None of the characters belong to me.

These were written to cheer up a friend. I like WK but I don't tend to write it and this is not my usual pairing but I think they turned out well for that all that.


There was never a good time really. Nagi was constantly lurking and Schuldich managed to hang around quite a bit for someone who went clubbing as often as he did. The telepath was attracted to puzzles and thus found Crawford and Farferello quite fascinating individually. They didn't care to find out what he'd make of them together. Nagi likely wouldn't have cared but Schuldich could read him with ease and so it was easier just to keep the whole thing quiet. Farferello was very careful to keep all marks under areas covered by Brad's camouflaging suit. Crawford was very careful control his breathing whenever Farferello cleaned his blade with his tongue. And it was by mutual agreement that the space room in the new apartment was sound proofed, the walls covered in easy to clean materials and the lock made very sturdy indeed.

Sympathetic Magic

His hair had been white so his was now silver. One eye had been covered, he decided on a monocle. He'd lost weight, the better to imitate that animalistic grace. The original seemed lost to him but he had a quiet faith in his little rituals. And when that thin, beautiful face appeared from flames and cut down his enemy he knew that he had not chosen in vain.

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