Chapter Four: Curiosity Killed the Cat

Ever since Potter's weird behaviour by the stairs before start of term, Draco has been contemplating over the small issue. Now, this wouldn't normally be seen as an issue, but the young and only surviving Malfoy was curious, very curious. He heard from Blaise, one of his trusted friends, two days into term that Potter was admitted to the infirmary after New Years. What a lovely way to spend New Years… and a day later, news were spread around the school that the Weasel's relationship with Potter and Granger were over. Not so much of a golden trio now eh…wonder what happened…

Draco Malfoy was currently sitting in Potions, behind Harry and Hermione, when he noticed the pair was arguing; not furiously but still arguing. What's taking place, never seen Potter this riled up at Granger? Knowing that the potion Snape had set them would be simple for the blond, he opened his ears a bit and began to eavesdrop on their heated whisperings.

"…can't you go to Dumbledore?"

"No Hermione, I can't and I won't, and don't you dare."

"Harry. He won't be mad at you. The most he would do would be coddling you, then he would give Ron the punishment he deserves."

"No Herms, just leave the topic alone. I don't want everybody to know okay. Look, I appreciate your concern and goodwill but please, just leave it. It's a chapter in my life which I intend to keep closed."

"But you can't go on like this. I'm worried. You don't sleep, you're…you are basically dead to the world."

"Hermione, just drop it, before I will do something you'll regret. Know what's best for you and you'll shut up." Draco heard the sudden coldness in his voice and couldn't help but shudder.

"Fine Harry, but this doesn't mean I'm not your friend anymore."

"I know Herms, now shut up before Snape slaughters us." By now, Snape had seen their whisperings and billowed towards their desk. A vial of a perfectly made potion was sitting on their table, and both Gryffindors had their reports ready to hand in.

"Potter, Granger. 20 points off Gryffindor for chattering during class." A cold sneer broke out, and when his back was turned, Harry sighed in frustration but remained silent otherwise.

Wonder what he was going on about? What did the Weasel do? The Malfoy was connecting the dots from his collection of information he had received over the past few days, and he had to mull over the facts. Does this have anything to do with his stay in the infirmary…Weasel straying away from the Golden Trio, Potter getting out of the Hospital Wing after a few days, now Granger says Weasel did something to Potter to make her want to go to the headmaster, then I hear that he deserves a heavy punishment…what in Merlin's name is going on?

By the time the blond shook himself out of his reverie, the class was dismissed. The two Gryffindors whom he was previously eavesdropping on, were the last ones minus himself, to leave the room. When he was absolutely sure that the two were out of earshot, he ambled up to his Potions' professor, and asked, "Severus, what is going on with Granger and Potter?"

"Why Draco, never thought you were interested in her." Obsidian eyes bored into pale grey ones.

"No, I was curious. Having heard all the news around the school, and the conversation they were having just then in class, I want to know exactly what is happening." Draco was demanding for an answer, but unfortunately, his forcefulness only worked with his housemates, never on Severus.

"And why do you think I would know? Do you see me putting my nose in their petty business?" Thin lips curled into a sneer, while one black eyebrow rose in question.

"I know you train Potter so I thought you would know something, and by the way, does he know about my alliance?" Draco by now had sat himself in one of the chairs in the front row.

"I do know some matter of Potter. All I can say is that there were some major disagreement between the Weasley Boy and Potter." Even though Harry wasn't Snape's favourite, he isn't that cruel to break his plead of shutting up. Please Snape, I'm not asking you again, but can anything you see from Hermione or I never leave this room or your lips?

Seeing the bewildered expression on the young Malfoy, he continued, "If you're so curious, why not approach them. They know about your spying, well I know Potter does. And like what I said, why not approach them and observe Potter more imperceptibly. They won't snub you like you think they would." I know how desperately the boy wants to befriend Potter, maybe this would do it…

"What would happen if he finds out?" Even though the blond was perfectly calm and still, his fear for his exposure of his true status was palpable to the Potions Master. I know what I'm doing is dangerous, but that doesn't mean that I'm not allowed to try and protect myself…

"You can tell him that by befriending Potter, you can get closer to him, and obviously, there would be more information for him." Snape explained thoroughly to the boy opposite him, as though this was one of his potion instructions. Draco would be good for Potter, even if I don't like it, and vice versa…I know he is gay, I can only think of Potter as a worthy choice.


Potter's acting all not normal…now he's going into the bathroom? What for, class is in 2 minutes, and he is going to the bathroom? Professor Rowell is going to kill him, he hates him, and this would be the perfect excuse to punish him…let's check it out…The Slytherin Prince sneaked behind him noiselessly, being very careful of not getting caught. Staying by the door, he heard no sound coming out from the male's bathroom. Peeking around slightly, so he can see the wizard's back, he was rather shocked by what he saw. Oh fucking Salazar Slytherin…is he crazy? Trying to commit suicide? Harry's pale arm was turned towards his side, so Draco had the perfect view. Blood was now dripping down the forearms and into the sink. He must've sensed something, because suddenly, the taps were turned and the incised arm was thrusted under the water. A minute later, a penknife was brought out and it was being washed to resume to its cleanness. Why would he be cutting himself, surely, ending his companionship with the Weasel can't be that drastic…

By the time Harry had abandoned the bathroom; Malfoy was long gone. I swear, I heard something just then, might be my head playing tricks again, but I was 100 sure that there was somebody outside the room. He did not go to class, however, he made his towards the hospital wing for more painkillers. Even magic can't take all the pain away…

Draco saw Harry leaving the bathroom, but he didn't bother with calling out. Only one thought went through his head...Fucking Merlin...Potter cutting himself...Fuck...