A Normal Rikkaidai Day

"Niou-sempai!!!" Akaya cried. "Are you done yet?!"

"No!" He yelled.

"Why are we in this stupid camp with only one bathroom..." Akaya grumbled. "I don't mind the camp... but one bathroom!? Gosh, Sanada-san is cheap!"

A loud, "I AM NOT CHEAP! RUN 50 LAPS!" Was heard.

"Is Niou out yet?" Marui asked. He was wearing pink jammies with a cute bunny holding on to a slice of what seems to be a cheese cake. With a strawberry on top. It looked like a tunic. Except we all know that he is wearing something underneath... right? RIGHT?

Akaya shook his head. He was wearing black pajamas with a green cat. No, the cat wasn't green, he scribbled on it with permanent marker. He didn't want a white cat. It was a T-shirt with very loose pants...

Yagyuu adjusted his glasses, "Niou is still not out?" His pajamas seemed normal, until you saw the back. It was a lamb. Yes, Sanada paid him 20 dollars to wear one. (Pssst! Read Sh0omx3's Lamb story and you'll get it.) His pajamas were buttoned of course.

Akaya leaned closer to the door and sighed. "Niou-sempai... I really want to use the bathroom before next century..." He closed his eyes. Then he suddenly opened them. "Are... are you humming?"

Marui leaned closer to the door also. "He is... isn't he?"

Yagyuu was also very curious. He leaned to the door too. The door creaked. Everyone leaned closer. The door fell, literally FELL, off the door frame. There, was Niou standing in his jammies, hair down, and in front of the mirror. He noticed the door missing and three unnecessary Rikkaidai regulars standing there.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!?!" He screamed, yes, screamed. Who wouldn't if three people just crushed the door and saw them in their jammies? Especially with their hair down? He tried to cover his face, because Niou NEVER showed himself with his hair down. His jammies were very interesting... A tunic shirt with short boxers. His shirt was a picture of two eyes, a nose, and the word "kitty." on it, it was unexpectedly pink... His boxers had black sides and blue. His name was stitched on the side. Did we also mention the pink fuzzy bunny slippers?

Yagyuu ran to get his camera. Marui snickered. Akaya just... stared.

Niou covered his messy gray-white hair. It was down, and he seems to have washed his hair. He resembled a girl who uh... washed their hair. Seriously. He quickly grabbed a towel and pulled it over himself.

Yagyuu came running back with Renji, Jackal, Sanada, Yukimura, and his best friend (besides Mr. Duckie) the CAMERA!!!!

Sanada was still wearing his baseball cap, odd. Yukimura was wearing a night gown (because his mother "accidentally" packed him his sister's/cousin's clothes...). Renji was normal for once. He was wearing an actual pajama with buttons and NO lamb. Jackal was fully dressed, because he is that awesome.

Sanada raised an eye brow. "Is that Niou?" He asked as he pulled the towel off Niou's head.

"Holy...!" He cried. He didn't imagine Niou to look like that.

Yukimura chuckled.

Renji was busy scribbling notes from his HANDY DANDY... NOTEBOOK! (Blues Clues reference here. XD)

Jackal was on the ground; fainted.

Yagyuu was snapping more photos on his camera.

The last thing everyone knew was that Niou shouted, "GET OUT!" at the top of his lungs and everyone was throw out the house.


And that's the end... Niou! I love this guy. XD

Random fact 3: I love bubblegum and can finish one pack in a day.