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Chapter 6:

Drunken Cousins and Love

Tonks appeared at the door of Number Twelve, Grimmuald Place in a state of embarrassment. She felt like she had been totally humiliated. What had been the point of that? To try to get her to be so shamed that she would join them? Well, Tonks wasn't going to give up that easily. She didn't know why she had gone to Grimmuald Place, but it had been the first thing that popped into her head and she didn't really want to be alone in her house, even if the only company she was going to get in this spooky house was a crazy old cousin she barely knew.

So Tonks was surprised when she opened the door and was greeted by the murmuring of voices coming from the kitchen. As she came into the room, she found that the voices belonged to Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. They looked up when she trudged in and Remus stood up with a smile on his face, saying,

"Hello, Nymphadora, are you joining us?" Tonks glared at him and he looked confused.

"It's Tonks. Never, ever call me," she shuddered dramatically and Sirius grinned, "Nymphadora." Remus shrugged.

"Alright, but I think it's a nice name. Sirius, what do you think?" Sirius grinned again.

"Well, I personally think that you probably got the worst name in the family, except for my mum. Her name was Walburga," Tonks stuck out her tongue as if to say 'ick', and Remus gave a short laugh. "But, I think that because I'm your dear, old cousin, I believe that me and Moony here should have the privilege of calling you your old nickname," The was an evil-like glint in his dead eyes.

"No," said Tonks shortly. She hated that nickname. Sirius, still grinning, turned to Remus.

"What did we call her, Remus, my friend?" Remus also smiled and spoke the word Tonks dreaded,

"Nymphie." Tonks gave her most evil glare yet.

"You are not allowed to call me that unless I can call you the nicknames I had for you. Pafoo and Moo." The effect was instant as both men winced. Remus held out his hands.

"Alright, truce. Let's just get off this topic," he gave her a warm smile yet again, and Tonks found herself grinning back. She found it so easy to smile around him. Sirius looked puzzled at this, so he changed the topic himself.

"So, um, how's Andy?" he saw the confused look on her face and elaborated. "Andromeda." Tonks responded by saying she was fine and soon the three were casually conversing of family, and mostly for Sirius and Remus times before Sirius had been sent to prison. Then Tonks found herself telling them of the tea party and Sirius laughed the whole time while Remus chuckled, yet listened sympathetically.

"Yes, I think that this Dolores Umbridge woman isn't very found of you, perhaps because of your statement at the auror meeting," Tonks's mouth dropped. How had he known? "Kingsley told us about it and Dumbledore agreed to let you join the Order."

"Oh." Sirius finished laughing, only because Remus shot him a stern glance, and so they moved off the subject again.

"Oh yeah, I've been meaning to ask you, Sirius. Where would you like to be?" Tonks asked. Sirius raised his eyebrows.


"I mean in hiding. Kingsley and I are running out of places to say where you might be 'lying low in hiding'." Sirius grinned while Remus laughed. His laugh sounded very nice, Tonks noted.

"Hmmm…where would I like to be? How 'bout: Anywhere but here?" Tonks laughed a bit.

"Really, I'm serious." Remus stopped laughing.

"You shouldn't have said that," he warned her. Tonks was confused.

"Why?" But as she spoke, Tonks noted that her cousin's face was spreading into a smile, but behind it was evil scheming.

"No you're not," he stated calmly. Now Tonks was really bemused.

"Not what?"


"Yeah, I am. I was being serious."


















"Yep." Remus was watching the argument like a ping-pong match, shaking his head sadly the whole time.

"Nope. I'm Sirius. You're Tonks." Tonks slapped her head with her hand as Sirius cackled. How had she fallen for that one? "Haha! That's the oldest Sirius Black trick in the book! I can't believe you fell for that one! Hahaha!" Tonks knew he would have gone on and on gloating, but Remus stopped him again.

"So where are you going to be hiding Sirius? Or should I make a suggestion?" Sirius frowned.

"I don't like that evil look, Moony, but go ahead." Remus smiled, and Tonks smiled back. She hoped this was a good one to get back at Sirius with.

"Okay. How about you're in a Singaporean bakery making…cookies." Sirius went pale and grabbed Remus's arm, though Tonks didn't know why he was so terrified.

"No, Moony! Anything but that!" Tonks raised an eyebrow.

"What's the matter?" Remus's grin widened.

"Well, see, Sirius has a fear of—"


"Cookies." Sirius put his head in his arms as Tonks laughed so hard she felt her lungs would burst. Remus also was laughing.

"So embarrassing…" her cousin muttered. As soon as Tonks stopped laughing, she got out a piece of parchment and a quill and inkbottle.

"Haha, really, though, I'm putting that down," she began to laugh again as she wrote, more like scribbled on the parchment, and Sirius got up, walking toward the basement muttering something about being right back. After she finished writing, Tonks leaned back in her chair. "When did he start that fear?"

"Well, it was back in seventh year, when he was sent a box of cookies by Kreacher," Tonks shuddered. She had met Kreacher, and he was creepy. "Sirius thought he had been poisoned. He's been terrified of them ever since." Tonks gave a short laugh, sounding much like the cousin they were talking about, and leaned back further in her chair, but it was too much. Suddenly, it fell backward, and she toppled to the ground with a thud.

"Tonks! Are you alright?" Remus was out of his chair and around the table in no time. Feeling herself blush, she quickly answered.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He offered her his hand and she took it, a slight tingling sensation going up and down her arm. She shook it off as hitting her funny bone or something and pulled the chair back into the right position. When they had returned to their seats Sirius came up from the basement carrying a crate of…something.

"Hey, guys," he said while placing the crate on the table. Remus peered inside and shook his head.

"You really shouldn't do this, Padfoot," he said with a weary air of having tried a thousand times to convince his friend.

"If I can't go anywhere, do anything useful, and have stay in this house, my friend, I might as well get wasted." He pulled what was unmistakably a firewhisky out of the crate, then grabbed two more and handed one each to Remus and Tonks. Tonks unscrewed the cap and took a swig, the drink seemed to burn her throat, and she coughed several times. "New to this, my cousin?" Sirius quipped with a smile. Tonks nodded, still coughing, and Remus, what seemed for the millionth time, shook his head.

"Sirius, you're corrupting your own cousin. What would Andromeda think of you?" Sirius waved his hand and took a long gulp.

"No offense, but I don't really give a crap what people think of me right now, Moony. At this point in time, I am focused on drowning myself in my sorrows." Tonks raised her glass with a small grin.

"Here, here!"


A long time after, Tonks didn't keep track, all she knew was that Sirius was on his eighth bottle, she started to sing a Weird Sister's song. Partway through, when it was just getting to the chorus, Remus stopped her.

"Oh, please don't continue. The Weird Sisters give me a headache, what with all the screeching and everything." Tonks lifted up her head and stared at him in shock.

"You don't like the Weird Sisters? But—"

"Cousin, don't even try with him. He likes classical stuff and even…opera," Sirius slurred this and gave a hiccough. Tonks giggled at Remus and he rolled his eyes while taking a sip of his firewhisky (it was only his second bottle, too).

"I don't only like that. Back in the day, The Broken Broomsticks were amazing." Sirius gave a smile as his eyes unfocused.

"Hey, I'd forgotten about them. Remember that song, "Hanging From the Keeper's Hoop"?" Remus nodded. "Sing it, Moony." Now Remus shook his head instead. "Sing it with me. I can't carry a tune when I'm drunk." Finally after Tonks helped Sirius to plead, Remus sighed.

"Alright," and the two old Marauders began to sing. It wasn't that bad a song really, but Sirius had been right about not being able to carry a tune.

"My broom's falling to the ground

And my fingers are slipping

I cannot make a sound

I don't know if I'll be quipping

About hanging from the keeper's hoop…" Sirius laid his head on the table and began to snore. Remus also stopped singing and looked across the table at Tonks.

"Sorry about him." She shrugged.

"It's no problem, most of my relatives are weird anyway." Tonks saw him look sadly down at his sleeping friend, but he soon seemed to come back to the conversation.

"It's this house. Dumbledore doesn't seem to see it, but it's killing him to be stuck here. This place doesn't really hold very happy memories. He just needs…company." Tonks brightened up.

"Well, the Weasleys will be coming to stay for the rest of the summer in just two weeks. He won't be able to have privacy." But Remus still shook his head.

"No. Most of the children don't know him, so they'll probably stay away, and Ron and Hermione will most likely stay in their rooms waiting for Harry to show up, and even when Harry does come, he'll be likely to stay up in his room with his friends. You see? And I won't always be able to stay here because…of my condition." Tonks saw him looking up at her worriedly, as though she would suddenly run out of the house screaming because of his being a werewolf. She had to admit, she'd never had a love of the creatures, but there was something about him that made him seem not so bad. Then she got the idea.

"How about I hang out with him. You know, cousin to cousin." He smiled gratefully.

"You'd do that?" She nodded. "Thank you. Most people don't really like to do favors for me- well -you know." Tonks reached out and patted his arm.

"Hey, don't worry about it. Besides, I don't really care about that. So what if you're a werewolf, it's not like you had a choice or anything," And Tonks found that she really didn't care. If he was a werewolf, that wasn't his fault, so she wouldn't hold that against him. Anyway, it made her feel warm inside whenever he had the smile on that he had now. It made him look years younger, and some of the pain that was in his face almost melted away.

"Well, I suppose we should be off," he stated, and the pair stood up and Remus stopped to quickly write Sirius a note that said they had left. "He'll be alright for now." Tonks walked out into the hall, careful not to trip, which was difficult in her drunken state. As they stepped out into the slowly setting sun, Tonks did trip on a step, but Remus managed to catch her from behind around the waist. She felt some kind of an electric shock go through her body from the place where he held her, but it went as quickly as it came when he set her upright. "Look, how about I apparate you home." Tonks frowned.

"I can get home fine enough myself, Remus, thank you very much."

"Yeah, but you're drunk, and therefore more likely to splinch yourself. I wouldn't want to be responsible for ruining such a lovely face." He seemed to realize what he'd said and quickly looked away, but Tonks could tell he was blushing. She had to admit, he had been right about splinching herself. So with as much dignity as she could muster, Tonks took his offered arm. "Where too?" He asked her. Tonks gave the address and soon felt the familiar squeezing sensation, and then they were standing on her front porch.

"Thanks for the lift," she told him.

"The pleasure was mine," he smiled, ever the gentleman, Tonks decided.

"So, I guess I'll see you later."

"Yes, I suppose you will."

"It was nice getting to know you, Remus."

"The same goes for you." Remus held out his hand and Tonks shook it, the same glorious feeling of electricity running through her. Her breath seemed to catch in her throat, but all too soon he let go and with a wave, dissaparated with a pop. She stared at the spot where he had been standing awhile after until she finally was able to get her breathing under control. In a daze, she walked through her door, into her bedroom, and flopped onto her bed. Smiling into her pillow a wry voice in her head said, Tonks, you silly girl. You are in love with Remus John Lupin.

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