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::Flash back::


~Whenever someone is speaking English, instead of Japanese ~

Pairings:: J/S, Y/YY, R/B, M/M, OC/OC implied OC/OC/JK

Warnings:: Angst,(Past) Cutting, Lemon and some Sapp a bit later on.

Summery:: 5 yrs ago Jou left Domino behind him. Now as the lead singer for the band known as "Red Eyes", he returns for a concert being held in his hold home town. Can he face what he ran away from 5 yrs ago? Or will history be doomed to repeat it's self once more, and send the young blond over the edge.


Chapter 13

"Jou's Plane"

Through the entire flight back to N.Y. Jou was silent refusing to speak with anyone. Simply sitting and staring out the window to his left an empty look in his golden eyes..

"Kats-love are you ever going to actually speak to any of us. Or do we just have to wonder what the hell just happened for the rest of our lifes?" Micha asked.

"…" Jou said.

"Emo little brat" Micha huffed.

"Let it go guys. I did tell you to look over the music right? You should have know that was coming before the show." Jarren said from his seat across from Jou.

"He still should have told us. We are going to have a very pissed off Lavin on our hands when he gets back from Japan you know." Cody said sleepily from Jarrens lap.

"I'm sorry," Jou whispered, still not looking at any of them.

"For what, you did nothing wrong. You did what you thought was best for you both." Jarren said softly.

"No! I ran away again, just like the last time.." Jou snapped.

"What do you mean. You said so yourself that he would be better off if he forgot about you." Micha said.

"…" Jou replied.

"Oh Kats you didn't!" Cody cried jumping up from Jarrens lap. Jarren made a face at the action but said nothing.

"It doesn't matter now does it. Just leave me be alright." Jou said not wanting to look at his friends. He was a coward and he knew it. No matter what he said Kaiba's well being had not been the only thing in mind when he had left Kaiba behind… again.

"You stupid little idiot." Micha sighed taking the blond in her arms allowing him to fall back asleep.

"Eventually he is going to have to stop this you guys. It's going to kill him otherwise. He loved that man so much yet he still did this to himself." Jarren said.

The others could only nod their head in agreement as they watched the blond sleep. Plans forming in their heads on the best way to help their friend. Short of kidnapping the CEO and locking the two hard headed boys in a broom closet… maybe a nice small cramped one, not much seemed like it would work. Those two just really needed to sit down and actually talk with each other.


"Lavin's Plane"

"So why exactly are we going to N.Y. with you?" Yugi asked softly staring at the redhead before him.

"Because the main show won't start until we land… which will be soon by the way." Lavin said with a smile.

"Your very creepy Lavin-san you know that right?" Yugi muttered to himself.

"That maybe little Yugi. But my goal is to make sure that nothing else goes wrong. We are going to make sure Jou doesn't mess things up this time." Lavin said, the same smile still on his face, though now it was starting to become a bit sinister.

"Yugi my brother is going to beat us all to N.Y. you know that. Thus he will confront Jou, it's up to us to make sure the stubborn ass listens to big brother." Mokuba said, his grin matching Lavin's.

"Do what you want, I am so not taking the blame for this though understood." Yugi said leaning against his darker half.

"What do you think of all this Yami?" Yugi asked.

" I think they are both morons." Yami said simply. Yugi just hung his head and sighed, he would get no help from that front.

"Yes but at least we are helpful morons." Lavin said still with a smile.

Yugi looked in horror at the others and for the first time that he could remember he felt real pity for both Kaiba and Jou.


"Airport in N.Y."

"Come on Kats-love, lets get to the hotel alright?" Jarren said pulling his quite friend along beside him. He was starting to become more than a little worried about Jou now. He seemed very pale and he had slept most of the way here. He was still not wanting to speak to any of them. Granted Jou had pretty much just cut out his heart, tossed it in a blender on high then fed it to the dogs, by giving Kaiba up but…

"Uh-oh…" Cody squeaked looking ahead of them.

"What?" Micha asked turning away from watching Jarren lead Jou forward and out of the gate.

"Umm I think we have company." Cody said.

Jarren froze when he lifted his head, his golden eyes meeting with a furious piercing blue. He suddenly felt it would be a very good idea to let his friend go and put a good amount of distance between the angry man and himself. After another look into those burning eyes he did just that, leaving a confused Jou to stand on his own.

"Whoa we made it in time" Came another strange voice. Turning their heads again just in time to see Lavin, Mokuba, Yugi and Yami all appear as well. Hmm well it seemed this was going to turn out quite the crowd, Jarren thought to himself.

"Katsuya Jounoichi" Came the softly growled voice.

The moment the words left the mans mouth, Jou's head jerked up to be met with the site of Seto Kaiba standing in the middle of a very crowded airport, simply staring at him angrily. He swallowed nervously at the look he received. Kaiba was pissed, and it was all to easy to see.

Ignoring the band, manager, his brother, his friends and even the large crowd around him he strode forward intent of reaching his blond.

He stopped four feet from Jou, staring into the golden eyes before him. All of the anger he felt rushing out of him at the pain he saw.

"Why.. just tell me why you want to leave me this time. I at least deserve to know that much." Seto whispered harshly.

The others wisely stood of to the side and said not a word. They would interfere only if they had no other choice.

"I had to. You deserve more than anything I could ever give you." Jou said in a watery voice.

"Not good enough try again." Seto taking another step closer. Only three feet separated them now.

"Five years ago we treated each other so terribly. We didn't trust one another enough to work for a relationship. Not a real relationship anyways. We fought and I ran. That was how it always was… and still is as you can see. You deserve someone better than I can ever be. Not a coward like myself who runs away from everything." Jou said hanging his head, tears trailing down his cheeks.

"Listen to me Katsuya if you're a coward I am as well. Five years ago we were children who didn't know what we do now. I loved you so much back then, yet I couldn't tell you. I didn't know how and I was so scared. So when we fought that night and you left, I told myself you would come back and to not care. So when you left Domino 2 weeks later I made myself not care. Told myself it wasn't my fault and I should forget about you. Or at least I tried to anyways. I thought about you everyday, always wondering if you were alright and why you left. Who you were with and what you were doing. Then I found out what Otogi had done and I snapped. I got my pound of flesh from his hide. But even knowing why you left I still couldn't go to you and even try to bring you back. Do you know why?" Kaiba asked stepping closer once again.

Jou shook his head slightly, still not looking up at the man before him.

"Because I was scared of what I would find. I had hurt you first in the fight we had. I remember what I said that night. It was unforgivable and I was so scared you would turn away from me. The fact that you could even think that I would sleep with that man, made me feel ill. It also made me see just how bad I had treated you. After all how can you trust someone that's never there for you." Seto whispered. Pain evident in his voice now.

"Please don't do this." Jou whimpered.

"Katsuya please. One more chance is all that I ask from you." Seto said taking the final step and pulling Jou to him. Hugging him tightly and burying his face in the blond hair before him. Inhaling deeply the scent he had missed so much.

"No, your better without me. You'll find someone else to love." Jou cried, trying to pull back.

"Dammit Katsuya! For once will you please just show me the trust you say you want and listen to me? I. Don't. Want. Someone. Else! I love you! No one else. I have already told you there has been no one since you left and there never will be anyone else. You spoiled me for all others. No one would even be able to come close to holding a candle to you. I promise to be there when you need me, as well as when you don't. Things won't be the same this time I swear it. I wanted you when we were younger, but I didn't know what else I wanted, now I do. I still want your body that won't ever change believe me. But I want your heart as well and I want to give you mine as well." Seto said pulling him closer still.

Jou finally looked up and met the blue eyes above him. He could feel any doubts he had fly out the window. He had always loved Kaiba and he knew that if he couldn't have this man then he would have no one. But was it really worth the risk? Would it be worth the pain if things fell apart again?

"Please…" Seto almost begged.

"Dragon…" Jou whispered and made his decision. Yes it was worth it. He may not be good enough to be with this man in his eyes but he would try to raise himself up to Seto's level. If it meant that he could be with the man he loved and finally be happy, then yes it would all be worth it.

Leaning up quickly he captured Seto's lips in a hard kiss. Trying to pour all of his emotions into it.

Seto hesitated only a moment before he leaned into the kiss and returned it. Finally he had the answer he was looking for.

"I love you to Dragon…" Jou whispered as he pulled back to breath. Before he could say anything else though the sound of clapping broke through their little world. Turning to look behind them they both blushed at the crowd that had gathered and witnessed the scene. There stood all of their friends and a sizable crowd of strangers smiling and clapping at the happy ending they had witnessed.

"Do you all mind?" Kaiba growled, trying to ignore the slight bit of red dusting his cheeks, yet staying wrapped around his puppy.

"Hey when you guys put on a good show. You've got to expect some people to want to watch it. Besides think of all the PR we are going to get from this. Though you guys may want to move this to a more private setting no?" Lavin said trying not to laugh at the glares they sent his way.

Seto simply went back to ignoring them and proceeded to drag his puppy out of the airport. Things still wouldn't be perfect and he knew this, but this time they could work things out together.


:Exactly one year later:

Jou, Jarren, Cody and Micha bowed before running off the stage. Once in the wings Jou found himself caught up into a pair of warm strong arms.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Seto asked his puppy. No matter how many shows he attended he never tired of the site of his love on stage.

"Always." Jou said cuddling himself further into the taller mans chest. Inhaling his warm spicy scent.

"Break it up you two!" Cody yelled jumping on Jou's back, making Kaiba support the weight of both boys.

"Jarren would mind removing your toy from me please? He needs to go on a diet." Jou yelped.

"No I don't, that's just mean Kats!" Cody whimpered out as he pulled away and turned instead to his own boy friend.

"God you all make me sick. Can we cut it with the PDA?" Micha whined.

"Hey just because your little doll isn't here doesn't mean we should all suffer." Jarren said. Micha grumbled to herself about missing her lover.

"Don't worry Micha, Mai has a surprise for you later when we get back alright." Kaiba said.

"You heard from the others?" Jou asked head snapping up.

"Yup and they are all waiting for you at the hotel. Now I suggest we leave. Lavin is headed there already and I don't want that man near my little brother alone." Kaiba said.

"He is a big boy now Kaiba. If he and Lavin are happy let it go." Jou said softly.

Seto stared at the blond for a bit thinking back over the last year.

Micha and Mai had gotten together very quickly, and Kaiba had given the running of most his company to his younger brother while he worked with Lavin as co-manager of the Band. Unfortunately this meant Lavin and his brother had contact often , and the two had quickly started dating. This did not sit well with the older Kaiba. But over the least few weeks Jou had been wearing him down. So while he was still not happy about the thought of that red headed freak being with his brother, he wasn't trying to kill him anymore.

"Fine" He sighed.

"Besides your not losing him I promise, and this will give you and I more time alone." Jou purred into his ear.

Seto growled as a strong wave of lust hit him at those words. They had been together for a year now and had not slept with each other yet. Well they had not yet had sex anyways. Maybe Jou was trying to tell him something?

"Pup?" Seto asked.

"Later, we have a party to get to." Jou said with a smirk and pulled away, and headed towards the car waiting for the band. Seto sighed and joined the band, they were heading to a party with their friends and Seto just knew it was going to be a very long night. Before getting in the car however Seto stopped and grabbed Jou's wrist pulling the blond to him once more and simply holding him there.

"Dragon?" Jou asked softly wondering what was wrong. The others in the car for once left them alone and averted their eyes to give the couple at least a bit of privacy.

"Do you regret it? Any of it?" Seto asked in a hoarse voice, face buried in the side of Jou's neck.

Jou smiled brightly and spun in Seto's arms looking at the man he had fallen in love with so many years ago.

"I regret nothing. You have kept your promise Seto Kaiba and I don't think I have ever been happier." Jou said softly.

At those words Seto leaned forward, his lips meeting the blonds halfway.

"Don't start you guys we got to go now!" Micha yelled from the car, interrupting before the two could get serious.

"Plus your in the middle of the street in broad daylight." Jarren said.

"We've done worse Jarren so shush!" Cody snapped.

Jou smiled once more, grabbed his love's hand and pulled him to his waiting friends. He had his friends, both the band and others, a wonderful career and the love of the sexiest man alive. He really was the happiest person in the world right now, and he would do everything over again if it meant having this happiness for the rest of his life.

"Alright guys lets get to that party!" Jou yelled cuddling close to Seto in the backseat. With a resounding cheer from the others they headed off to meet those waiting for them, friends and lovers alike. Jou would make this a night none of them would soon forget.



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