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Nymphadora Tonks sat up in her bed in the small flat the young woman had to herself as she shut off her alarm clock on the bedside table. "Good morning sunshine," she grumbled under her breath, let's just say Tonks was not the best morning person in the world. "Boy, I hope Scrimgour and Kingsley have good ideas on how to fight You-Know-Who." This was a nervous subject for her because she had only just begun her job so suggesting things too much was out of the question. It was hard to explain, but it seemed that the longer you had worked in the Auror office the more control, respect, and liberties you had and the better you were looked upon. For now Tonks was just the new unimportant clumsy metamorphagus who was rather open-minded.

Auror's, or Dark Wizard Catchers, had a very busy schedule so Tonks quickly went to her tiny kitchen and pulled out a bowl, spoon, and cereal. (Not before tripping over her own feet and sliding headfirst into a cupboard. "Ow!") A small owl flew into the flat through the window and landed on the table with the Daily Prophet. Reaching for a small bag that rested on the table as well, she found a small bronze coin and placed it in the owl's open talons. "Thank you," She called as it flew out the window. Flipping it open she glanced dumbstruck at the title.

The Boy Who Lies?

By John Noe

Recent reports state that at the end of last school year the well-known Harry Potter claimed that You-Know-Who had returned to his original body and was planning to terrorize the wizarding community once again. Yet even though Albus Dumbledore, current Headmaster of Hogwarts, believes the young boy the ministry tells their people it is all lies. "None of this is true so you may be relieved," says Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, "We think that the boy possibly is telling this tall tale to get more attention, but pay no thought to it. In a few weeks he'll probably be admitting it was just a story and that he made the whole thing up, you know teenagers." So Harry Potter is not to be believed and is just being like a typical kid. Now Dumbledore on the other hand, cannot exactly be excused so easily. "He always did have odd methods of running the school and seemed to have a sort of connection with the boy," states a young ministry official, Percy Weasley. We are telling the people of the fine wizarding world; Do Not Be Fooled by These Lies. They Are Merely the Made Up Stories of a Boy Who is Going Through Though Times. You-Know-Who has NOT Returned-

Tonks tossed the paper away in disgust. How could anyone believe such a thing, especially the Minister himself? She hoped the other Aurors would be on her side as well, but as she brushed her teeth and got dressed she wasn't too sure. One thing she did not understand was how Percy Weasley ended up being quoted. She had worked at the ministry longer than him and hadn't a clue what had happened until the article came out. Perhaps it was because he took their view or maybe he was more ambitious and was a little more mundane. Then she had a sort of sickening thought; maybe it was because she had a murderous lunatic cousin on the run with a price on his head and an aunt and uncle in Azkaban. Shaking that thought off she looked at herself in the mirror of her bathroom she considered going for a more serious style, but felt that that was not going to help.

Walking out the door, not before stumbling over the doorstep, Tonks apparated rather wobbly to her workplace, the Ministry of Magic.

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