Title: Seeking Solice
Summary: Light wants to be alone

I am never alone. He is always there watching. If by some chance he isn't, a camera is. I havn't had a moment alone for weeks. I know that it is for the good of the case, but one more week of this and I swear I will go insane. After all, even a genius needs some time to himself think things over. Even L could understand this, after all it is the humane thing to do.

I chuckled to myself. L humane, that's a laugh. For the past few weeks I have been deprived of sleep, been practically starved, while hungry offered evil sugary concoctions, and been accused of being Kira for the stupidest reasons. He wasn't just keeping an eye on me, he was torturing me. Sometimes it is so bad that I would rather be on a date with Misa than being chained to L, it wasn't like I had that option anyway.

"L will you please take the cuffs off? All I ask for is a couple hours alone." I asked.

"Does Light kun think I am an idiot? I do not trust Light kun so I will not let him free." L answered.

"Lock me up and put a camera on me then. Keep me far away from you if you don't trust me. All I want is a couple hours. It shouldn't hinder the case any."

"It would be inhumane of me to lock you up like that Light kun. I will not condone to that."

"What about giving me a hour in the bathroom? I haven't taken a shower in days and I feel uncomfortable when you are in the bathroom with you in the room with me."

L looked as though he was thinking it over in his head. "But Light kun would call me a pervert again for having a camera in there."

"I promise that I won't Ryuzaki." I said sincerely.

"Surely Light kun won't need a whole hour to take a shower."

"You have no clue how long I need. I probably won't spend the whole time showering though. I need to properly groom myself and a little time to think by myself would be nice. I do some of my best thinking when I am alone."

L pondered over this for a moment. "I guess since Light kun asked so nicely this time, I will give him his hour in the bathroom."

After a while L escorted me to the bathroom with a clean change of clothes and I was given my hour of solitude. There was the constant creeping suspicion that L was constantly watching me, but at least it was an improvement. It's much creepier when he's actually standing there.