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She sat there in the dark quietly watching the window, waiting for him to come. She jumps as the window opens. A bright flash momentarily blinds her and then he stumbles through the window. She continues to sit, watching as he collapses on his bed, breathing raggedly. Gingerly he removes his shirt hissing in pain. Quietly she waits for him to notice her.

She waits for five minutes as he gets to his knees and pants. Her fingers twitch and she jumps as glowing green eyes flash momentarily as he looks in her direction "who's there" he calls out to the dark, his voice hoarse, his breath weakening. She reaches for a lamp and turns it on. She gasps as light floods the room to reveal a young boy around fourteen with black hair and deep ice blue eyes.

She catches sight of the blood all over his chest and arms, of a line of blood seeping through his pants. She watches him as he winces and doesn't move a muscle "Danny" she whispered. The boy flinched again "mom" he acknowledged. She looked at her son and into those eyes. She was shocked to see not pain but fear.

He looked at her and quickly looked at the window "do you have a first aid kit" she whispered. He looked at her in shock, then grabbed a white kit from under his bed. She leaned down and began working on the more serious wounds. She took note how her son didn't move a muscle, didn't make a son "you've done this before" she asked fearfully.

He turned to her and grinned sheepishly "if it would make you feel better I have an explanation" he said. She glared at his son who winced "only if you don't tell lies, be completely truthful" she said as she went back to his wounds. He looked at her thoughtfully as though thinking about something. Then he lowered his head and sighed "promise you won't tell dad, and that you'll always love me" he whispered.

She felt distraught that her son thought she would stop loving him. He looked at her, his eyes full of plea "you need to promise, I can't bear to live if you don't accept me" he whispered. She looked deep into her sons eyes, desperately trying to hold back tears "I promise no matter what happens I will accept you no matter what, and I won't tell your father unless I have to" she told him.

Hope lit up his eyes and she jumped back as two rings appeared around her sons waist. They seemed to pause as he looked at her again "please don't hate me" he whispered. She nodded and the rings continued replacing that scarred chest with a black hazmat suit with a familiar logo. His pants were replaced with black hazmat and his comforting sneakers with white boots.

His comforting raven hair turned to a pure snowy white. Maddie gasped as the eyes opened to reveal a pleading electric green "you're the ghost boy" she whispered. A tear escaped him as he nodded. Happily she pulled her son in a hug, causing him to hiss in pain "sorry" she muttered happily as she pulled away. Her son looked at her in confusion as he changed to normal "I don't understand" he asked.

Maddie continued to bandage him up "I've always known deep down that you were good, I saw the wolf ghost rip the other ghost out of the mayor, and I researched Freakshow's staff" she explained. She looked into his eyes "I also understand why you didn't tell me, but know this, I've always been proud of you and nothing will ever change that" she whispered.

Then she got a slight frown "but you had better tell me which ghost did this so I can catch him" she said. Danny grinned and reached for a thermos she hadn't noticed "Plasmious, he's in there so you can do what ever you want with him" he said with a grin. Maddie smiled as she looked at her son "and mom" he whispered. She looked into his eyes again "yes" she asked. Danny gave a sigh of relief "thanks" he said as he hugged his mom.