Cannibal Homicide

By: Garrett Cole

Staggering through the rugged terrain, he managed to make it pass the woods. Suddenly, he found himself standing on the edge of the mountain. Sweat perspired from his dirt-ridden face as the faint cry of the cannibalistic tribe grew louder. Before him faced the deadly drop; behind was the tribe. As the flame troches of the cannibals brought light throughout the woods, the man stood frantically deciding what to do. He looked at the drop, then nervously turned around. The cannibals came into view from the woods. He winced and began to cry, for one held the staff with his friends head mounted steadily at the top. He gazed once more at the cannibals, who were nearing closer and closer every second, and swung himself backwards. The last image that his eyes beheld was the black sky and its thunderclouds cackling as his back broke on the rocks at the base of the mountain.