Title: Cat
Summary: Lack of sleep has Light seeing things

Light hadn't slept for three days now. That is seventy-two hours of doing nothing but researching Kira on the computer while chained the worlds most talented and annoying detective. Light looked sideways over at L. He jumped in surprise, but the detective took no notice. Light had to be hallucinating. The timing seemed right. After all it took fifty hours to start hallucinating, besides he knew for a fact that L does not nor will he ever have cat ears.

Light stared at L in awe. This was the most interesting thing that had happened to him since he was confined. He had to fight all urges to reach up and touch L's cat ear.

"Light kun, will you please stop staring at me like that." L said not turning from his monitor. After a while L realized that Light wasn't going to stop, so he turned to face the younger man. "Light kun that is really distracting, please stop." Light stiffiled a laugh as he caught a full view of L's head. He could now properly see both of L's cat ears, folded back angrily. L cocked his head to the side in a catlike manner. "Are you alright Light kun?" Light couldn't hold it back anymore, he started laughing hysterically. "Light kun you're not acting like yourself."

Light fell out of his chair, still laughing. It soon died down and Light looked up at L with an exhausted yet amused expression. "Guess I'm a bit tired." Light said with a slight chuckle. His eyes slowly began to drift shut and unconsciousness took over.

L looked down at Light in disbelief. He slowly got out of his seat and pucked Light up bridal style. With what little conciousness and energy he had left, Light reached up and stroked a lock of L's hair. "Ryuzaki has pretty kitty ears." He said and went limp in L's arms.

L let out a sigh as he carried Light to their room. "Maybe I pushed him too hard."