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Fly Away

The monotone girl stood on the roof of a tower that stood in the middle of the ocean. She looked at the sky, the musty ocean water wafted up her nose making her sigh. The wind blew her hip length hair in directions not known to man and she tilted her head back more. The sun warmed her face and she felt a deep pressure weigh on her chest. It hurt, how alone she felt, so much that she had come onto the roof for the third time today to find comfort somewhere, anywhere.

The cool air put goose bumps on her neck and she slipped into her mind. The girl almost didn't hear the soft tapping on the roof behind her, and when she turned and looked behind her she saw an animal perched on the roof, its beak pecked lightly against the floor.The girl studied the bird, it pecked the roof, then looked at her and pecked again. It repeated the same motions again and again eyeing her cautiously. The girl noticed that its movements were slow and sad, the animal seemed depressed...almost like the girl herself.

The girl lurched forward, grabbing the animal in one quick swipe. The animal stiffened, at first, then quickly regained its sense and tried to wiggle itself free. Still the girl held fast, trying to keep the animal from getting away and leaving her alone again. The animal pecked and nipped at her hands and tried to scratch her wit its talons. Still the girl held fast, her violet hair flowing as the wind blew.

The animal screeched, it turned, it clawed, it twisted until it felt that it was hopeless. Its movements slowed, and its screeching quieted till it was only a little chirp. The animal looked at the girl, and as it did it realized that she meant him no harm.The girl ran her fingers down the animals feathered head. She thought that the feathers felt smooth and she felt the violet feathers twitch and move. The animal studies the girl through its beady black eye.

The girls violet eyes shown brightly against her pale gray skin.Both the animal and the girl felt safe. They felt the same. They felt different. They felt...One.The girl turned quickly to the sudden sound of a door opening. "Hey Raven! Pizza is here" The green boy yelled, head between the doors. "I'm coming beast boy" She said glancing at the animal in her hands.

"Ill be down, I just have to take care of something" "Alright, Rea" The boy smiled, and closed the door. The girl looked at the animal, the beautiful bird in her hands. "Until we meet again" she said the girl bowed her head and the bird did the same. The animal flapped its wings but it didn't move.

It seemed to be saying "Come fly with me, come fly with the ravens" The girl smiled and lifted the bird into the air and the rave circled above he girls head before finally flying off into the sunset.A single tear rolled down the girls' cheek and she wiped it away with the back of her hand. "I wish I could" Raven said