room. She tensed up. Gods, this was it. Hermione walked to the door of her lab, opened it and disillusioned herself. Then she stepped into the hallway and furtively headed for the door to the throne room. She opened it slightly, peering out. She could see the Dark Lord standing before his throne, his arms outstretched as Peter unbuttoned his robes and removed them. Hermione blanched. The Dark Lord was naked, his thin scaly ass turned toward her. He was almost like a living skeleton, he was so thin. No wonder he wore such voluminous robes. To add some size to his slim body. Hermione noted he did not have his wand.

She watched as Peter offered the Dark Lord a bowl. Voldemort took it, raised it to his lips and drank it down, handing it back to Peter after he consumed its contents. Peter stepped a good distance away from the wizard.

She heard Peter mutter a ward, presumably keeping up the protection that Voldemort had to let down while he underwent the effects of the elixir. Peter's ward was nowhere near as strong as Voldemort's, because the Dark Lord maintained it constantly, and was able to tell when someone was attempting to get past it. Peter's ward was like any other…meant to block entrance only. Voldemort would pick it back up when he recovered. He was at his most vulnerable now.

Back at Hogwarts, Severus was finishing his preparations. He examined his knives carefully. He would need them. He wrapped them securely, tied and miniaturized them, placing them in his robes pocket. He could sense Hermione's nervousness and excitement. He was waiting until her emotion became one of need, then he would disapparate directly to her. He waited tensely for her call.

Hermione watched as the Dark Lord stood, his arms outstretched. Nothing was happening yet. Didn't the elixir work? She chewed her lip nervously.

Peter was watching the Dark Lord closely, waiting for the inevitable reaction. Then it began. The Dark Lord let out a high-pitched groan, and clutched his arms around his mid-section, bending slightly. He began to stagger, the groan becoming more intense. Then he fell, rolled to his back and stretched out, arching up from the stone floor. He let out a scream and began to shudder violently, so violently his body shifted about on the floor. He screamed again and flipped over.

Hermione watched in horror as the Dark Lord began to slither about the floor like a snake, his body impossibly limber as he undulated, hissing as he moved. Peter stepped back a little farther as the Dark Lord slithered in his direction. Then suddenly, he screamed again and flipped to his back, his limbs going all askew and lashing out, his body contorting as scream after scream erupted from him. He went through several minutes of the agony, his body flipping back and forth, sometimes flopping like a fish, sometimes twisting in almost impossible angles. Hermione couldn't understand why none of his bones were breaking.

Suddenly he fell still, his thin chest rising and falling. Hermione could see his cock. It was impossibly long and thin. Then it writhed on its own, curling upon itself and Hermione covered her mouth in horror. His cock was like an actual living snake, moving independently. Then it fell back against his leg and stilled.

"Peter! Peter, something is wrong!" the Dark Lord cried out at the wizard. "I can't move!"

This was it.

Peter began to walk toward the stricken wizard when Hermione dashed out of the door and hit him with a stunner. The wizard dropped heavily. Hermione then performed a full body bind on him, and removed her disillusionment spell. She walked over to the Dark Lord and looked down on him. He really couldn't move, but he could speak.

"What? What are you doing out here? What have you done to my servant? You shall be punished! You shall die for this!" the Dark Lord lisped at her.

Hermione looked at him calmly, hatred in her eyes.

"No my Lord. I believe it is you who will be punished, and you who will die," Hermione said to him softly.

Suddenly there was a clap of thunder, and Severus appeared next to Hermione. His black eyes looked down at the stricken Dark Lord without expression.

"Severus! My loyal servant! Help me! I will reward you greatly," the Dark Lord said to him imploringly.

Severus considered him.

"Seeing you helpless like this is almost a reward in itself, my Lord," he said coldly.

"What? What do you mean, Severus?" the Dark Lord asked, his red eyes beginning to cloud up with fear.

"I mean, your day of reckoning has come upon you. It is time for you to pay for your crimes. It is time to rid myself of your evil," Severus said.

Hermione continued to look down on the naked wizard with contempt in her eyes. At last, the Dark Lord was fallen.

Severus looked over at the stunned and bound Peter Pettigrew, then at his wife.

"Peter's going to be very disappointed, wife," he said, smirking at her.

"He'll get over it," Hermione replied, her eyes not moving from the Dark Lord.

Severus walked over to the stunned wizard, and kicked him squarely in the face.

"Severus!" Hermione cried.

Severus ignored her and began kicking the wizard viciously all over his rotund body until he was panting and exhausted. Peter was bloody and bruised. Severus had broken his nose and kicked out a few of his discolored teeth.

"He's lucky that's all I did to him," Severus growled, looking over at Hermione. "I looked in your mind while you were sleeping. I saw what you had to do to switch the venom."

Hermione swallowed. Peter was indeed lucky.

Severus grabbed the broken wizard by his robes and hauled him up.

"Stay here with Voldemort. I will be right back," he said, disillusioning himself then disapparating with Peter.

Hermione turned her eyes back on Voldemort.

The wizard looked up at her with hatred.

"I accepted you as one of mine," he hissed at her, "I treated you as well as any pureblood. I never laid a hand on you."

Hermione scowled down at him.

"Yes you did. You ordered my husband to hurt me for your pleasure. You ordered him to brutalize me, to break me to satisfy your lust. You hoped I'd hate him for it, but I know who really injured me. It was you. I've only hated you, and dreamed of this moment. You're going to die Voldemort. For your crimes against Harry, for your crimes against the wizarding community, for your crimes against muggles and muggle-borns and especially for your crimes against me. I have never before wished anyone's death…but you, my Lord, you are the exception," Hermione said.

"I have a great destiny!" the Dark Lord declared.

"Only those with a future have a destiny, my Lord," Hermione replied, "You are meeting your destiny right now."

There was a crack of thunder. Then Severus removed the disillusionment spell.

"Where's Peter?" Hermione asked him.

Severus gave her a crooked grin.

Two Aurors walked out of the Ministry building, intent on grabbing a bite at the Three Broomsticks before heading home. One of them stumbled over something rather large. Both Aurors looked down to see a fat and obviously beaten wizard lying on the ground. They peered closer.

"Blimey, that's Peter Pettigrew. I thought he was dead," one Auror said in amazement as he looked at the bleeding wizard at his feet. "Someone's given him a good working over."

"Yeah," the other Auror agreed, cocking his head at the bound man. "then dropped him off here. Better get some help."

The first Auror ran inside while the other stood guard over Peter.

"Peter fucking Pettigrew. Imagine that," he said, shaking his head.

Severus and Hermione looked down on the prone body of Voldemort. The Dark Lord looked up at them maliciously, his red eyes glittering. How dare they put him in this position. They were mere peons. They were not worthy to kill him. The Dark Lord tried to move. His pinky finger moved a little. Maybe his paralysis was wearing off.

"What do you want to do, Hermione?" Severus asked his wife.

"Kill him," Hermione hissed viciously. "I want to kill him myself. With the Killing Curse."

Hermione had never cast the curse before, but knew one had to have the power of hatred behind it, to make the curse work. She had enough hate in her to kill a hundred Voldemorts.

Severus looked down at the paralyzed wizard.

"No. That is too easy a death for the likes of him, Hermione. He has to suffer before he dies," Severus said, his black eyes raking over the Dark Lord, who now had feeling in his arms and legs. He was coming around quickly. He lay very still, hoping to catch the couple by surprise.

Hermione looked at Severus, her brow furrowed. She could kill the Dark Lord with the curse, but she had no stomach for torture.

"Severus, I can't do torture," she said quietly, "As much as he deserves to suffer, I simply can't do it."

Severus shifted his black eyes toward his wife.

"You won't have to, Hermione. I want you to leave him with me. I assure you, he will be dead by morning," Severus said, "And I will make sure that his death is a painful one and alert the wizarding world to his demise afterwards. Will that satisfy your lust for revenge?"

Hermione looked down at Voldemort. He had tortured her husband for years. He had harmed her, but that was only one instance. Severus had much more invested in the wizard's cruelty. She knew Severus would do the job right.

"Yes," she said, frowning down at Voldemort, "that would satisfy me, Severus."

Hermione wished she could stay and watch her husband slowly kill the wizard, but she didn't have the stomach for it. It would haunt her for the rest of her life.

Suddenly Voldemort sat up and tried to fire the Killing curse at Hermione.

"Avada Kedavra!" he shouted, thrusting his hands toward the startled witch.

Severus was caught by surprise. But nothing happened. The Dark Lord looked shocked, and Severus kicked him in the face, knocking him back down to the ground. Voldemort had tried to kill Hermione wandlessly. Bad, bad move.

Since the elixir did not contain Nagini's venom, he was not restored magically. In effect, Voldemort was magic-less. A muggle. A very ugly muggle. The Dark Lord's hand went to his bleeding mouth as he lay on the ground, looking up at the Potions Master with blatant hatred.

"You just tried to kill my wife," Severus seethed at him, his brows drawn together.

He turned to Hermione, who was shaking at the close call.

"Are you all right, Hermione?" Severus asked her, gripping her by the shoulders. He had almost lost her, again.

"I'm fine, Severus," she replied, her voice quavering.

"Good," Severus said, turning to the Dark Lord again. "I think it is time to leave us, wife."

Hermione nodded.

"Make him pay, Severus. For everything. For every evil act he's ever done, for every innocent he's ever killed or had killed," she whispered, her eyes alight with hatred as she looked down on the Dark Wizard for the last time.

"I promise you, I will Hermione. He will pay, believe me," the Potions Master replied.

In her small room off the hallway, next to Peter's lab, Nagini felt her Master's distress. Her door was never completely closed, and the snake nudged it open and slid down the hall, heading for the throne room. Hermione had left the door open when she ran out to stun Peter. The snake slithered to the door and looked out. She saw her Master on the ground and two Death Eaters standing over him. The snake could feel Voldemort's fear and knew he was in danger. Nagini watched as the smaller Death Eater disapparated. Now there was only one. Better odds.

The snake didn't hiss, but slid quietly toward the Potions Master who was leaning over her master. The wizard grabbed him by the throat and pulled him to his feet. He was choking Voldemort.

Voldemort was gasping for air as Severus cut off his supply. The wizard saw Nagini, and mentally called for her help. The snake sped up, closing in on the unsuspecting Professor. Voldemort's eyes shifted just a little too quickly and Severus noticed it. Not bothering to turn around, Severus released the Dark Lord and leapt away, just as Nagini struck. The snake missed him. Nagini reared up, spreading her hood and hissing dangerously, trying to protect Voldemort, who moved behind her.

Severus scowled at the snake for a moment. He had always hated it. The Potions Master thrust out his hand and blasted the snake to bloody, wriggling bits, much of which coated Voldemort.

"NOOO, NAGINI!" Voldemort cried out as his faithful familiar was destroyed before his eyes. He brushed the pieces of the snake from his naked skin helplessly, then looked at Severus hatefully.

"You killed my familiar," he hissed at the Potions Master

"Yes. Yes I did. It was very satisfying," Severus replied, unbuttoning his robes.

"What are you doing?" the Dark Lord asked him.

"I'm going to give you a chance to defend yourself, my Lord, wizard to wizard, sans magic," Severus replied, removing his robe, and starting on his cuffs.

The Dark Lord quailed. He was no match for Severus. He hadn't fought anyone physically in years.

"I am no match for you," the Dark Lord said, watching as Severus unbuttoned his shirt.

Severus paused.

"I know," he said, smiling slightly as he removed his shirt, "that's what's going to make this so enjoyable."

The Dark Lord began to back up, his eyes flicking desperately around the room. They fell on his throne. His wand was lying in the seat. He ran for the dais, Severus taking off behind him.

The Dark Lord was surprisingly quick, he reached the dais, grabbed his wand and pointed it at Severus, who skidded to a stop.

"Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort hissed, hatred dripping from the lisped syllables.

Again, nothing happened.

"Shit!" Voldemort cursed, flinging the wand at Severus, who threw up his arms, the wand bouncing harmlessly off them. Voldemort attempted to run again. This time Severus caught him, turned him and hit him in the face with a crushing right cross that knocked the naked thin wizard across the throne room. Voldemort staggered to keep his footing as Severus walked toward him slowly.

"Defend yourself, my Lord. I'm giving you a sporting chance," Severus said in a low voice.

Voldemort took a swing at him, but Severus slipped it, and hit him in the solar plexus with such force, the Dark Lord bent over, then dropped to his knees, heaving and gasping. Severus looked down at him.

"Come on," he said coldly, backing up so Voldemort could rise.

After a few moments, Voldemort rose, putting his hands up in an attempt to defend himself.

"That's better," Severus said, moving in again. He swung again, plowing through Voldemort's upraised hands and hitting his chin with a satisfying crunch, breaking the wizard's jaw. Voldemort fell again, holding his ruined jaw. He was going to be beaten to death by his servant.

"Get up!" Severus hissed.

Voldemort struggled to regain his footing. He stood up and faced Severus, who leapt on the Dark Lord and began beating him mercilessly and brutally, his fists slamming into his face and body over and over again, knocking him around the throne room, and dragging him up off the floor by his throat when he fell, pummeling him until he heard the satisfying cracking of ribs. Finally he stopped. The Dark Lord was on the ground, kneeling on all fours, blood running from his mouth and nose, his scaly face swollen horribly, his red eyes puffed to slits. He had never known such pain. Severus looked down on him, his fists covered with blood.

"Now that you have been properly tenderized, my Lord, I am ready for the next part of my revenge. You have watched me and others brutalize women for your enjoyment for years. You ordered the most horrible acts performed on them while you were a casual observer," Severus said. "You ordered me to brutalize my wife, and you watched as I practically destroyed her for your pleasure."

He walked around the wizard and stood behind him.

"Let's see how you like being on the receiving end, you sick fuck," Severus snarled, undoing his pants and lowering the front of his silk boxers.

"NOOOOO!" Voldemort cried.

The Potions Master didn't seem to hear him.

It was eight o'clock in the morning when the early risers of Hogsmeade heard the sudden crack of thunder as it echoed from the middle of the street. Suddenly a body appeared, followed by another crack of thunder.

People gasped and approached the bleeding, naked, broken body cautiously. They looked down. Shouts went up.

"It's the Dark Lord! He's dead!"

Yes, it was Voldemort…or what was left of him. His entire body except for his face, was flayed of flesh, red and glistening. At some points, his broken ribs showed through. Blood oozed from between his buttocks, from his loins and from his neck. His throat was cut, and he had something hanging out of his mouth. Closer examination showed it was his long, snakelike cock, the balls still attached. Pandemonium broke out as people ran, screaming the news.

There was no doubt about it. Voldemort was dead.

Hermione was sitting in the armchair in the study, when she heard the crack of apparition. Severus had returned and walked out of the bedroom. He looked exhausted.

Hermione jumped up and ran to him, flinging herself into his arms. Although Voldemort had been helpless when she left, she was still worried about her husband.

"Are you all right, Severus?" she asked him, clinging to him, savoring the comforting hardness of his body.

"I'm fine, Hermione," he said, looking down at her. "And the Dark Lord is dead. His evil will never touch us again."

Hermione absorbed this. It felt unreal. The Dark Lord was gone.

"How did you kill him?" she asked her husband.

"Slowly and painfully," the Potions Master replied, his eyes going cold at the memory of skinning the screaming wizard. "He suffered, believe me."

Hermione nodded. Severus looked closely at her, noticing the dark circles under her eyes.

"Didn't you sleep at all last night?" he asked her.

"I couldn't sleep, knowing you were with Voldemort. I was worried," she replied, tightening her hold on him. Severus caressed her hair.

"You shouldn't have been. Come on, let's get some sleep," he said, walking with her back to their bedroom.

"But what about classes?" Hermione said, looking up at her husband.

Severus smirked.

"I have a feeling classes will be cancelled today," he replied.

And he was right.

The news of Voldemort's mysterious and brutal death spread across the wizarding world like wildfire. The Daily Prophet put out a hasty mid-morning edition to cover the event. Albus Dumbledore suspended classes indefinitely, stunned at the death of the Dark Lord without Harry Potter's involvement.

Who had done this?

Albus sat in his office at his desk, a strange look on his face. Fawkes trilled in the background trying to comfort the old wizard. The Prophecy hadn't been set in stone after all, and Harry wasn't the hero the Headmaster thought he was destined to be. They could have attacked Voldemort at any time, rather than wait for him to initiate the Final Battle. So many had died because of his decision to follow Sybil Trelawney's prediction. It had seemed so real, so authentic.

Dumbledore folded his hands in front of him. He had made a costly and grievous error in judgment. But nothing could be done about that now. Now that the threat of Voldemort had been extinguished, he had a future to plan. But before he began that, he needed to have a word with one Potions Master and his brilliant little wife.

Harry was in the Ministry cafeteria having breakfast when he heard the news.

"They've just brought in Voldemort's body!" an excited Auror shouted through the cafeteria doors. Harry was stunned at the announcement. He sat there, his coffee held frozen mid-air as his fellow Aurors all raced past him. The cafeteria was empty, except for him. Slowly, he put his coffee back down on the table.

They had done it. The gods bless them. Hermione and Snape had killed Voldemort. He was free. Free.

Harry began to shake as the reality of the Dark Lord's death sunk in. The apprehension and fear that he had held in for all these years finally was released. He hadn't been able to show his weakness. Everyone was counting on him and he had to appear strong and confident when he never really was. The-Boy-Who-Lived was willing to fight the Dark Lord, but he wasn't sure that he could beat him. Now he would never know if he would have been victorious. But that didn't matter. Harry had never wanted to be a hero. He only wanted to be free to live his own life. Now, that was possible. Now he could do the things he had put on hold all his life. Find a girlfriend. Take a vacation. Leave the Ministry and pursue a Quidditch career. And so much more.

His trembling slowed, then stopped. Harry pushed his glasses up on his nose and turned his green eyes toward the cafeteria exit. He had to see Voldemort for himself. He had to know it was really true.

Harry exited the cafeteria and took the elevator up to the main floor of the Ministry. It was full of people milling around. Aurors, Ministry Officials, reporters and photographers. He pushed through the crowd until he came to a room blocked by Aurors, who had their arms locked together, holding back the crowd. They all looked at Harry.

"Come for a look, Potter?" one of the Aurors asked him.

Pale, Harry nodded.

"If anyone's got a right to look at him, it's you Harry," another Auror said, lifting his locked arm and letting Harry pass under it. Harry looked at the door for a moment, his hand faltering before the knob. He took a deep breath and turned it, opening the door, stepping through and closing it behind him.

Inside the room were several Aurors, members of the board and two healers. They all looked at Harry silently, and moved away from the table. Harry looked. A blood-soaked sheet covered the body. Slowly he walked up to it, every eye in the room on him as he approached his nemesis. He stopped alongside the table, caught the end of the sheet and lifted it.

He blinked down at the swollen, bruised and pale face of Lord Voldemort. He had been beaten badly. He hardly looked like himself, but the small scales that covered his skin attested this was indeed the Dark Lord. Harry lifted the sheet higher and looked down on the skinned body, and wretched, dropping the sheet, and holding his stomach in an attempt to keep his breakfast down. A fellow Auror walked up to him and put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"A right nasty sight, ain't it Harry?" the Auror said, "Whoever killed him did a thorough job of it, that's for sure. But I imagine you're glad for it. Saves you the trouble, don't it?"

Harry straightened, still a little green around the gills. Voldemort had died in a horrible way. He knew it was Snape's work. He had gotten his revenge for all those years of torture at the Dark Lord's hands. It seemed right.

"Yeah. Saves me the trouble," Harry replied to the Auror.

He headed for the door, taking one last look at the sheet-covered body. Dead. Voldemort was dead. Harry opened the door and exited. He was immediately blinded by flashing bulbs as photographers took his picture.

"How does it feel to have your fire taken, Harry? Are you angry? Relieved? Stunned? And what are your plans now that you are no longer the Hope of the Wizarding World? Will you stay on as an Auror? Get married? Raise a brood of little Potters? The public wants to know, Harry," Rita Skeeter chirped at him, her quick-quotes quill floating above her as she stared at the wizard hungrily.

"It doesn't matter who killed him," Harry replied, "I'm just glad he's dead."

He pushed his way through the crowd, followed by reporters shouting questions at him, and photographers taking pictures. He pushed through the Ministry doors, and once outside, disapparated.

Severus and Hermione woke about four in the afternoon, having slept like the dead. Severus lay spooned around his wife, his arms wrapped around her belly protectively, her body pulled tight against his as his chin rested on the top of her head. He felt Hermione stir and pressed his loins against her, beginning to harden.

"Are you awake, Hermione?" he asked softly.

"Yes, Severus," Hermione replied just as softly.

Severus began to hitch up her nightgown. He didn't have a morning hard-on…but still…

Hermione shifted against him, desire thrumming through her as she felt him lifting up her gown. She was ready for him to give her a victory shag.

Suddenly they heard the Headmaster's voice in the study.

"Severus? Hermione? I need to talk with you. Immediately." the voice called urgently

"Shit," Severus said, his tool throbbing.

"We'd better go see what he wants," Hermione said, already knowing what it was.

Hermione rolled out of the bed and slipped into her housecoat, tying the belt around her as she smoothed her hair back and walked into the study. Severus donned his own robe, though it was quite tented. He followed her, scowling.

Albus' head was in the fireplace looking out at them.

"I've been calling for you two all day," he said, his eyes sweeping over their dress. "I take it you've been sleeping. Long night?"

"You could say that, Headmaster," Severus replied smoothly. Albus looked at him sharply.

"I want you two in my office as soon as possible," he said. "I think you know why."

His eyes weren't twinkling.

"Yes, Headmaster. As soon as we've showered and dressed," Severus replied.

Albus' eyes fell to the Potions Master's obviously tented robe.

"Just make it a quick shower, Severus," he said, disappearing from the floo.

Hermione looked at Severus.

"I think we've just been cockblocked," she said to him.

Severus looked down at Hermione, so wanting to take her.

"I suppose we have," he sighed, "maybe we can make this a quick meeting."

They walked back into the bedroom.

"I highly doubt that Severus. We killed Voldemort. That's going to take more than five minutes to explain," she said.

"Actually, one minute would suffice. We switched the venom to his elixir, he drank it and was made powerless, then we killed him. See? Less than a minute." Severus said as they walked into the bathroom and disrobed, Hermione turning on the shower and stepping in, Severus right behind her.

His black eyes raked over her back and ass as she stood under the stream. He licked his lips.

"Hermione, can I have just a little?" he ventured, pressing against her.

Hermione bumped her buttocks against him, pushing him back. She turned to him.

"Severus, you know there's no such thing as a little pussy. Especially with you. Now we have to go see Albus. We can shag our heads off when we get back," she said, grabbing the soap and lathering up her washcloth.

"It would be easier on you if we did it now," Severus said silkily as he wet his own washcloth and took the soap from her. "You know how I am when I'm forced to wait."

"I'll take my chances," she replied, washing her body. Severus washed himself also, his eyes on his wife as she lathered her breasts. Gods, this sucked. He was going to shag her into next week when they got back from Albus' office, the tease.

Hermione rinsed off and exited the shower, leaving Severus to his lusty little thoughts.

"I'm sure you've heard of Voldemort's death," Albus said from behind his desk, eyeing the couple who sat in two armchairs before him.

"We were aware of his demise, Headmaster," Severus replied as Hermione nodded.

"Yes, but were you aware of it before the rest of us?" Albus said, looking at the couple intently.

"Maybe by a few minutes," Severus said smoothly.

Albus scowled at him.

"You killed Voldemort," Albus said accusingly.

"Yes we did, Headmaster," Severus answered, "Quite thoroughly."

Albus shuddered a little. He had gone down to the Ministry to identify the body. What a mess.

"You both went against my directive. No one was to touch Voldemort until the Prophecy went into effect," the Headmaster said.

"Headmaster, the death of Voldemort by our hands proves that the Prophecy was fallible. Harry could have failed. It gave no guarantee he would win," Hermione said, "It was a wooly prediction at best, Headmaster. Especially considering the source."

Hermione never had much faith in Professor Trelawny's divination skills. She thought the witch was a huge fraud. Harry having to risk his life facing Voldemort based on Sybil's prophecy never set well with her. Well, she and Severus proved the Prophecy wasn't the predictive wonder everyone thought it was.

"That being what it may, you still should have consulted me before embarking on such a foolish and dangerous endeavor," Albus said a bit angrily.

"Why Headmaster?" Severus asked him. "So you could forbid us to do it? You would have tried to stop us from killing the Dark Lord. And he needed killing now, not in the distant future. Not when he had gathered his forces for a concerted attack. Now. We did what we had to do to rid the world of his evil. Now my wife and I are free of him, as is the entire wizarding world. I refuse to apologize for doing something that had to be done."

The Potions Master folded his arms stubbornly, looking at the Headmaster evenly. Hermione folded her arms as well, looking mutinous.

Albus looked at the couple, who were presenting a united front. They were not sorry for what they had done, and honestly, he had no right to chastise them, particularly since they had been successful. He sighed.

"You two have done the wizarding world a great service. You should be honored for what you have done," Albus said. "I will inform the Ministry immediately."

Hermione spoke up quickly.

"If you don't mind, Headmaster, we'd rather not be honored. It would make our lives a living hell. Not to mention the targets of vengeful Death Eaters," Hermione said. Then her eyes widened and she looked at Severus.

"Peter!" she said in horror, "Peter knows we had the Dark Lord. When he hears of his death, he will tell who did it!"

Severus smirked at his wife.

"Don't worry, wife. Peter has suffered a small memory lapse," he said silkily.

"You obliviated him," Hermione breathed.

"Of course. He remembers nothing after giving the Dark Lord his elixir, though I wish I could have let him keep the memory of the ass-kicking I gave him," Severus said wistfully.

Hermione smiled at Severus ruefully. He was something else.

Albus looked at the two of them. It just didn't seem right for the couple to have killed the most dangerous threat to the wizarding way of life and not receive any acknowledgement, but they did have a point. They would become famous and the focus of every tabloid in existence. Not to mention be mobbed for autographs, public appearances and more. More than likely there would be death threats and attempts on their lives as well. They were right. It would be better if no one ever knew.

"Very well. I'll honor your request on this, Hermione. But you have both done the wizarding world a great service. A pity you won't be rewarded for it," Albus said.

"Oh, but we have been rewarded. We are no longer in his service, no longer spies. We can live a normal married life now. Have a family," Hermione said as Severus' eyes went wide at her declaration.

"A…a…family?" he spluttered.

"Of course a family," Hermione said. Then she paused as she saw the whites of Severus' eyes.

"We'll talk about it later," she said softly.

Albus was smiling now. Severus as a family man. That was something he would love to see, the Potions Master settled in a normal life. Suddenly his floo turned green and a voice came through.

"Headmaster, is Hermione up there with you?"

It was Harry's voice.

"Harry!" Hermione screamed, "Yes! I'm up here. Come up!"

Severus scowled. Not the Boy-Who-Gagged-Him. Then Severus realized he had paid off his life debt to James Potter, by removing the threat of Voldemort, who would have killed his son. Again, another thumb that he'd slipped out from under. He watched as the young wizard stepped through the floo. Harry was definitely all grown up. He was six feet in height, lean and broad-shouldered. His face had become more angular too, more masculine. The softness was gone.

Hermione ran to him and they embraced tightly, Harry picking the witch up and swinging her around. He put her back down, his green eyes glistening behind his glasses. Hermione's eyes were watery too. Severus groaned.

Harry took her hands.

"You did it, Hermione. You killed him," Harry said softly, "Thank you. Thank you so much for freeing me."

Severus cleared his throat.

"Actually, Mr. Potter, WE killed him, the brunt of the work falling on me," he said snarkily.

Harry looked at the Potions Master.

"Well, I meant both of you," Harry said, a bit snarkily himself.

"'You did it, Hermione' does not imply any plurality, Mr. Potter," Severus said evenly, "It was a distinctly singular address to my wife. I was not included."

Hermione looked at Severus and scowled. Harry sighed.

"Thank you, Professor," he said, meaning it. He was just so used to giving Severus a hard time.

"No need to thank me," Severus replied smirking as Hermione frowned at him. He put Harry through all that just to say he didn't want thanks? Ooh, Severus could be insufferable at times.

Hermione was about to say something to her husband when Harry stopped her.

"It's all right Hermione. I should have expected it," he grinned at her. "Say, do you want to go out and celebrate tonight? You and the Professor?"

Harry made sure to include Severus this time.

"I'm afraid, Mr. Potter that my wife and I out celebrating the death of the Lord we were supposed to have served would look just a bit odd to our grieving brethren," Severus said.

Hermione looked at Harry.

"Severus is right, Harry…but you can come down to our rooms. We can have a celebration there, just us," she said, smiling at him.

Severus scowled. He planned on keeping Hermione busy celebrating in the manner he enjoyed, on her back, on her knees, up against the headboard, bent over…

Harry looked at Severus, and saw that the Potions Master didn't want to share his wife today.

"Maybe later in the week sometime, Hermione," he said.

Hermione looked disappointed. Severus on the other hand, looked pleased as pumpkin juice. Harry gave him a little wink, to which Severus gave a slight nod. Now this was something he appreciated.

"I'm going to get back to the Ministry, Hermione. Lots going on there," Harry said, kissing her on the cheek. Severus allowed this. Harry had been kissing his wife long before he had. Plus the kiss was decidedly platonic. If he had even suspected Harry of having impure thoughts towards his wife, he'd soon be The-Auror-Who-Died.

"Goodbye, Headmaster, Professor," Harry said as he stepped through the floo.

Severus rose.

"Headmaster, if you are through with us, my wife and I will also be departing," he said, catching Hermione by her arm possessively. Albus smiled at them.

"Certainly, Severus. But before you go, I wonder if I might have a pensieve of Voldemort's final hours?" the Headmaster asked.

Severus looked at him steadily.

"I'm afraid not, Headmaster. What passed between the Dark Lord and I during those last hours will remain a secret until the day I leave this earth. I'm afraid I must decline," he said evenly.

Albus nodded his head. He had seen the body, and examined it carefully. The Dark Lord's rectum had been viciously mutilated and torn in a manner reminiscent of many of his sexually abused and murdered muggle victims. He did not think Severus would want to share that particular torture with anyone.

"I thought as much Severus, but it didn't hurt to ask," he said, looking up at him somberly.

"No, it didn't," the Potions Master said quietly, "Good day, Headmaster."

"Bye," Hermione said as her husband tossed floo powder into the fireplace, said their destination and led her through.

Dumbledore stared at the fireplace thoughtfully.

Two of the most courageous people in the wizarding world had just passed through it.

And no one would ever know.

The moment they stepped through the floo and into the study, Severus warded the fireplace, turned Hermione around and shoved her into the armchair. He pulled her down a bit, lifted her robes and ripped her knickers off of her. She had only worn underwear under her robes, intending on easy access when they returned. But not this easy.

"Severus! What are you doing?" the startled witch gasped as her husband got on his knees, opened the lower half of his robes, and lowered his boxers. His erection sprang out and he wasted no time thrusting into Hermione hard. She gave a gurgled shriek.

"There's the little matter of Peter Pettigrew," Severus breathed at her, thrusting into her hard again, "Touching what he shouldn't have touched."

Hermione buckled.

"But Severus, I only did what I had to do," she gasped at him as he started to stroke her in earnest.

"Well, wife, I'm doing what I have to do," he groaned, burying himself inside her, enjoying the caress of her hot flesh around his shaft. He picked up speed.

"So goood," he sighed as Hermione cried out at his ardor.

She loved when he got jealous and rough. The Potions Master lifted her up higher in the chair, standing and arching into her, shagging her hard and fast, his knees resting against the end of the cushion, making the front legs of the armchair lift and fall with every stroke, so there was a constant thumping sound as he drove his cock in and out of her. The Potions Master gripped the back of the chair for leverage, his eyes blazing down at his wife.

"Severus!" Hermione shrieked as he hit her sweet spot.

"Yes. You think Peter could do to you what I can do?" he hissed.

"Never Severus, I would have never let him…ooh!" Hermione jerked as the Potions Master shifted her cervix. Severus continued to plow into her, the chair legs lifting higher and higher as he increased his ardor. Suddenly the armchair tipped over, carrying Hermione and Severus with it. They landed with a thump and the Professor never missed a stroke. He pushed Hermione downward so her head was on the floor and her hips raised on the back of the chair, and drove into her, lifting himself up on his arms and straddling the chair, her position allowing him access to every inch of her. Severus rotated his hips and Hermione screamed in pleasure, thrusting up to meet him.

"You like that, don't you?" he growled at Hermione, continuing to rotate his pelvis when he hit bottom, reaming her sides, corkscrewing his thickness into her. "No one can take you like I can, Hermione. No one will ever get the chance to try, either."

Suddenly, Hermione orgasmed with a shriek, her pussy clamping down on Severus as her heat washed over him. The Potions Master stroked into her pulsing sleeve, grunting in pleasure as she released.

"Yes. Yes, Hermione. My little Mata Hari," he groaned as she whimpered beneath him, lost to bliss and shuddering around him. She felt so delicious Severus couldn't hold back. He slammed deep inside her and ejaculated with a loud growl, grunting as his cock shot jet after jet inside her, every muscle taut as he frowned down at her, his face contorted. He continued to thrust as if trying to shake out every bit of his seed inside her.

"Gods, yes," he sighed as his pulsing eased, dropping down on to Hermione heavily, panting against her hot body. He kissed her deeply, then pulled back looking into her half-lidded eyes.

"You liked the chair ride, didn't you?" he breathed at her. "Short but sweet."

"Yes," she said, panting. "You're such an animal when you're jealous, Severus."

He lifted an eyebrow at her.

"Only when I'm jealous? I'm going to have to work on that," he said giving her a leering grin.

Severus climbed off Hermione, stood and pulled her up with one hand. He noted with some satisfaction that her legs were rather rubbery. The sign of a job well done. He pulled up his boxers, lifted the chair and pushed it back to its regular place. It had slid a little before it toppled. He looked at his wife. She was still panting slightly. He was nowhere near done with her.

"Get in the bedroom," he growled.

"Severus, I'm starving," Hermione complained as she walked obediently toward the bedroom.

"I'll have something sent down from the kitchens," he said as she disappeared into the room.

Severus had just picked up his wife's torn knickers when the flame in the floo, turned green.

"Severus, it's Jonathan Colburn. May I come visit with you?"

Shit. Jonathan was a Death Eater. One of the secret minions of Voldemort. To the wizarding world he was a prominent and generous Pureblood who traded in spices. Few suspected he donned the Dark Lord's mask.

"Just a moment, Jonathan," Severus said, sticking Hermione's knickers in his robes pocket and doing a freshening smell to remove the scent of sex.

"Come, Jonathan," he said, lifting the ward from the floo.

The blonde-haired, green-eyed wizard stepped through the floo. His eyes were red-rimmed.

"You've heard about the Dark Lord," Jonathan said, more like a statement than a question.

"Yes, I have, Jonathan. I grieve his loss deeply," Severus lied.

Hermione heard voices and walked to the bedroom door. She stood there, listening.

The wizard dropped heavily into the armchair Severus and Hermione just fucked in. He let his hands dangle between his legs helplessly. He looked up at Severus.

"We went back to his throne room this morning. It was horrible. Blood and flesh everywhere. Whoever did this to him cut him up and left his skin behind. We couldn't find a clue as to who it was. Peter's is being held at the Ministry. No one can get in to see him. He's probably the only one who can tell us what's happened. It was the Dark Lord's feeding night, so no other Death Eaters were on the premises," Jonathan said dejectedly.

"It's a sad thing indeed," Severus said, taking the other armchair. "But we must move on. Settle back into our lives. Voldemort's dream of Pureblood domination is over."

Jonathan looked up at him, his eyes taking on an intense glow.

"No! It's not over. We can't just give up on his dream, Severus," Jonathan declared. "We're not going to. In fact, there was a small impromptu meeting of the top Death Eaters at the Hog's Head inn this morning, right after the Dark Lord's body was discovered. We tried to owl you, but for some reason couldn't get through to you. We have decided to continue his work, working as small terrorist cells, doing hit and run missions that strike at the heart of wizarding society. We want you to join us Severus. You served the Dark Lord for years. You must be furious about his death. We can avenge him, one small strike at a time. We are having a meeting on Friday at the Hog's Head inn, in the little backroom. I want you to come and help us plan our first strike. Will you do it, Severus? We need you."

The Potions Master looked at him. Damn. He thought his service was over.

"Yes, Jonathan, I will be there," Severus replied. The wizard gripped the Potions Master's hand firmly.

"I knew we could count on you, Severus. You always served the Dark Lord well. The meeting will be at eight in the evening. We'll be expecting you and your wife. I know she is a muggle-born, but she served the Dark Lord well, and could be an asset to us developing more spells for the Cause," Jonathan said enthusiastically.

"I'm sure my wife will be there as well," Severus replied as the wizard rose.

Jonathan shook Severus' hand again, then walked toward the floo.

"See you on Friday, Severus," he said turning back to the Potions Master.

"On Friday, Jonathan," Severus replied.

The wizard exited, and Severus warded the fireplace again. Hermione came out of the room, silent and wide-eyed.

"You heard?" he asked her.

"Yes," Hermione said, her voice almost a whisper. "They aren't going to stop, are they?"

Severus looked at her.

"Yes, they will stop, with our help Hermione. I'm afraid our spying days aren't quite over yet. But it should be simpler without the Dark Lord. A matter of having the Order pick them off as they attempt to fulfill their plans. We will be informants. It should take no longer than a year to round them all up. None of them are very bright. They are all followers, not a leader among them now that Lucius is dead," he said, enfolding Hermione in his embrace.

"Do you think this will ever end, Severus? This hatred and bigotry?" she asked him.

Severus looked down at her.

"I'm afraid that as long as there are men in the world, Hermione, there will always be hatred and bigotry. But there will always be people like us who will battle it as well. And therein lies the hope for peace, my love," he said softly.

Hermione hugged her husband tightly, taking comfort in the strength of his body and the courage in his words. They had thought the battle over.

They had been mistaken.


A/N: And that is the end of "Disharmony in the Dungeons." I know, I know I left it open. Maybe there will be a sequel one day. Anyway, thank you all for reading.