Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Willow stood in horror as to what was being proposed. She was all to aware of the fact that Britney was to protect the slayer at all cost and had done so for the last two years. She had sat at Britney's bedside during three short stays at the hospital to prove just how aware she was of her lover's job. For over two years, Buffy did her job and Britney was by her side as Willow continued onto college and helped them whenever she could. She never complained nor tried to stop Britney from doing her job but was about to do so now.

She felt as if their love was second to Britney's job with this crazy decision that she was trying to make. All the nights of love making and comforting each other whenever they would be rudely bashed on occasion and the happy memories meant nothing when it came to doing her job. There was no way that Willow was going to allow Britney to take Buffy's place on that tower, just as Buffy refused to allow Dawn to take her place on it and planned to do it herself.

"Britney, I won't let you leave me like this." Willow said, as the tears flooded down her face faster then a large pipe that had burst could spew water.

"Willow, we don't have much time and I cannot allow the world to be without a slayer. You don't want to lose your friend either and I know that." Britney pleaded with the love of her life and choked back tears of her own. She didn't want to go through with this either because of her love for Willow but knew what the consequences would be if she let Buffy take a dive off the tower.

"You don't have Summers blood and I won't help with the spell that Giles found!" Willow shouted and grabbed hold of Britney's hands. "Please don't leave me Britney." She wailed and the look on her face mirrored the agony in her voice.

"Willow," Britney spoke softly and pulled the redhead into her arms. "I don't want to leave you, God knows that but I want to keep you and everyone else safe. I see no other choice and I am deeply sorry for that." Britney said and tried to kiss Willow, who pulled away sharply.

"Buffy won't let you do this and you know it!" Willow shouted, as Britney tried to steady her trembling body.

"Buffy's not gonna have a choice Willow. Giles has everything ready. Now please, let's spend some time together in love rather than fighting before I have to…" Britney could not say those last words because she knew that she would break down and didn't want Willow to see that. Her heart was shattering into a million pieces for what she was about to do but couldn't come up with another solution. "Please Willow, don't push me away now." Britney begged, as the redhead moved away from her.

"Willow, you know that if Buffy dies, we are all at to great a risk of dying. There is too much time between now and when a new slayer is to be activated. I know you went and begged Buffy not to do this too Willow. Someone has to though and there is nothing that we can do about it." Britney said and pulled her girlfriend close. "I just want you to know that I love you more then anything and have been so blessed to 8have you in my life." Britney said and was glad when Willow allowed her to place several gentle kisses on her trembling lips.

- - - -

As Britney stood on the tower and Spike dragged Dawn away, Willow sobbed into the nearest shoulder that she could find. She had tried to stop Giles from having Britney drink the potion that was mixed with Buffy's blood and prayed that Buffy would wake up in time to stop the madness. Buffy had been knocked out cold at the last second possible during the battle by Spike. She had been lead to believe by Giles that she would make the sacrifice but they managed to catch her off guard just as she was about to head up the tower.

"Will," came Xander's sorrow-filled voice. "I am so sorry that I didn't trust her to begin with. I just wish that I could tell her that." The man's shoulders shook and the tears fell from his eyes.

"I've got to stop her!" Willow shouted but Xander gripped her tightly, as she screamed for Britney to change her mind and Dawn tried to break free from Spike.

As an enraged slayer tore towards the tower faster then she had ever moved before, the former officer jumped and all was still as the night. "God no!" Buffy shouted and heard Willow's guttural cries, as her own tears fell. "I am the fucking slayer! I am the one who is supposed to save everyone, not be saved damn it!" Buffy shouted and glared at Giles with a murderous look in her eyes.

As Buffy shouted, Xander released Willow and she ran to her fallen lover's side. She knelt down and kissed Britney's hand, as her legs finally gave out and she lie flat on the ground next to the battered and bloodied woman. "Why did you leave me Britney?" She said in such a soft voice that only Spike could hear her. "I don't want to live one day on this earth without you baby." Willow continued speaking, as her body jerked violently with the hard sobs that were coming from her.

"Mate she's breathing!" Spike said and jumped to his feet. "She's fucking breathing! There is a faint pulse, somebody get your ass in gear and do something!"

- - - -

Willow sat by Britney's bedside for the next four days, with no sign of the woman waking up. She had learned from Giles that he put a little extra in the potion to hopefully aid in Britney's survival, though the chance was slim to none for a recovery. Though she was grateful to him for doing that, she was still enraged at the measures they had taken to save Buffy. On the other hand, she was glad that they went to such great lengths to save Buffy because she honestly didn't know what she would do without her friend either. "Will," Xander, who had been very supportive through it all, said and handed her a sandwich. "You've got to keep your strength up and I got you some clothes too."

"She might wake up and me not be here." Willow said to let him know that she wasn't leaving the room. "Thanks for the food."

"Will, you have to keep your strength up or you won't be able to help her if she does wake up." Xander offered in as soothing a manner as he could.

"There is no if Xander!" Willow shouted and held Britney's hand tightly. "She will wake up, do you hear me?"

Though Xander knew she had virtually no chance of waking up, he agreed to keep the redhead's anger to a minimum. "Just leave us alone," Willow said, as Britney's eyes fluttered open.

"Oh thank God!" Xander shouted with relief in his voice and ran to tell the others.

The tears sprung from Willow's eyes for what seemed the millionth time in the last few days, as she kissed Britney's good hand. The only difference was, they were finally happy tears that she was shedding. "Britney, can you talk, see, hear and all that good stuff? The doctor's said that you should not have survived and would have all sorts of damage but I just knew that you would be okay for the most part."

Willow was relieved to see Britney smile at her babbling because that told her that she could see, remembered her and could hear. "I think everything's broken," Britney managed to force the words out of her mouth, as she listened to the machines hum.

"I love you so much Britney." Willow whispered and placed a gentle kiss on Britney's lips, as they seemed to be the only thing that weren't hooked up to something or bruised.

"I love you too Willow." Britney said and placed her good hand on Willow's face. "I will spend the rest of my life showing you just how much." She said, as she returned Willow's kiss and then closed her eyes again for more rest.