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Slowly the Fenton's and Valerie began waking up "what happened" Jazz asked.


They were looking for Danny, they all raced after him after Skulker grabbed him at dinner. After a while they saw the ghost boy fighting off Skulker. Quickly Maddie fired the Fenton bazooka but missed Phantom and hit Skulker in the chest, then Phantom started to say thanks when Valerie appeared and shot at Phantom, causing him to fly into the ground. Quickly everyone surrounded the Ghost boy and Jack, Maddie, and Valerie all put weapons and trained them on Phantom. "good bye" Valerie said "wait don't shoot" Maddie said nervously. Quickly she put anti ghost cuffs on him. "what's going on" Valerie asked "Danny's missing, and he obviously has something to do with it" Maddie told her. Suddenly a streak of lightning flashed through the sky and a voice as cold as death spoke up "ah well if it isn't young Daniel and friends" and then they all blacked out.


Maddie suddenly shot straight up looking closely at the people around her then she turned to look at the cave they were in, it was a simple bedroom size cave with one entrance and it was lit with strange growing crystals. "Phantom must have done this" Valerie whispered angrily, instantly Jazz got a little angry but tried to reasonably try to talk sense into them. "look, I know it looks like this is Phantom's fault but remember, he was in cuffs, you cuffed his hand, with ghost-proof cuffs, which means he is in as much if not more danger" she said reasonably. "says you" Valerie muttered "what do you have against the ghost boy anyways" Jazz asked "because he ruined my life" Valerie said. Suddenly they all froze as they heard chains rattling and a creepy moaning coming from around the only corner. "what was that" Jazz whispered fearfully.

It had been a couple hours, the moaning had stopped after a few seconds but had been replaced by the sound of moving chains along with whispering and other weird sounds. "maybe we should check it out" Jazz whispered "no Jazz, it's too dangerous" Maddie said "what if it's a ghost" Valerie whispered "if it's a ghost then I'll catch it" Jack whispered as he jumped up "oh sit down, even if it is a ghost, all I have is the keys to those ghost cuffs" Maddie said as she forced Jack to sit.

"for now we should probably all get some sleep" Maddie said "we'll think of a way out of this tomorrow" she added and quickly all of them dozed off, and of course Jack was sucking his thumb. However Jazz couldn't sleep, she stared at the other cave curiously and after a few minutes she looked at her family, and Valerie, and then walked over to the cave, Valerie saw her but made no move to stop her, but just laid down and thought.

Meanwhile Jazz got a shock when she entered the first part of the cave and saw Danny Phantom pacing and whispering to himself "Danny" (and for the record this is three years after he's had ghost powers but they still all look the same, though don't be surprised if Danny has a much bigger grudge against Plasmious) she whispered and as he looked at her she ran over and hugged him "Jazz, what are you doing here" Danny asked, making no move to hug her. "We, all woke up, we meaning me mom, dad, and Valerie, and found ourselves here, we were afraid that you were something really dangerous because of the noise and we thought we heard some chains…" then Jazz let go of her brother and saw his hands were still cuffed and e had some small burns on his arms, most likely caused by ecto blasts.

But what caught Jazz's attention most were the green chains around her brothers feet. "are those…" she started "ghost proof, heavy, uncomfortable, painful, duh" he said. "who did all this" she asked "Plasmious, who else" Danny told her. Then he went and sat against the wall "so why are the others not here" he asked "asleep" Jazz said simply. Quietly Danny sighed "we had better sleep to, go back to mom and dad" he said sadly. "don't think so, your family and I figure you can use the company" she told her little brother. Quietly they both laid down on the floor to sleep quietly.

A couple of hours later Maddie woke up and looked around, then jumped up as she realized Jazz was not with them. "Jack Valerie wake up Jazz is gone" Maddie said while shaking them "what, where would she be" Jack asked "I saw her head into that other cave to see what's in there" Valerie confessed. "we have to go in there" Maddie said and quietly they went in there but when they snuck around the corner they saw Jazz asleep next to Danny Phantom (and yes he has mastered staying ghost while asleep, but not unconcious) but they both looked peacefully asleep "JAZZ" Maddie yelled.

Startled both teens jumped up, but before as Danny tried to get to his feet he tripped on the chains and fell on his stomach. "please can't I ever get some sleep anywhere" he muttered from the floor "Jazz what were you doing with the ghost kid" Jack demanded "I'm old enough to do what I want" jazz said as she went to grab Danny's arm and help him up. "ow, please refrain from touching" he said as he pulled out of her grasp "and why" Jazz asked, "you should be healed, after all, your suit is so why aren't you" she said and agitated Danny rolled up the sleeves and every one winced as it revealed the burns were more prominent then ever.

"does that answer your question" he asked hen got unsteadily to his feet and stretched, nervously Jack Maddie and Valerie stepped back. "oh come on, I am not going to hurt you, I can't even use any of my powers except my ecto dome" Danny cried out in frustration. "how do we now you're not lying you blob of ecto plasmic energy" Maddie asked "fine you win, I will have to show you, besides, Plasmious has already tried this stuff on me before" Danny said, he then took a deep breath and then acted as though he were going to fired an ecto beam at one of the crystals.

With out warning something seemed to start shocking Danny, he went to his hands and knees only wincing as though he could with stand it but barely. The shock continued for about five minutes and when it stopped Danny fell to the ground in exhaustion and then Plasmious's face appeared in all the crystals "Plasmious, what do you want" Danny growled, his eyes growing brighter than usual.

"well naturally young Daniel, I want you and your mother to join me" Plasmious said "forget it" Danny said "oh and did I mention that I have updated those chains your in, you can still use your ecto dome but I can now shock you at will" Plasmious said "WHAT" Danny yelled but stopped as he was shocked and he was instantly on his knees and twitching for another five minutes. When it stopped Danny slowly got up. "would you just give it up and get a cat" Danny shouted as he walked over as close as he could get to one of the crystals "for the last time, you and your mother will join me, and I WILL NOT GET A CAT" and with that Plasmious's face vanished.

As soon as Plasmious vanished Danny, in anger, hit the side of the cave wall. He then hissed from the pain of it "why does he always do this" he whispered. Slowly Maddie, out of mother like concern, went over and touched Danny's shoulder "it's okay, I highly doubt he could find your mom" she said soothingly. Danny chuckled darkly "too late" he muttered "she's already his captive" he said.

Then he looked into Maddie's eyes "um, I have a question since your being nice for the moment" he said in an almost begging voice. Maddie cocked her head "and what's that" she said. Briefly Danny held out his still cuffed wrist's "can you please take these off, they do actually hurt" he said in a slightly annoyed voice. Silently Maddie held back a chuckle as she took the key and held it to the cuffs. Instantly the cuffs dissolved and Danny rubbed his wrist's "thanks" he said.

Then Plasmious appeared holding a struggling Sam and Tucker, but he vanished as soon as he dropped them on the floor "Sam, Tucker" Danny said. Quickly they turned to look at him "Danny" they yelled as they ran over to him. Before they could touch him however, he stepped back. "guys, chains" he said, pointing to the chains holding his feet. "oh, I got it, hold on" Tucker said as he logged onto his PDA and messed with it.

After a minute the chains snapped open and Sam went instantly to hug Danny "ahem" Valerie said, mainly just to draw their attention. "oh, hi Mr. and Ms. Fenton, Jazz, Valerie" Tucker said sheepishly. "we need a way out of here" Maddie said, breaking into the discomfort. "knowing Plasmious these walls are designed to be ghost proof and human proof so I can't escape" Danny said. Instantly Sam smacked him on the back of the head for the slip up. "human proof, why would it need to be human proof for you" Valerie asked skeptically "ah, never mind" Danny muttered.

Then Danny flew up to look at some of the crystals. "but seriously, it's not like you can be half human half ghost right" Valerie asked, clearly not wanting to drop the subject. "How is it that every ghost excepts the fact that there are half ghosts yet humans despise the idea" Danny muttered under his breath, though everyone still heard him. Then Danny went and touched a crystal and without warning it created a cut down Danny's arm and tossed him to the ground "Danny are you okay" Sam shouted as she ran over to Danny.

"wait a second" Valerie said slowly as she looked at Danny's cut that was bleeding red and green blood. "what's wrong Valerie" Tucker asked "ghosts are only supposed to bleed green ecto plasm, but Phantom here bleeds red human Blood" she said. Quickly Danny grabbed the cut "look, there is an explanation, just, I don't quite know what it is" Danny said nervously. Slowly Maddie went up and put her hand to where his heart would be, and after a few seconds she looked shocked and then tried to feel for a pulse, then in shock she stumbled back wards.

"what is it Maddie" Jack asked "that's impossible" Maddie whispered "what is it, what's impossible" Valerie demanded. "Phantom has a very faint heart beat and pulse, it shouldn't be there, it's faint enough to kill a person yet strong enough for him to not technically be dead" she whispered, duh, I've told you millions of times I'm not like other ghosts, even the good ones, how else could I be different" he said agitatedly. "um, how about we try to escape" Jazz said as a quick yet poor cover up, but the others wouldn't drop it "who's your human half" Maddie asked.