With Your Words


Alright so to anyone who has already read this fic, I made only minor changes through out the story and a whole crap load of spelling and grammar errors. So you don't really need to reread anything. But the final song I used in chapter 12 is completely different than the original one. So you can take a look at that if you want to.

Pairings:: J/S, Y/YY, R/B, M/M, OC/OC implied OC/OC/JK

Warnings:: Angst,(Past) Cutting, Citrus and some Sapp a bit later on.

Summery:: 5 yrs ago Jou left Domino behind him. Now as the lead singer for the band known as "Red Eyes", he returns for a concert being held in his hold home town. Can he face what he ran away from 5 yrs ago? Or will history be doomed to repeat it's self once more, and sent the young blond over the edge.

A.N.:: OK everyone here is the newest piece, i hope you all enjoy. It was supposed to be a one shot.... but yeah looks like it is going to be a lot more than that. So i hope you all will stick with me till the end. I will be using several songs through out this fix, most will be by Razed in Black, My Chem. And one by T.A.T.U. as well.


Chapter 1

"So Kats, how does it feel to be going back home after five long years?" Asked a short, blue eyed, blue haired boy to the boy in the seat across from himself. His eyes locked on his friend and fellow band mate waiting for his answer.

One soft hued amber eye cracked open a moment before the other followed suit. The blond haired head leaning back against the seat lifted and amber eyes locked on his friend. For a moment Jou glared at his friend and bassist Cody. Looking around his glare intensified as he saw the curious faces on Jarren and Micha who sat nearby him. It seemed he was to be the entertainment for the rest of this particular flight, figured.

"Guys look we have already been over all of this once before. I grew up in Domino City... and other than seeing a very select few friends, I have absolutely no desire to be going back there what-so-ever." Jou said in a tired voice, before leaning his head back once more.

5 years ago he had left Domino City for reasons he would rather not think about right now.... or ever again truth be told. Since then he had made a name for himself and found a place to call home, or at least as close to home as he would ever get. Upon arriving in New York to stay with some family he hardly knew he had met his current friends at the school he had become enrolled in. They had all quickly become friends, upon finding out they had a small band and were looking for a singer he had volunteered his voice and was snatched up immediately. He had been so upset and depressed upon coming to New York, that these three had literally saved him. But that had been a while ago, and they were now known as *Red Eyes* and one of the most popular bands in the biz right now. Known not only through out America but parts of Europe and Asia as well.

Thus they were now headed towards Domino City to play a gig at Domino Park in 2 weeks. This news had not gone over well much to the surprise of his band mates and their manager. Tilting his head back up, Jou smiled at his friends as he studied each in turn.

Cody had been the first one he had met out of the three. His cheerful innocence reminding him so much of Yugi he nearly cried. This boy was the bassist for the band and quickly became the life of the party if left alone for any length of time. He had rather short light blue hair in the back, with two long emerald bangs hanging angled in and partly across his face. This framed his startling deep blue eyes and drew attention to his pale skin, flawed only with a black design inked into his skin. This tattoo being located directly beneath his left eye and taking up a good portion of his cheek in delicate lines. He wasn't tall, nor was he short standing at a decent 5'6". His slender body usually draped in some form of leather or other tight material, matching his lovers taste in clothing.

Cody's lover of the last 7 years was Jarren, the bands drummer, sitting to Cody's right and holding his hand loosely. Jarren and Cody could not be more different in personality if they had tried. Where Cody was the loud and brash butterfly, Jarren would rather have a quite night and not be bothered by anyone. He was polite to a T and more than a little stand offish to people he didn't care to know. His tall frame of 6'4", slightly muscled body covered in black and red silk and leather draped in various metal and straps gave him a slightly sinister look. A look aided easily by his short spiky crimson hair with black highlights and eerie golden eyes and pale skin. He was very protective of Cody, Jou and Micha and when provoked had a temper to rival the blonds own.

Micha was the last one he had met and the only female in the group. A fact the seemed to please her to much sometimes. In Jou's opinion Micha was so close to being a second Mai it honestly scared him most of the time. She was 5'8" and had waist length black hair streaked neon pink and usually done in pig tails, with soft gray eyes that went well with what seemed to be a year round tan for her. She even favored those damn scraps of cloth that both her and Mai swore where skirts. She was tough no doubt about that, but she was also loyal to a fault and always willing to lend a hand to her friends.

"So are you ever going to actually tell us why you don't want to go back to Domino?" Jarren asked in his usual soft tones, effectively cutting of Jou's train of thought.

"Nope ain't going to happen guys." Jou said with a sigh. They had been at this for a while now and he was surprised they hadn't given up on asking that question by now.

"Kats-Baby you destroyed Lavin's office when you found out where we were heading out to. Your usually the most mellow guy we know, even on an off day. So what's got you so moody about this concert?" Micha asked not caring in the least how rude she sounded.

"Oh Ra! You and Mai will get along so well." Jou laughed while shaking his head. "Guys look, there are just some things I would rather keep to myself, alright? Let's just get there see my friends, do the concert and get the hell out OK."

"Alright, alright. So these old friends of yours we are going to be meeting, are they really everything you told us? Some of that shit seems so far fetched it's a bit hard to swallow." Cody said, letting the subject change for now.

"They gave me full permission to tell you everything about them. That way you won't be to surprised about anything going on, when we get there. Yug and Yami will pick us from the airport and we will be staying with them for the two weeks before the concert. Is that still OK with you three? We can still make reservations at a hotel or something if you wish. I don't want any of you to be uncomfortable with staying at a strangers place." Jou said, hoping that the three wouldn't change their minds. As much as he didn't want to be going back home, he did have to admit it would be good to see some of his old friends again. Granted he had kept in touch with them all through Yugi and Ryou with e-mails and phone calls. But it would just be so much better to see them in person for the first time in years. He really had missed some of them while he had been away for these last 5 years.

"We go where you go Kats, that's how it's always been. As long as they don't mind us annoying them to death, then were happy to stay with them. I am curious as to why were not staying at a hotel this time though." Micha said looking at the blond.

"You'll see when we get there. Yugi isn't someone that's easy to say no to." Jou said with a grin.

"Whatever you say, Kats." Cody said.

::Attention we will be landing ten minutes. Please fasten your seat belts, and prepare for landing.::

Jou tensed briefly at the words, before forcing himself to relax. He would take things one day at a time while on this trip. With any luck nothing would happen and he would go home in two weeks the same way he arrived.

"Calm down Kats, were here with you now. Whatever may have happened to you here before, is in the past. Whatever it is that's bothering you will have to go through the three of us to get to you." Jarren said softly as the others made themselves ready for the landing.

Jou smiled at the words of his friend, the smile was short lived though as a thought flitted through his head. *Sorry guys but I don't even you three could save me from this Dragon*



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