Chapter 1: The Dark Senshi

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Chapter 1: The Dark Senshi

It was another crystal clear day in Tokyo, and Mamoru looked out his apartment window and sighed. He was probably the only person in all of Tokyo that wasn't enjoying the day. How could he? He couldn't stand his life. He was so pinned down, so obligated. He had to do everything right, one mistake could destroy the world as he knew it. But the worst thing of all was Usagi. He was chained to her because of his past, because of their future. Sure Usagi was beautiful, and kind, but she was so clingy and immature. All she did was whine and complain. Of all the senshi she should be the most dedicated, but she was the exact opposite. She complained about all the responsibility that should be the greatest thing that ever happened to her. How could he ever love someone so unlike him?

Even worse than Usagi herself, was the fact that she kept him from his true attraction, Ami Mizuno.

For as long as he could remember she had been beautiful and smart, friendly but shy. She had the same dreams as him, the same goals, but she was his fatal attraction. He could never let her know how he felt, it could endanger the future. Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity must marry whether they loved each other or not.

"Mamoru!" Luna interrupted his thoughts as she ran through his door panting.

"What's wrong?" Mamoru asked the black cat with the crescent moon on its forehead.

"Usagi and the senshi are in trouble! There's a new enemy and they have them cornered, hurry!"

"Where!?" Mamoru demanded.

"At the base of Tokyo Tower," Luna responded quickly.

"I'm on my way," Mamoru ran out the door.

He sped past tall, dingy apartment buildings, fish markets, video arcades, shoe stores, grocery stores, open markets, schools, cars, and taxis lined the streets as people walked to and from shops. As he came up to the tall Tower he saw its red and white stripes flickering from the senshi and the new enemies fight.

Ten minutes later Mamoru was at the base of Tokyo Tower transformed. In front of him stood five grown women each overpowering one of the senshi. Chibi-usa stood behind them clutching the small bell given to her by Helios. Two tiny tears fell from her eyes. Her attempts to call him must have been unsuccessful.

The woman who stood in front of Sailor Venus, the leader of the Inner Senshi, wore a short yellow skirt with white ribbons hanging down and a skin tight white shirt that only came down to the middle of her ribcage. She had long blond hair much like Venus' own with bright yellow eyes that glowed like a jack o lantern. She held a long white whip in her hand.

Mamoru watched as Venus' Love and Beauty Shock was turned against her lashing her again and again as Sailor Venus struggled to stay on her feet. Her yellowish orange Sailor outfit was torn and tattered, almost destroyed and through her white gloves you could see trickles of blood oozing onto the fabric from the whip's harsh lashings.

Sailor Jupiter battled a similar assailant only she was taller with short brown hair and bright green eyes. She wore a short green velvet skirt with black ribbons and a black top that touched the top of the skirt. She bore a sword with an emerald dragon for a hilt as she reflected Sailor Jupiter's Oak Evolution and sent it spiraling back toward her. It hit her and sent her flying into the solid steel of Tokyo Tower breaking her arm and knocking her out.

"Jupiter!" Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury shouted simultaneously.

"Well, my work is done," Sailor Jupiter's attacker laughed disappearing.

"Nightdragon!" Sailor Mars' attacker turned and shouted after her.

"Mars Flame Sniper!" Mars shouted releasing her fiery arrow.

It hit her attacker across the arm pulling away skin and causing a bloody burn.

"Witch!" the woman shouted at Mars. She had long dark black hair with bright red streaks through it. She had flaming red eyes, and wore a medium length blood red skirt with the same color spaghetti strap top, long red ribbons fell from the skirt. She clutched a boomerang in the form of a  twisted ruby snake.

She threw the boomerang at Mars. It hit her shoulder and cut into her.

"Mars," she began again.

Venus' attacker threw Venus across the ground and she hit the concrete hard. The impact tore off the back of her sailor outfit, and you could barely see her back it was so cut up and bloody. She was too bruised and bloody to move, and was barely breathing.

"You three better hurry up," her attacker laughed disappearing.

"Sunlash!" Sailor Moon's assailant shouted angrily, "Get back here!"

"Sailor Venus!" Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon shouted.

"Tuxedo Mask help the others or help us, but don't just stand there," Mars growled, glaring at him through a wince of pain.

He nodded and ran over to check Jupiter and Venus' vitals. They were in bad shape and needed help as soon as they could get it, they were dying slowly. Venus from loss of blood, Jupiter seemed to have internal bleeding that could kill her quickly depending upon how bad it was.

Sailor Mars' aggressor used the opportunity to attack again, this time she hit her in the jaw throwing her to the ground and crushing her jaw. She screamed in pain as she hit the ground. The fall caused her to break her leg and she winced sitting up, trying to nurse her wounded leg.

"I'll finish you off for good," her attacker laughed throwing her boomerang.

"No!" Sailor Mercury shouted throwing herself in front of the boomerang. It hit her side and sent her to the ground eyes shut.

Mamoru winced and shook his head.

"Thanks so much Firesnake," Mercury's attacker laughed disappearing. The glimpse Mamoru got of her she had long light blue hair, with dark blue eyes and was wearing a short white skirt with light blue short sleeved shirt and long blue ribbons hung from her skirt. Her weapon was a small blue flute.

"Stupid Seaharmony," Firesnake muttered under her breath, "Always getting credit for my work."

"Mars, flame, sniper!" Sailor Mars wanted vengeance for her fellow scout, but she was too weak to stand.

"No!" Firesnake threw her boomerang and redirected Mars' arrow toward her. It hit her in her hip and sent the rest of her to the ground. She struggled to stand on her good leg, but fell back. Her leg was crippled and burned, luckily she had good resistance to her own fire, and it wasn't completely destroyed.

"Have fun Blackpearl," Firesnake laughed, jumping up and disappearing.

"You're leaving me here?" Blackpearl asked softly, "Against her?"

When she got no response she grew angry and turned on Sailor Moon, "You made all my friends leave me!" she had blond hair that was swirled into a bun in the middle of her head. Her brown eyes were filled with hate. She wore a short black skirt and a white strapless top. Pink ribbons flowed down to her ankles. In her hand she clutched a tiny box. It was lined with dark opals and a black pearl made the handle of it. She opened it and pulled out a long wand. Its top was lined with black pearls. The body of the wand was white as was the handle. Its bottoms were lined with the same black pearls, but towards the middle of the wand where the handle met the body was a big dark opal. A small white symbol showed from the center of the opal. It looked like a swirl, §.

Mamoru's mind flashed back to the other's weapons, both the dragon on the hilt of the sword, and the boomerang's snake had that same symbol twisted as the tongue of the animal. The whip had had it as a twisted handle, and the small flute had it twined around the base of the instrument. This was a completely new enemy they were facing.

Sailor Moon pulled off her tiara, "Moon Frisbee!" she shouted throwing the tiara at her attacker. It spiraled toward her head, right on target.

"At least she got this one right," Mamoru muttered.

Sailor Mars laughed weakly, "It was a good one to get right."

Mamoru looked down at her, he was surprised she was still conscious.

"Dark Opal Beam!" Blackpearl shouted pointing the wand towards the tiara. A black beam shot out of the tip of the wand and knocked the tiara to the ground, once more it was only an ornament.

"What?!" Sailor Moon demanded horrified.

"Dark opals are made to hold and collect magic," Blackpearl laughed cruelly, "Dark Opal," she began again.

Mamoru threw a red rose down at the wand, it sent it to the ground.

"How dare you!?" Blackpearl screamed in a rage, "I'll get you for this! But two against one is no fair!" she shouted jumping up and disappearing.

"You saved me again! I was almost burnt toast!" Sailor Moon shouted happily running to embrace Mamoru.

"Not now!" he shouted aggravated with her constant childish selfishness, "We've got to get them to a hospital, right away."

Sailor Moon pulled back and pouted, "Right, of course."

"The question is, how do we explain it?" Mamoru had no clue how to get them in.

"We could tell them the truth," Sailor Moon suggested.

"Yeah I'm going to call an ambulance and tell them that four of the Inner Senshi are badly wounded and need medical attention right away, and they're going to say, 'I'll be right over?'" Mamoru questioned viciously, she was so juvenile.

"It was just a suggestion," Sailor Moon said quietly.

"I'm sorry, but look they're going to die if we don't find a way to get them the attention they need right away," Mamoru would go crazy if she started to cry, "Where's Sailor Chibi Moon?" he needed to speak to a sane person right now.

"I'm not sure," Sailor Moon looked around for her.

"Oh no, she disappeared again?" Mamoru demanded, just what he needed.

"Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon, hurry bring the senshi, Diana and I found a back entrance to the hospital. If we left them there someone would surely bring them in. Ami's mother would treat them, but they have to be detransformed.

So one at a time Mamoru carried the senshi to the hospital and they detransformed on the way. When finally he held Ami in his arms he quivered, why did this feel so right? Sailor Moon saw him hesitate and looked at him curiously. He noticed her stare and began to move. Just as he put her down at the door, a nurse came over and saw them,

"What?" she asked astounded. She saw Tuxedo Mask's flashing cape as he ran through the back alley and out toward home, he needed to think. He would speak to Usagi later.


"Ami?!" Ami's mother asked horrified as they brought her daughter and her closest friends in battered.

"It's okay Dr. Mizuno, they'll be fine, they just need treated, Ami is in the worst shape though, it looks as if she has a ruptured appendix and a bruised kidney, something must have hit her hard in the side. She's also broken a shoulder blade, as if she hit something hard. There was some internal bleeding in her and her friend Makoto, but the doctors treated them. Minako had to get 100 stitches to close up the gashes in her back, and Rei had to be put in a leg and jaw cast. There is no permanent damage though, and they'll be fine soon enough," the nurse who was treating them explained.

"Are they up?" Dr. Mizuno asked tears in her eyes. What happened to you my daughter?

"Yes, they're up, they insisted on being put in the same room together, but they wanted privacy for awhile. I'm sure they wouldn't mind you visiting though."

"That's okay, I'll go see them in awhile, I'm sure they have a lot to talk about," Dr. Mizuno respected their privacy.

"Of course, I have to give them some medicine in about half an hour so you could go with me," the nurse suggested.

"That would be fine," Dr. Mizuno smiled weakly.


"The enemy will be back," Ami assured the other senshi.

"But how can we fight like this?" Rei questioned looking disgustedly at her leg that lay in a cast.

"We can't," Ami replied.

"Come on guys we've got to have some spirit, Sailor Moon will find a way to help," Minako tried to cheer them up. Her back throbbed.

Rei groaned, "We better not rely on her."

Minako was about to go into one of her arguments that Sailor Moon was a capable savior when Makoto interrupted, "Sailor Moon alone cannot fight those five, they're almost indestructible."

Ami nodded, "And they're not monsters, they're just like us," she told them.

"What?!" Makoto, Minako, and Rei shouted simultaneously.

"When we were battling I was able to collect enough data from them to determine that they are human, or at least as human as we are. Don't you remember when Mars got the woman Firesnake in the arm? It was bloody and bruised, just like ours would have been had the attack hit us," Ami explained her findings.

"This can't be, they couldn't just show up like this," Makoto tried to deny it.

"Why? We did," Rei reminded her.

"No way! You're telling me they're reincarnations of our old enemies?" Minako added up the facts.

Ami nodded, "It's possible, but it's also possible that they're reincarnations of old allies."


            Mamoru sat in his apartment and stared out the window thinking, he spent a lot of him time like this anymore. He looked toward the setting sun and up at the rising moon, "If only, if only I wasn't obligated to that moon, I could be free."

"Prince," Helios appeared in his room.

He looked up startled, and saw a bowing Helios. He nodded and Helios stood.

"The small maiden called for me today. I tried to reach her but the gate from Elysion to this world was blocked, I couldn't get through. When I tried it again just now I was able to come here just fine, I'm worried, something is terribly wrong," Helios looked extremely distressed.

"What?!" Mamoru shouted outraged, "How can this be?!"

"I don't understand it myself Prince, but something is interfering with the gate to this world and Elysion."

"The new enemy? Could it be? Are they that powerful?" Mamoru questioned himself.

"New enemy?" Helios' face grew more worried at every word.

"Five woman appeared today, they looked almost exactly like the senshi, but they were more powerful than them. They took all but Sailor Moon down, and I was only able to delay that, they'll be back to take out all the senshi, for good," Mamoru was worried.

"The Dark Senshi, I didn't think that, no this can't happen," Helios looked down eyes wide.