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Chapter 1 ; Madara Uchiha / Sasuke and Akatsuki


The wind howls while thunder roar's in the distance , rain pour's down on a large gathering of people. Everyone of them armed with old broken weapon's. A man paced before the crowd. He turned and gazed at them with piercing black eyes.

"My friend's born Hyuga but cast into slavery for lack of the bloodline limit. Today that end's , no long shall we be the dog's of the Hyuga clan , but the proud founder's of the Uchiha clan" shouted the newly born Madara Uchiha

"Once we break through this Hyuga outpost and travel to Konoha we will be free , to Konoha."


The smell of blood was in the air. Half of the Uchiha attack force was dead. Untrained against Hyuga warrior's it was bound to happen.

The Hyuga guard's regrouped infront of the gate to freedom. Blinded by rage Madrara Uchiha raced forward in attack. Kunai were thrown and second's before impact Madara Uchiha's vision faded to black.

His vision was reborn to flame's and a dark figure.

"Madara Uchiha we met at last" said the figure in a haunting voice

"Who are you and where the fuck am I ?" shouted the Uchiha in a angered voice trying to hide his fear

"None of that matter's here to make you a deal , I'll give you power. The power to destroy you enemies , I'll give it to you whole clan"

"At what price ?"


Second's before the kunai hit Madara Uchiha let out a shout of "Sharingan" avoided the kunai , flashed through some hand seal's before shouting "Fire style ; Great Fireball Jutsu" killing all of the guard's at once.

"To Konoha , Uchiha's the proud carriers of Sharingan ?"


200 years later

The sun beam's down on a forest hundreds of mile's from Konoha. There's a group of 4 wearing large cloaks with red cloud's on them. A few meter's away stand's alone figure whom look a great deal similar to one of the cloaked men.

"I've filled the requirement to join Akatsuki , I've killed a former member" at this he lifted his left hand which had the void ring on his baby finger

"Very well Sasuke Uchiha you shall be partnered with Deidara and" the leader was cut off by "Yeaa I get a cute new partner" this was followed by Deidara glomping then dragging a confused Sasuke over to a annoyed leader and a shark-man laughing his ass off.

"First we'll go cloak shopping then we'll paint your nail's and then we'll go to an art show and blow it up" babbled Deidara

"Were leaving Zetsu" stated the leader , walking off followed by Zetsu

Moment's later Sasuke was led away by a smirking Itachi "Little brother there is one last thing to be done before you become a full Akatsuki member , you must grope Deidara , It's a initiation ritual"

"You want me to grope her ?" asked a worried Sasuke

"Of course if your to scared ?" replied the older Uchiha

"I'm not scared" seethed a angry Uchiha

"Good little brother , goodbye and live hatefully" said Itachi walking off with Kisame


A scream rang through the forest where two men in Akatsuki cloak's were walking

"I guess Sasuke discovered that Deidara's a guy" stated Itachi grinning

"I wonder which one screamed" pondered Kisame


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