"Happy Birthday!"


Okay, it was Logan's birthday, and everyone wanted to celebrate the beast's year of becoming older.

"Chocolate pie...great choice," Logan said, oddly cheerfully as he wiped the tasty substance off his face and into his mouth.

"Mmm," he said and wiped it all off and chuckled a little. Everyone else, however, was shocked at Logan's reaction.

It was cheerful...happy

And that wasn't Logan.

"Today, my friends," he started as he put the sticky, chocolaty substance in Scott's hair, from his hand and wrapped his arm around his and Jean's shoulder, "Is a day, of wonders," he said and giggled.

Storm and Hank looked at each other, "What in the world is going on," Hank whispered to her but she only replied with a simple shrug.

"Today is a day full of...gifts, surprises," he started and stopped then looked at Scott, who had chocolate in his hair, "Chocolate," he said and smirked, "Hugs, kisses, magic, laughter." he listed all the things, as though he were loony.

"Sex," Jean added causing Scott to look at her funny. "Ahh, see I agree with Jean. Sex is good, I'd like that for a present," he said and grinned.

"Logan, what is goin' on with ya? You're never this...happy," Rogue asked, her eyebrows furrowed, seeing her loony friend.

"My dear, sweet Rogue, nothing is the matter with me. I'm going to have the best day ever. It's my birthday I should be able to have..." he started and stopped as his eyes widened, "We should have a party," he said and smiled as he ran back into his room and came out a second later.

"We should buy a basket full of candy and goodies for the little kids," he said while putting his shirt on, everyone watching him, their eyebrows furrowed in fear of their friend.


"Logan, are you okay," Scott asked as he walked over. "Yeah I'm fine, why?"

"Logan! Where the hell are my pants," a female voice yelled from inside the bedroom. Logan turned from looking at the door, back to everyone else.