AUTHOR: Stompy Bigfoot

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing of the story; all belongs to J.K.Rowling, Warners Bros or anything I'd missed. I am only borrowing their characters for my own personal pleasure and no permanent harm will come to them.

SUMMARY: After Harry is betrayed in the most terrible way by one of his closest friend, he finds himself spiralling into the dark pit. In comes Draco Malfoy, a spy for the light, and the love of Harry's life. Will he be able to bring Harry from the brink, or is everything beyond repair?

SPOILERS: Everything up to 'Goblet of Fire', and maybe some facts from 'Order of the Phoenix'

RATING: R, language, and adult themes.

Italics are thoughts


"Please Ron, don't do this."

"Oh no Harry. You're going to pay. You're going to pay for everything you'd done to me in the past 7 years at Hogwarts. I thought I was your friend Harry, but no, you took my chance at becoming the Quidditch captain, Head Boy, you destroyed my life, if it wasn't for you, I would be all of the above. You, Harry Potter, are going to pay dearly for this……Revenge…is…sweet." Ron whispered fiercely into Harry's ear, pinning him harder onto the bed.

Harry wasn't able to move from his vulnerable position on the bed. I didn't mean to Ron…you should know I hate all this…I thought you were my friend…Hands locked to the headboard above his head, trousers and boxers ripped away from him, giving him no protection of what was to come. What a sight. Ron grinned wickedly at Harry's current position.

Ron stood up slowly, and began undoing his trousers. I can't wait to rip him apart…sink into that sweet hole…destroy the last piece of innocence he has…when his undergarments were down until his knees, he crouched himself over Harry again.

"Happy Christmas, Harry." With that said, Ron plunged his penis into Harry dry, without any preparation, only some spit that was coated on his genitals for his own comfort.

Nooooooooo…I will not scream…no matter how much it kills…I will not give him the pleasure…why is he doing this…why Ron…you were my best friend…I trusted you…Ron…

Not soon after, Ron came to his release. Finally…anymore of this and I will die…He undid all of his charms on Harry, dressed himself quickly and walked to the door. Just before he walked out, he turned back and threatened, "Don't bother telling anybody, because seriously, nobody would believe you, and even if somebody does, it won't do you any good, because when I find out, you are going to pay the price for dobbing me in. Remember that, Harry." Giving him another foul grin, Ron walked out of the room, out of my life. On the way, Ron untied Harry's hands from the bed, and Harry instantly felt blood circulating back to his hands and wrists.

When the door to his bedroom close, did Harry move from his spot. It's Christmas, they wouldn't mind if I didn't go downstairs for supper…I left all my presents on the right places…not going down today… Harry crawled off the bed, and still on his knees and hands, set out his journey on finding all his clothes back. Once he found his boxers, they're still clean and in one piece…he made a mistake off getting up and sitting on his abused backside, the pain and the hurt caused him to pant and tremble all over…point…never sit down after being raped…Since sitting isn't an option anymore, the only possible way he could think of to get dressed is to lay down on the bed, and pull all his garments on…why am I getting dressed when I am going to shower anyway…

So this was why Ron wanted to give my 'present' privately. That was why he insisted on giving me my gift personally upstairs. Why Ron…Why…


After scrubbing himself until his skin was al red and near bleeding, Harry got out from the shower, and gingerly began wearing his pyjamas…I need to go to the infirmary…have to get this healed…no matter how embarrassing this would be…I don't want an infection…damn it…

Pulling on a robe, and bringing his wand with him, Harry made his way to the infirmary, thanking Merlin that nobody was in the hallways that time.


"Please don't tell anybody, Madam, I'm begging you here."

"Why Potter? Albus has…"

"NO! Please…" Harry begged, with the beginnings of tears shining in his eyes.

Poppy, seeing the distraught on Harry's face, let him off this time. "Okay, but if this happens again, and I find out, Albus has to know." I really won't tell this time…I wonder who would've did this…because from Harry's given information…it isn't any of the Slytherins…he knows him…Hmmmm

"Thanks." Harry gave a small nod and walked out of the infirmary.

Nobody can know…hah…tomorrow prophet's headline 'The-Boy-Who-Live assaulted'…people will have a field day…have to pretend this never happened…focus on the upcoming war…pretend…never happened…focus…war…pretend…pretend…