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The robes were simple but well-cut, obviously expensive and hugged Percy's body in annoyingly suggestive ways. Severus hated them. He hated them quite distinctly as he sat in a chair across from Percy's desk, drumming his fingers on the armrest. Percy worked on diligently, either oblivious to his former teacher's bad mood or choosing to ignore it.

"Who sent the robes?" Severus asked quietly.
"Voldemort," Percy replied, not looking up.
"And who sent that?" Severus asked, nodding at a brilliant tiger lily tossed rather carelessly on Percy's desk.
"It came with the robes." One dark eyebrow was in danger of disappearing into Snape's hair.
"It's highly irregular for the dark lord to be dressing his servants, isn't it?"
"Jealousy is not becoming of you," Percy said, dipping his quill and swirling it in the ink- a superfluous gesture that was distinctly Percy. His lover bristled, drawing himself upright and adopting an attitude some would call threatening. Percy didn't notice.
"Jealousy? First he's dressing you and then he's sending you lilies. Am I not entitled to at least be suspicious?"
"It's just a flower," Percy insisted.
"It is not just a flower! Every plant has a use and a meaning. " Percy put the quill down.
"Then tell me, oh great potions master, what is the harm in one lily?" Sarcasm fairly dripped from Percy's tongue, but it was not biting. It was teasing and a bit tired.
"It's a challenge," Snape retorted petulantly.
"A challenge?" Percy echoed. He smiled wryly. "In what way could I ever hope to challenge him?"
"Not a challenge against him. A challenge from him. He's daring you to find the nerve to love him!" Percy's eyes grew wide. Then he dissolved into a fit of laughter.

"Oh, Sev, you don't honestly think that Voldemort, of all people, is trying to seduce me?" he asked, eyes sparkling.
"I think it's entirely possible," Snape snapped. Percy pressed his lips together and thought for a moment. Snape tensed. Percy was definitely shrewd and practical, but at times he was so proper that if Severus didn't know better, he'd think Percy was a prude. However, it appeared that practicality was winning out over Percy's dispensable sense of modesty.

"Promise me you won't sleep with him." Percy's face transformed abruptly. It was now blank, giving away nothing, except that Percy had already made up his mind.
"I can't do that," the younger man replied quietly.
"You would sleep with him?" Snape gasped. He hadn't been shocked since Percy had come into his office wearing that delectably transparent innocent façade and announced his lust for his teacher, but now he was floored.
"Yes," Percy replied in the tone that adults reserve for young children who ask the same pointless question repeatedly.
"You'd be his whore?" Percy's eyes blazed and he struggled to keep his voice low.
"If that's what I had to do to get my job done properly, then yes. I'd be the best fucking whore I could be because I don't want to lose this fight knowing that I could've done more."

And that was the end of that discussion. Snape knew it. He didn't like it at all and the ominous clouds gathering above his head told Percy quite plainly that he didn't like it. But what could he do? He merely stared at Percy, who sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"Severus, I didn't ask you here to fight."
"You didn't?"
"No. I asked you over here so that I could bend you over my desk and shag you senseless."

Before Snape could reply, an owl landed on Percy's desk. Percy read the attached scroll of parchment quickly. "God damn it!" He swore. Snape blanched.
"Is it Voldemort?" he asked in a low voice. Percy looked momentarily confused.
"What? No, it's my brother Bill."

Percy apparated to Hogsmeade immediately and listened patiently to his brother's tale. Disapprovingly, but patiently.

"You," Percy said to his brother, "are an idiot. A moral idiot, but an idiot nonetheless."
"So I was just supposed to sleep with him?" Bill asked, crossing his arms.
"For Christ's sake, Bill, if he were your age, you would have fucked him so hard, you would have hurt his feelings!"
"But that's just it! He's not my age or your age or even Fred and George's age."

Percy rolled his eyes. He loved his family, he really did, but sometimes they could be so incredibly dense.

"Duh. That's why you wait for him." Bill stopped the steady, irritating pacing he had done ever since Percy had arrived and stared at his brother.
"Wait?" he echoed. Percy sighed. This had the potential to be a long conversation. "You're familiar with abstinence? It's voluntary, as opposed to your case, in which lack of sex is caused by blatant stupidity." Or mine, in which case it's caused by idiot family members…Percy thought. Bill glared at Percy. Percy gazed back serenely. Bet you'll blink first…Bill sighed.
"What about abstinence?" he asked. Percy smiled.
"If you like him that much and his age is an issue, then wait until his age isn't an issue. You don't have to shun the boy completely… just hold off on all the stuff that makes your Gryffindor blood crawl until he's of age. It makes sense, right?"
"This only works assuming I have enough willpower to keep telling Seamus no. It took enough willpower to tell him no for good."
"No, that wasn't a demonstration of willpower. That was a demonstration of you being a wanker. Where do you find the gall to turn down such a morsel when you haven't had a date since your hair was actually in style?"
"What's wrong with my hair?" Percy chuckled. Okay, so maybe that had been going a bit too far. It wasn't as if Percy's lover had better hair...

"Nothing is wrong with your hair, Bill. I was just trying to make a point. You like the boy—a lot. He likes you—a lot. So why are you making things miserable for the both of you? If you approach him with this idea, I'm willing to bet that he'll be so pleased, he'll behave himself…for a little while, at least. And then you might have to restrain him, but that could actually work out to your benefit—"

"Percy. Stop. Talking," Bill said, the image of a restrained Seamus doing nothing for his "willpower." Percy grinned.
"Sorry. I was babbling. Why are you still here? Why aren't you hunting down that Irish tart?"
"Percy!" Percy raised an eyebrow and licked his lips.
"Tarts? Mmm, yummy." Bill hung his head in defeat, sighing
"I almost miss the more serious side of you-- the side that wasn't blatantly encouraging me to be a pedophile."
"Don't' be ridiculous. He's too old for that. I was just teasing you. At his age, it would be ephebephilia, not pedophilia." Percy deliberately ignored the glare he was receiving from Bill.
"I don't like you right now."
"Sticks and stones. Why are you still here? We're done! Go find Finnigan!" Perrcy said, dismissing Bill with an imperious wave.

The two brothers stared at one another for a moment.

"Don't make me hex you," Percy threatened. Bill shot him a look of doubt. "I'm less Gryffindor than you are. I'll do it." Bill still looked doubtful, but he turned on his heel and left.

Percy sighed and wondered if he and Severus had time for, if not a quick shag, then at least a cup of tea.

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