A True Gryffindor

by Loralee

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine, I make no money for this.

Warning: Spoilers for DH

Neville Longbottom stood frozen by Voldemort's spell, raging to himself. He felt that he'd failed . Harry was dead. Then the sorting hat dropped over his eyes.

"Summoning me like that, just who does he think he is, no more sortings well we'll show him won't we Neville Longbottom?" said the hat.

"I-" started Neville as the flames engulfed him.

"Don't worry, I am a powerful magical artifact after all, mere flames won't hurt me. Now pay attention. You've got to finish your mission, the one Potter gave you, so he can finish his," said the hat.

"But Harry's dead," whispered Neville.

"Nonsense, Potter's alive and waiting for you. I'll provide you with what you need. You can do it, you are a true Gryffindor after all. Oh, and when you get the time have Potter speak with me," said the hat with a chuckle.

Neville felt the body bind break and he whipped the apparently burning hat off his head. Something glinted from within and without thinking he pulled the sword out. Harry was counting on him.