Chapter Sixteen---Acceptance

My name is Axel Prelude.

I guess you could say I'm your average, everyday, ordinary teenager. I hate waking up early, I hate homework and I have college applications that my boyfriend is making me fill out. Not out of the ordinary for an 18 year old kid, right?.

My life, up until recently was relatively boring. Go to school, get in trouble, bail myself out, go to work, rinse and repeat. Except I was a call boy and a damn good one. But I did it so I could get my sister out of the house, out of the reach of my stepfather. I'm not normally a guy who hates other people but truth be told, I hate Cid Highwind with a passion. He's the reason my childhood was never safe, never happy and my teenage years filled with fear. But he's also the reason I met Cloud Faire so, I suppose it evens out; Karma and all that.

I don't think normally your boyfriend is supposed to beat the living daylights out of your stepfather but mine did and I'm ridiculously proud of him for that. He's been there for me through the worst time in my life and for my little sister too and well, I love him. Just don't tell him I said it, his ego's big enough. But Cloud Faire is a huge part of my life, of my family's life now and I wouldn't change anything in my past because my past gave me Cloud. Sappy but true.


They say everything changes. I didn't believe them, whoever 'them' is. But I learned that everything DOES change and not always for the worst like it usually did for me. Sometimes, good things happen. It's a gambling game, life is, and well, I'm a gambling man so I'll take the dice and roll every time. I don't mind pleasant surprises.

I told you from the beginning that you had to know, that I had to make you understand. Without the lies I had so carefully built up over the years. I hope you do. Understand, I mean. I hope you know who I was and what I was, was so my family could be safe, so they could be free of him. And now we are. I just want you understand…everything… because it's so different now. I'm different.

Before, it was my mom, Namine and Cid. They were my family. Now it's my mom, Nami, Reno (my real dad) his boyfriend Vincent, Cloud and me. We're a family now. Yea, it's unconventional and maybe a little strange, but I love them. I like our family like this because…well, the alternative was really shitty.

When I'm not at school or at home, I'm working. Now as I've mentioned, I hate school and I've got to say working sucks, but it puts gas in the car. I'm working at Reno's restaurant now. Cloud works there too and I like this. It's safe. It's normal and I love it because of that. Cloud gets on my nerves sometimes though. Mostly because he likes to grope me while I'm working and Reno gets mad because Vincent refuses to do so. He's a very business-y man, Vincent Valentine.

Riku, Demyx and Zexion are still my best friends. They were there at the beginning and they were there at the end and well, there still here. Really, they're fighting over the last pancake at their corner booth. I don't know what I would have done if they hadn't been trying to look out for me and Nami. I don't even really like to think about before.

Because Before I was a self-serving, gorgeous, cocky sonuvabitch that hated everything and had…nothing. After…well, now I'm still a gorgeous, arrogant tool but I'm different. I promise you that; I am different and I have everything.

My name is Axel Prelude and I am finally ordinary.


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