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Chapter 2; Naruto become's an Anbu / Itachi's sleepover.


On a bridge in Konoha the chirping bird's were interrupted by shout's of "Your late" from two third's of team Kakashi "You see I was asked to kill some horse's by the Hokage and" came the amused reply of one Kakashi Hatake "Save it" followed shortly after.

"Anyhow, the Hokage want to see you Naruto" stated the jounin while reading his infamous orange book.

At this Naruto left grumbling about late perverted ninja.


Naruto arrived at the Hokage office. Tsunade was sitting in her seat with two Anbu standing near her.

"Naruto I sent for you three fucking hour's ago" roared Tsunade.

"Kakashi was late, am I going on a mission ?" asked Naruto.

"Naruto how would you like to become an Anbu" stated the Hokage.

She was soon glomped by Naruto whom was muttering thank you's and about shitty genin pay.

"Alright, now all ya have to do is convince those two your Anbu material" replied Tsunade annoyed at where Naruto head was pressing.

"Come Naruto your about to face trial's far greater then you have ever faced before" announced one of the Anbu.


( Akatsuki base. )

Sasuke was sitting on his bed in Akatsuki sharpening his sword. Akatsuki was weird in his opinion , what with Kisame trying to get him to join an Akatsuki swordsmen club, well if you could call it that, basically Kisame sat in the corner talking to his sword.

Itachi doesn't talk to his weapon's, no that would be far to sane for Itachi….

( flashback. )

Sasuke stood in the kitchen doorway watching Itachi make his dinner.

"You are weak foolish chicken" Itachi paused if for dramatic effect or a response Sasuke didn't know.

"Do you know why you are weak foolish chicken ?" another pause from Itachi.

"Do you know why you can't stop me from eating you foolish chicken" pause.

"It is because you lack HATRED foolish chicken" at this Itachi put the chicken in the oven while laughing evilly.

( end flashback. )

Itachi has a similar conversation whenever he change's the T.V. channel or kill's a bug with Mangekyo Sharingan.

Deidara was the last of his new insane friend's and his roommate. Deidara with his nightly visit's. Deidara with his showerly visit's. Deidara with his friendly gropes and walk's around their room nude.

Speaking of Deidara, he had just blown the door up and looked awful giddy.

"Guess what Sasuke ?" asked Deidara bouncing around.

"What ?" replied Sasuke.

"We're having a sleep-over at Kisame and Itachi's room" squealed Deidara.


( In a seedy bar in Konoha. )

"Okay Naruto if you can drink these 20 whiskey shot's without throwing up your in Anbu" stated the Anbu member.


( outside Itachi's room. )

Sasuke stood outside Itachi's door wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt next to Deidara whom took the less is more approach wearing only a thong. Deidara knocked on the door while grinning.

Itachi opened the door, Itachi's expression quickly changed from boredom to shock-horror, he quickly dashed into his room to hid under his cover's. Before Sasuke could run Deidara dragged him into the room.

Kisame was already weeping while hugging his sword, Itachi shaking violently, Sasuke trying to gnaw off his Deidara captured arm and Deidara suggesting some strip-poker.


( A rundown looking tattoo parlour. )

"Okay Naruto we need to get you a symbol on your left arm, a "Anbu's Bitch" on your ass, and what do you want on your chest ?".

"Garaa has the nicest ass" replied a very drunk Naruto.

"Perfect" say's the Anbu.


Naruto awoke to a bed full of several different woman, a huge head ache, a "Garaa has the nicest ass" tattoo and a clapping Kakashi.

Sasuke awoke with braided hair, painted nails and coddling with Deidara.

Garaa awoke that morning to an urgent message from Naruto saying "I want to fuck ya".

All three screamed at the top of there voice's.

Sasuke again moment's latter, because Deidara woke from his first scream and glomped him.


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