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Although Sirius' voice was barely audible, his tone could not be mistaken.

"Me? What about you? You just kicked everyone out for no reason!" James was not happy. He was going for a reaction but not like this. James had envisioned Sirius dramatically flinging him across the room, exclaiming his love for Remus, and then ravaging the tawny-haired boy senseless.

"Don't try to turn this around on me." The volume of Sirius' voice grew steadily. "Really, what kind of friend are you?"

"Seeing as I have no clue what you're talking about, I can't really give an answer. I wish you would just get on with it."

James' reply wasn't exactly what Sirius was asking for.

Sirius ran his fingers through his hair, pulling roughly in frustration. "You've got to be joking..." he mumbled to himself.

In a moment of severe anger, Sirius unexpectedly pulled back his right arm while his hand simultaneously formed a tight fist. In one swift motion, his knuckles collided with James' face with a loud 'crack.'

As a reflex, James' hands flung onto his eye. He squinted through his broken glasses. His hazel eyes were red with fury. The muscles in his jaw visibly clenched. He couldn't speak.

As swiftly as Sirius punched him, James hurled himself at Sirius, arms swinging. They both toppled to the floor. In the dark, they punched each other blinding, hoping to inflict damage. With fists flying and legs kicking, they both were intent on getting the upper-hand. James laughed maniacally when Sirius accidentally punched a table leg when aiming for him. Sirius growled and proceeded to jump onto James, immediately stopping the laughter.

Sirius finally gained dominance.

James was sprawled out on the floor, face up. Sirius was firmly sitting on top of him with each leg placed beside James' hips. James attempted to wiggle free but was unable due to Sirius' position over him. Sirius could have easily caused James a lot of hurt, but he didn't.

"Why'd you do it?" Sirius asked, his voice cracking.

"Do what?" James yelled while trying to free himself.

Although James knew, he was second guessing himself. The obvious answer was Remus, but James couldn't imagine Sirius going this crazy over that.

"You knew!"

"What did I know?"

"I told you"

"Just tell me what your fucking going on about!"

"I told you I liked Remus, Prongs!" Sirius yelled. His scream was followed by total silence.

James was confused. For a moment, he forgot his pounding headache and increasingly puffy eye. A warm, fuzzy feeling washed over James in a totally girly type of way. It was about Remus, afterall. James thought the Sirius must like Remus a lot because of this reaction.

He couldn't conceal his grin. Although he was in a submissive position, he was victorious, well sort of. He wasn't the one who was going to get laid, but he had brought it about, and the thought made him smile.

"You did not tell me."

"Yes, I did."

"Uh, no."

"Er, well... You should've known anyway, damnit. You're my friend, so you're supposed to read just read my mind about these things... And still, there you went... Dating him... Snogging him... And now shagging him! Ugh!"

James couldn't believe that Sirius was faulting him because he wasn't able to read minds.

As Sirius became increasingly hysterical, James was becoming very aware of how bad it would be for him if Sirius were to get angry again in this position.

"I never did those things, Padfoot!"

"C'mon. I'm not stupid."


"I bet you two have been getting a real good laugh out of all this. It's been driving me mad, you know! Everyday, every minute, I've been right on the verge of snapping. And there you two went, pushing it, just pushing it."

"Go get Moony! Ask him! Wait, better yet, tell him! Go on, tell him what you've said."

"I can't, James! ...With you two together... Ughh."

"Merlin, grow up, Sirius! Just tell him! If you don't someone else is going to get with him, and you'll be sent to the department in St. Mungo's for people with mental disorders!"

"But you--"

"WE AREN'T TOGETHER." Each word was pronounced loudly and clearly. "JUST GO."

With reluctant obedience, Sirius got off of James. He then sent James a death glare that clearly said 'If this doesn't work, you'll never be able to make babies.'

"Where's Remus?" Sirius asked Peter, who was dozing by the dying fire.

"Mmmm... He... Mmm..." Between words his head fell onto his shoulder.

"Wake up, man!" Sirius yelled. "Now, where's Remus."

The newly awakened Peter replied, "He had James' cloak. When you two started yelling he said he was going off to the library."

Once Peter had finished, Sirius shot towards the Portrait Hole, not giving a single thought to what the consequences of getting caught out would be.

Sirius reached the library panting. He hunched over and breathed deeply, trying to catch his breath. He ran his fingers through his hair. I probably look like shit, he thought. After attempting to brush through his hair with his fingers, he gave up. He comforted himself with the thought that it was dark, and hopefully, Remus wouldn't be able to see him very well.

The door creaked when he slowly opened it. He managed to squeezed himself in without having to open the door very far. He quickly scanned the parts of the room he could see and found that there were no lights on.

"Remus," He whispered.

There wasn't an answer.

He walked towards the first shelf and looked down it. Remus wasn't there. He continued to look until he got to the seventh shelf.

Sirius could see Remus sitting on the floor, leaning against the book shelf with his eyes closed.

Immediately sensing somebody else's presence, Remus opened his eyes.

He clumsily stood up as Sirius neared.

"I like you," Sirius said plainly.

At that very moment, Remus was fairly certain that he was dreaming. This was too good. Of course, that couldn't stop him from enjoying the dream.

At the very same time Remus stood on his tip-toes, Sirius bent down. A loud 'crack' was heard.



"This type of shit doesn't happened it dreams!"



This was supposed to be perfect, Remus thought. It was real, and he just screwed things up. His face grew bright red and hot at the mere thought of what had just happened. He stared at his feet in shame. He didn't dare look up. He couldn't. He dearly hoped that Sirius would just go away.

Then Sirius placed his hand under Remus' chin and gently tilted his head up. Their lips met.

It wasn't one of those kisses that was built up and then disappointed. It wasn't the kind that you wanted so bad, but it just ended up being sloppy and awkward. It was one of those kisses that was built up and was perfect, exactly the way you had always imagined it would be. And believe me, you imagined it constantly. It lived up to every expectation that you held. It felt so smooth and it just fit in a completely unexplainable way.

Remus wondered if he was dreaming again. "I must be mad," Remus accidently mumbed out loud into Sirus' neck.

"That's alright, I'm a bit mad too."