Written for Computerfreak101. Heartchuu, Nokoba.

I don't own YGO. It's pretty obvious, lovelies.

Angels have wings and halos and Demons have horns and tails and are cruel while Angels are kind and nice and oh so sweet.

Demons like to be evil and play tricks and make Humanity fall into the Darkness and Angels guide and help and keep Humanity in the Light.

Angels live in the White and Demons in the Black and Humanity in the Grey.

Angels are supposed to love and love and Demons are to hate and hate for all Eternity, forever more, oh never ever change.

But there's one Angel who hates his halo, who tears at his wings because he does not want to do good, wants to hurt and be hurt, does not want to be White.

There is one Demon who longs to fly with the wings of an Angel and does not want to hurt and be hurt, who hates the Black.

There is one Angel who tosses his halo to the floor and stomps it under his heel, sneers at his fellows and tears out one feathers one at a time from his wings.

And there's one Demon who pulls at his horns in agony, writhing in Hell's fire as his fellows taunt him for being so weak, so kind, so good.

The Angel wishes to be a Demon for the Demon who wishes to be an Angel,

The Demon wants to be an Angel for the Angel who wants to be a Demon.

There is one Angel who loves a Demon.

There is one Demon who loves an Angel.

And there are two beings who love each other so deeply and so truly that they are forever pining for the other's Fate.