He'd come a long way from the boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs. He had friends now; he had wife now, children, happiness, a family, things he once thought he'd never have.

Seeing his wife, chatting happily with Angelina about Quidditch, seeing his best friends each holding a hand of their youngest child Hugo, swinging him back and forth as the little boy laughed gleefully, seeing George, despite everything, performing jokes for his young nieces Molly and Lucy, Percy watching on with a slight smile, seeing James running after the newlyweds, Teddy and Victoire, with a camera, insisting that he should take pictures, seeing Al and Scorpius Malfoy of all people sitting at one of the many round tables tossing small pieces of candy back and forth while laughing with one another, seeing Arthur and Molly playing small hand games with the young Fred Weasley, seeing Andromeda smiling a true smile for once in her life, seeing it all…

This freak didn't turn out so bad, if he did say so himself.

"Daddy! Come dance with me!"

"Yeah Uncle Harry, it's my wedding and all you can do is sit on your arse and daydream!"

Harry mock glared at his oldest godchild, standing up to take his jacket off to reveal a dark green dress shirt. He let Ginny dress him for this special occasion.

He knelt down to pick up his daughter, still young enough to be held and brought her up to rest in his arms.

"So you want to dance huh? Well, it's at your own risk I suppose eh Lil's?" The little girl giggled at him but encouraged him to walk to the dance floor none the less.

Not bad at all.

LBH: This is by far the shortest one-shot but overall I'm fairly pleased with its length, making it too long will only drag out the ending since this is indeed the last one-shot for Godfather. I've had fun with this but I have another story I want to start with, and since I will only update two stories at once, this one I had to finish. The next one's a crossover for all you Naruto fans out there, watch out for it. And again, thanks for reading Godfather, I hoped you enjoyed it.