I'm so, so, so, so sorry! My computer has crashed a total of three times since my last chapter, including one that lasted two and a half weeks! Every time but one I had to completely start this chapter over! Please forgive me, I promise never to make you wait that long again! Now, onto the chapter. This chapter wasn't originally planned when I came up with the concept of the story. Yet as Jo gave more and more interviews after the book, I had more and more information to work in instead of things I made up. Although I had a lot of stuff surprisingly fitting the plot (Hannah-Neville, Ginny as a journalist) there were some things that needed to be fixed: and they are in this chapter. It also saves the flow of the story from having to go back and change earlier details to fit canon. So, without further ado, Chapter Six: Adjustments.

When Harry awoke all he could see was the white ceiling above him, but as soon as his other senses filled in he knew that something was different. The room he was in didn't smell like the cluttered teenage refuge of Ron's room, the glowing morning light was coming in from a different direction than Ron's room, he was slightly cold, there was a weight on his left shoulder, and he could hear the steady breathing of another person very close to him. Shifting his head slightly he saw both the explanation for these things and one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen right there next to him. Ginny was still asleep on her side, her head resting on his shoulder, one hand stretched out across his bare chest. The covers of her bed were draped over her figure, showing that she was not clothed. Harry's memory instantaneously informed him just exactly why Ginny was laying next to him, each part of the memory in vivid detail. Harry stifled the groan that came along with such a memory only by wanting Ginny to be undisturbed in her slumber. Still, Ginny seemed to notice the change in his posture as her eyes fluttered open, her eyelashes grazing across his shoulder. She seemed to take in what was in front of her for a moment before squeezing her arm around him tighter, pressing her lips to his chest in a feather-light movement. Harry moved his arm around her, holding her tighter to him.

"Good morning, love." He said, tipping her head up and bringing her lips to his.

"Good morning." She replied sweetly as she drew back from him, her eyes dreamy and her voice soft. As her brown eyes gazed into his Harry couldn't help but remember Dumbledore's funeral, when he had told her how he sometimes saw the time together as snatches out of someone else's life. This surely couldn't actually be happening.

"Aw, Ginny." Harry said, cupping her face in his hands. "Ginny, Ginny, Ginny. Ginevra Molly Weasley. I love you so much." He said softly, his voice thick. His hands cupped around her face caused her to look even more pleasing as she lay there next to him, obviously completely naked, her make-up all but worn away over night. It was astounding how beautiful she was lying next to him, the perfectly uncorrupted view of her: No make-up, no clothes, nothing but Ginny. His Ginny.

"Mmm…Harry." She said, nestling her head into his shoulder, kissing his neck. "What time is it?" She asked groggily, tipping her head back to attempt a glance at the clock across the room from her bed. Harry swiped his glasses from the bedside table next to him and slid them on, only to see Ginny even clearer. Reluctantly he tore his newly improved gaze away from Ginny and onto the clock. However, time seemed to be in his favor.

"Ten after eight. We have ages before your mum and dad get home." He said, rolling back to her. He was immensely enjoying this heightened view of her, especially after all he had seen the night before. To his satisfaction a wicked grin crept across Ginny's face at the mention of how much time they had to spend.

"Blimey… what'll we do with all that time?" She asked, her voice a little breathless, her eyes dark with desire. Harry felt himself stiffen at the look she was giving him, and didn't blame himself. After all, she was right there. And suddenly her small hands were stroking his bare back, allowing a bit of space for the cover to lift between them so that Harry could once again see more of her. Definitely more of her, from the curves of her breasts to the depression of her stomach to the curve of the muscles just above… Harry drew his mind away from that straight away. He had been so caught up the night before; he decided he would take it slower this time. So much slower, if only to make her react. Gently he moved his hand, so much larger than her small one, and grazed it along the curve between her hip and rib cage, enjoying her gasping beneath him, her red hair billowing out behind her.

"Oh no you don't." Harry was still pondering over the nature of her challenge when he felt Ginny's tiny palms slide from his back down to his member, stroking up and down deliberately. He couldn't help but groan, it was too much.

"Ginny, don't…" He started, his eyes screwed up in attempt to fight off the pleasure. He opened his eyes only to see Ginny's eyes burning, a fire lit behind them that set Harry off quicker than he could think.

"Just shut up and roll over." With that command Harry found himself being pushed onto his back, Ginny above him, her hands immediately returning to him, stroking him, circling him, causing him to moan. Slowly and calculatingly Ginny lowered herself down the bed until her mouth rested just above him. He was breathing faster, going crazy. And with one wild glance upwards Ginny was covering him with her mouth completely. He was lost, he couldn't protest, he could only attempt to keep his composure while Ginny attended to him. Yet soon this composure came to nothing, and he took to calling out her name until at last he was to the point where he could feel it would be soon, far too soon, and he felt the need to warn her.

"Ginny, it's…move…I'm…going to…" He sputtered, all of his coherency having left his mind. Ginny seemed to get the drift of what he was saying, as she promptly removed her mouth to finish him off with her hand, which didn't take much time at all. Harry came back to himself as Ginny crawled back up the bed and sweetly, almost innocently, pressed her lips to his. Harry slid an arm around her waist and brought her crashing down to him, their bodies pressed together under the fabric of her bedcovers, which felt cool compared to the increased heat of their bodies, especially as Harry was lightly sweating. She slid against him, his tongue causing hers to open and a groan to escape her. While he waited to fully recover he held her there, feeling her breasts pressed against his exposed chest, her legs against his torso. He felt the sides of her breasts, dragging his fingers across them and causing her to moan yet again until he felt he was gaining something. He worked his way down underneath her in a painfully slow movement, until at last her opening was above her face and he began to lick around the outside of her in soft slow motions. Ginny cried out in surprise, moving down towards him and yet pleading with him to stop. Knowing Ginny well enough to know that these were empty pleas, Harry continued to work his tongue in circles until instead of begging for him to stop, she was just begging in general. She was slick, and Harry's tongue slid around slightly, dipping down her entrance. This caused her to cry out again, pressing herself down to him.

Harry decided to pay more attention to the indention above her entrance, where he knew she was most sensitive. A sharp intake of breath above him let him know that he had chosen correctly, and he smiled against her at just how much Ginny was getting out of this. Quickly, as to not alert her as to what he was going to do, Harry slithered his hand under her and stuck a finger into her. Ginny cried out yet louder above him, and Harry moved to slide yet another finger into her. She was trembling, she was sweating, and he was sure that if he were able to see her face that she would have her eyes screwed up in pleasure. The mere thought of seeing Ginny's face caused Harry, who was more than recovered from his earlier enjoyment, to pull Ginny down next to him and then rise over her so that he was once again above her, his fingers still inside her. Her muscles were tight around his fingers, and she was decidedly moist. He found himself panting along with her as he looked into her face, taut with bliss. He crashed his lips to hers, and felt them press hungrily against his. As he opened his mouth to hers he pulled his fingers out of her and thrust inside swiftly. Ginny wrenched her head back from his, crying out loudly in pure delight. She was beginning to clench around her, he could feel himself throb inside her and wonder if she felt it as well. He reconciled this with pressing into her further, causing them both to shout out and shout out until Ginny cried out the loudest yet, tightening to him in a frenzy, and he felt that only recently familiar feeling of ultimate gratification. Rolling off to one side of her, Harry took Ginny in his arms and held her there until her panting subsided and her chocolate brown eyes opened and met his.

"Bloody hell, Harry. That was incredible." She said, arching out towards him. Harry kissed her on the head and agreed, loving the way she was close to him.

"I think I need a shower. You too, more than likely." Ginny muttered a few long minutes later, rolling up to kiss him tenderly before stepping out of the bed despite Harry's whimpered protests. Drawing herself up, Ginny picked up her wand and motioned for Harry to get out of the bed. He slid his arms around her waist, standing behind her as she siphoned any incriminating evidence away from the bed, and promptly made it, although haphazardly. She then turned towards him.

"Go get in your bed and kick the covers around. I'll be in the shower; when I'm out you can get in and then when you're done breakfast will be waiting." She said, still smiling. Harry kissed her quickly, and then with a wink went to go do her bidding.

Harry descended the staircases of the Burrow about an hour later, his hair still damp from his shower, a few drops stuck against the inside of his glasses. His shirt as well clung to him from the dampness of his body as he had changed, but it was just a light grip, barely enough to pull the thickly woven green fabric of his shirt in. He was barefoot, which he came to thoroughly curse as he stubbed his toe against a stray book that had been left on the third floor landing. Still, Harry continued down the stairs, walking through the light slanting in through the east facing windows on each landing. He was utterly content, and there was no doubt in his mind as to why.

Finally, things in his life were set. Voldemort was completely and utterly out of the picture. Ginny seemed to be a permanent fixture in the picture, and he was planning on returning to school with her, Ron and Hermione. It all seemed perfectly orderly, in such a way as Harry had never experienced before.

Harry could smell the heavy scent of cooking sausage long before he finally stepped down to the ground floor hallway. As he made his way to the kitchen he was also was able to isolate the scents of eggs and potatoes. Clearly, someone had gone out of their way to cook breakfast.

Rolling his eyes, Harry turned the corner to see Ginny laboring over a skillet of breakfast potatoes. Swiftly and quietly, Harry made his way up behind her, hoping not to alert her to his presence. However, she seemed absorbed in the fairing of her potatoes, as some of them were darkening at an alarming pace. As she slid her spatula under a clump of potatoes with ill grace and a small scratching noise, Harry reached out and pulled her against him. Ginny gave a quick squeal of surprise; the potatoes flinging up off of her utensil and somersaulting through the air back down onto the skillet. Harry could smell the soft wafting aroma of her shampoo as her freshly washed hair came within inches of Harry's face. It smelled like vanilla, and caused Harry to relax a bit, melting against her.

"Hello again, love." He said as she turned around in his arms, her eyes twinkling a bit as she smiled.

"You startled me." She said after a second, her voice a bit breathless.

"I missed you," was all he said, bending his head down to her and kissing her tenderly. His lips pressed against hers, and hers pressed right back. His arms tightened behind her back, lifting her up some off the ground, her arms holding tight around his neck. After a bit he let her down slowly, attempting not to go too slowly least he have more of a reaction than he desired.

"Clearly." She said, a smirk riding across her lips. Harry returned her smile and spoke up.

"Miss me?" Just as he finished Ginny leapt into his arms, and he lifted her up above his head as she kissed him, his arms supporting her back as her legs wrapped around him. Gently he set her up on the countertop so as she was comfortably at his height.

As he pulled away grinning a few moments later he saw that she was grinning as well, and they both spoke in unison, "Clearly." They both fell to chuckling, resting their foreheads together, filled with contentment. Ginny sighed, her hand running across Harry's neck.

"I love you so much." He said quietly, brushing back a stray lock of her fiery hair. It was still straight today, and shining golden in the light coming in from the kitchen windows. She had it down over her sunny yellow shirt, which brought out the lighter tones in her hair.

"Love you too." She said as he took her hands in his, holding both hands between them as they stayed there until they heard an unpleasant sizzling noise accompanied by an even more unpleasant smell.

"Damn." She said as Harry turned to see the breakfast potatoes burning on the skillet. Ginny slid down lithely from the counter and pulled out her wand, muttering a few curse words under her breath before finally brandishing her wand at the potatoes and speaking a charm to lift the ruined food away from the pan and transport it to the garbage.

"Tisk tisk, someone's using magic a tad early. You won't be legal for another month and a half or so, missy." Harry said, leaning against the counter nonchalantly. Ginny turned on him with a fake indignant glare.

"I live in an all-magic house. There's not going to be any letters complaining of magic used here." She said, straightening her back, though Harry knew that even if the ministry didn't have complaint, her mother would. He only shrugged and grinned at her, and she grinned back. It wasn't as though Ginny's rebellious streak was a problem with him, after all.

"So, now that the potatoes are ruined, that narrows it down to sausage, bacon, eggs, toast with marmalade or jam, and, well, I think that's it. So, help yourself." She said, shrugging as she scooped some food onto her plate.

"You're too good to me. I'd have settled with cold cereal. Or even hot cereal. I'm not picky." He said, reaching over her to the bacon as an excuse to put his head close to her ear, his breath causing her hair to flutter forward.

"Hush." She said, but Harry could tell that she was blushing. Gently, Harry pressed a kiss to her cheek before sitting down at the table, his plate full of breakfast foods in hand. He pulled the chair next to him out for Ginny to sit in before pouring a glass of orange juice out of the pitcher Ginny had placed on the table.

"Don't we usually sit across from each other?" She asked bemusedly as she took her seat, reaching for pepper for her eggs.

"Yes, that would be the usual circumstance, but I want you close enough to touch." Harry said wickedly, running his hand down her side to emphasize his point.

"Well then, I suppose adjustments can be made." She said coyly, taking a bite of egg.

A few hours later found the couple cuddling on the sofa in the sitting room, kissing and whispering to each other. Yet suddenly Ginny's head perked up at movement on the clock, and she quickly shuffled a few inches away from Harry, sending him a quick wink. Only a few seconds later the door opened, and in walked Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, followed by a sulky Ron and Hermione. Both men were laden with bags, obviously on request from Mrs. Weasley that as men they should be the ones to carry them.

"Hello, dears. Everything go over well last night?" Mrs. Weasley asked, the most chipper of the bunch.

"Yeah, mum, everything was fine. Harry and I were just wondering when you all were getting home. Did you have a good time?" Ginny asked, turning and beaming at her mother. Arthur and Ron were starting up the staircase with the purchases, and Hermione shot Ron an apologetic look and pulled out her wand. After a quick flick, Ron smiled, lifting the bags higher. Apparently, Hermione had reduced the weight of the contents of the bag.

"Oh, a lovely time. I best start lunch, it'll be ready in a few minutes." Molly said, and trotted off to the kitchen, leaving Harry, Hermione and Ginny alone in the sitting room, an awkward pause settling over them. Hermione sat down in a chair to the right of the sofa, obviously frustrated.

"So, Gin, I take it you used the potion I made you?" Hermione asked, sending Ginny a secretive smile. Confused, Harry spoke up.

"What potion?"

"Yes, though I need to ask you… how long are the effects? I should have asked you before, I feel like such an idiot…" She said, a bit of worry coloring her voice.

"What potion? What effects?"

"Oh, long enough for sure." Hermione answered with a wink.

"But until morning? Long enough for that? Or do I need to take more? Or another potion?"

"What are you talking about? What potion?" Asked Harry, still incredulous.

"You should be fine… did you drink the whole flask? If you did, definitely. If not, well, I'll look it up…"

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" Harry nearly yelled, exasperated at the conversation going on over his head.

"Shh! Merlin Harry, you're oblivious. The potion. You know, the one that made last night possible!" Ginny muttered, and turned back to Hermione as Harry's mouth formed a comprehending 'O' shape and he wished dearly that he wasn't privy to this particular conversation. "I drank the whole thing, so you're sure I'll be fine?"

"Absolutely. I put some extra in there, so as long as you drank it all you'll be fine. I'm brewing more, so if…" but her sentence was cut off by Ron's sudden appearance at the bottom of the stairs, looking confused.

"Drank all what?" He asked, turning from his sister to his girlfriend. Both girls' eyes widened, coloring slightly. Harry downcast his eyes, fearing what would happen if he met eyes with his best friend.

"Errrr..Energy drinks!" Hermione said, almost too brightly. "I made Ginny and Harry energy drinks for their Quidditch practices, so that they can practice longer." She said. Harry hazarded to raise his eyes to see Ron's face slightly confused, but accepting. Finally, it turned to a smile.

"Hermione, you've gotta stop freaking out every time you break a rule. You've been through hell and back out with us. By now you should be used to it." He said, sitting down on the arm of her chair and leaning forward to kiss her on top of her head. Hermione cast her eyes back and forth, grimacing slightly at the lie she was feeding Ron. "I should, shouldn't I?" She muttered, her look radiating sheer apology.

Yet she was saved by the appearance of Mr. Weasley on the staircase, ducking his head down to see under the ledge in order to address them.

"Hey, Harry, Ron and Hermione already know, but Kingsley's swinging by for lunch. He wants to talk to you three. That alright?" He asked as he came down to the short hallway before reaching the sitting room. Next to him, Harry saw that Ginny was slightly disgruntled that she was going to be left out of the conversation. Harry squeezed her hand, causing her to smile at him.

"Perfect, Mr. Weasley." Harry said with a nod, feeling a bit awkward that he was holding hands with Ginny in front of her father. But Mr. Weasley only seemed to be uplifted by the fact that Harry was holding hands with his daughter, and went on into the kitchen where Harry could hear some upbeat mutterings between him and his wife.

"Wonder what Kingsley needs to talk to us about?" Ron said, absentmindedly toying with a few strands of Hermione's hair. Now relaxed by the change of topic, Hermione leaned back against him, looking fully at peace.

"I dunno. Maybe something about who we saw during the battle or something like that. Figuring out who's still missing." Harry answered.

"Doubt it. I'm sure they have a list compiled by now. Besides, if it were the invitation would include Ginny." Hermione said, graciously including Ginny into the picture.

"Hmph. I'm always left out of things." Ginny huffed, crossing her arms. Harry pulled her towards him by her torso, so that she was leaning against him.

"That's just because you weren't even supposed to be fighting. I about died when you ran away from the room of requirement to go fight." He said, sliding an arm around her and hugging her to him.

"Psh, like you expected me to just stand outside the room and do nothing while there was a fight going on?" She said, looking up at him.

"Well, no, but still…" Harry stammered to no effect. She had him there; it would have been more than uncharacteristic for Ginny to have obeyed Mrs. Weasley and stayed out of the fight.

"Ginny has a point though, Harry. She fought; even more she was part of the resistance at Hogwarts. What does Kingsley have to say to us that he doesn't have to say to us that he doesn't need to say to Ginny?" Hermione reasoned.

"Maybe it has something to do with our travels? What and who we saw?" Ron wondered aloud.

"That could be it… but no, we've already informed Mr. Weasley what happened. Surely he told Kingsley about it?" Hermione said, deep in thought as Ron stroked a hand through her hair.

"Well I think you all will just have to see… here comes Kingsley now." Ginny spoke up, leaning back to gaze out the window again. From Harry's vantage point he could just see the dark form of Kingsley Shacklebolt stepping up the door, which he promptly knocked. Harry could hear Mrs. Weasley answering the door and enthusiastically bringing Kingsley into the house. Harry instinctively had an ill boding feeling; all other meetings with ministers of magic had been less than pleasant on Harry's behalf. Still, this had to be different, he encouraged himself. Kingsley was on their side, had always been on Dumbledore's. There was no reason to feel apprehensive about meeting someone Harry had always been extremely comfortable around. Breathing deeply, he stood up to greet Kingsley.

"Hello, Mr. Shacklebolt!" Said Hermione a little too brightly as the dark man stepped into the room, garnering sharp looks from Harry, Ron and Ginny. This however was either lost to or prepared for by Kingsley Shacklebolt, as he merely nodded to Hermione.

"Hello," said both Ron and Harry together, shooting each other looks of disdain. Kingsley again only nodded at them both, and the act of not greeting them warmly irked Harry. Ginny, sitting next to Harry, looked a little awkward. He shot her a warm glance, and she smiled a little in return, although still looking as though she didn't know how to excuse herself.

"I'll… be in my room. See you all at lunch." Ginny said quietly, almost a mumble as she quickly strode out of the room, eyes downcast except to shoot the trio looks that clearly said and awaiting an explanation of what the hell is going on. This seemed to take a wait from Shacklebolt, as he took a seat on one of the sofas after Ginny had shut the door. Harry and the others followed suit, Ron coming to sit next to Harry on the sofa.

"Now, have the three of you made plans as to what you will do next year?" Shacklebolt asked, his deep voice resonating slightly in the silence of the room. Harry and Ron exchanged glances, but it was Hermione who spoke up.

"Of course; we plan to go back to Hogwarts." She almost challenged, her voice holding a hint of danger that only Harry and Ron could pick up, causing them to stiffen slightly in case of any confrontation between Hermione and Kingsley. However, Shacklebolt again failed to acknowledge the tone of Hermione's voice, and only went on.

"Normally, I would congratulate you on the choice. As it is, I was wondering if I could persuade you to change it. You three are of age and have proved yourselves more than trained and capable. I don't know if you've heard, but I have recently been approved to continue to act as Minister of Magic for the time being. My first official act is to reorganize the entire ministry, starting with the auror office. You three are the first three I am considering for the job. I plan on meeting with a few of your peers in the near future, but right now my focus is on you three. If you really wish to continue with your education or take another career path, that is your choice. But I want you to know that this is a choice as well." He said before pausing, hoping for them to speak up. When none of them did, he started again. "You don't have to answer right away, but I would appreciate you to consider it. Any questions?" He asked, the last question more of a plea. Harry stared at the floor, letting it sink in.

He had always wanted to be an auror, he reflected. He felt relieved that for once he was being asked to take part in the ministry in a way he wished to take part in the ministry. Making it less corrupt, there was a plan. But there was more to think on than only the plan of working as an auror. Not that Harry was particularly interested in returning back to the castle. He loved it like a home, but his long sojourn around the country caused him to realize that it was a childhood home: one he could visit, but never truly belong anymore. He had planned to adjust back into the swing of things for his last year at school, but he knew it would be awkward being back in his retreat, his stronghold that he needed to break free of. But the one thing he was looking forward to about returning to school was the time he would be able to spend with Ginny. True, they would both be preparing for their NEWT exams, but they would be able to do it together. Harry felt a long conversation coming on.

"Well, if we're all on one page about this, I believe Molly will have dinner ready shortly. I need to go speak to Arthur about some objects found in Gloucester, I'll see you again at dinner." Kingsley said, standing up and walking from the room. Once the door was shut again, Harry looked up to see Ron and Hermione looking down.

"So." It was all Harry could manage, now that his seemingly concrete plans had been turned on their heads and shaken until they split. To be an auror… to help the country recover…

"I'm not going to do it. I don't want to be an auror, I'm going back to school." Said Hermione decidedly, looking up, eyes bright.

"Then I'll go back with you. We've been in this too long together, I'm not splitting us all up now." Ron voiced on his back to sit on the edge of Hermione's chair again, taking her hand in his.

"Oh no you're not. This is your choice Ronald; you're not making it because of me." She said, meeting his eyes. Harry, feeling a bit awkward, stood up.

"I'll go fill in Ginny." He said, exiting the room and avoiding listening to his best friends' opinions.

Once upstairs, Harry rapped his knuckles on the door twice, leaning into it. "Ginny?" He asked, his cheek pressed against the dark oak of the door. He heard a quiet allowance from inside, and opened the door gently, walking in just a bit before shutting it behind him again. "Hey."

"Hey. So what did he have say?" Ginny asked from her position sitting on the bed, a red leather book dangling from her hand. Harry strode over and sat at the bottom of the bed, his back propped up against the wall. He couldn't meet her eyes, not when his answer had instinctively come to his mind and there was no backing down from it.

"He wants the three of us to enter the ministry as aurors. Now." He said, staring at his feet stretched out across the width of the bed from him. He could hear Ginny's sharp intake of breath, but couldn't bear to look at her.

"And you said?" She prompted quietly, her voice wavering slightly.

"Nothing. I wanted to discuss it with you first." He said, hazarding a glance up at her. Her hardened face so familiar to him was gazing towards him, their eyes locking.

"But you want to do it." She said, not a question but a statement. Harry opened his mouth, ready to deny it, to declare he wanted to go to Hogwarts, to say that he would still be spending the next year with her in perfect contentment at the school where they had so many memories together, both good and bad, uplifting and scary. But he couldn't do it. His mind had made itself the second the decision had been made, and his heart couldn't steer it back from its decision. So Harry only looked back down and muttered a single word: "Yes."

Ginny moved down the bed to him, kneeling next to him, facing him. He wondered if she was going to slap him, if she was going to yell. However, he had a gut feeling that that wasn't going to happen, she moved much too gently for that. And he found himself correct as he felt Ginny's cold, soft hands take hold of his face ever so tenderly and lift his face up so that he was looking at her. "Then you better as hell make sure that you're on every damn assignment to Hogwarts and Hogsmeade."

Before Harry could make sure that she was okay with this, before he could thank her, before he could think, her lips were on his sweetly. Yet just as soon as the kiss began it was over, Ginny pulling away. Harry tucked a stray lock of hair behind Ginny's ear and smiled. "You're an angel. Tell me what exactly I did to deserve you?" He asked, scooting down a bit so that he was only leaning against the wall now, a bit more relaxed. Ginny, now sitting cross legged, shrugged coyly.

"I dunno… saved the wizarding world, saved my life, saved your godfather, beat Voldemort, fought out Voldemort when he possessed you, formed a resistance effort, found and destroyed all the horcruxes and subsequently killed the darkest wizard of all times… all that might have something to do with it." She said, shooting him a wicked grin.

"Are you sure it's not because of this?" Harry asked, kissing her and pulling her to him, clasping her hand and leading it down so she could feel his hardness.

"Oh, there's that too," she said with a little moan, "but if I were to take advantage of that little benefit I don't think my family would let you out of the house alive." She said, her voice filled with remorse. "We better go down for dinner, Mr. Auror." She said, smiling at him as she stood up from the bed, his hand in hers. As Harry followed her down to dinner where he would accept Kingsley's offer, Harry once again thought over how just that morning everything had been concrete; everything had been planned for. But now he was going into a career, and everything was up in the air. Where would he live? How often would he see Ginny? It was all a mess, but somehow, instinctively, Harry knew he would adjust.